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How To Make Invisible Chair

How To Make Invisible Chair

Julius Dein performed magic at weddings two years ago; she is now an internet sensation with over 20 million followers online.

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How To Make Invisible Chair

Two years ago, Julius Dein was a college student performing magic tricks at weddings and bar mitzvahs to earn some extra money. Today she is an internet sensation with an international online following of 20 million subscribers across four platforms.

Julius Dein is the eponymous Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook entrepreneur who performs comedy pranks and magic tricks for many incredulous audiences. His meteoric rise to internet stardom is a byproduct of what he describes as his two obsessions: magic and social media.

How To Make Invisible Chair

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On a recent trip to India, Dein planned to meet in a public place in Mumbai. Dein said he was also surprised by the turnout. What happened:

Meet in India! You can meet perfectly! ❤️ @goubtube Julius Dein (@juliusdein) Nov 14, 2017 at 3:38 pm PST Nov 14, 2017 at 3:38 pm PST

How To Make Invisible Chair

While Dein's videos speak to a global audience, he said most of his subscribers are from the United States and Mexico and are big fans of Dein's online antics.

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The 23-year-old Briton said he was drawn to magic at a young age because of the surprising reactions his tricks elicited.

How To Make Invisible Chair

“It was like a drug,” Dein told Business Insider. “To get the crazy screaming reactions. I like pushing boundaries.”

Head over to Dein's Instagram page to see an extensive collection of videos of Dein performing his wicked magic tricks.

How To Make Invisible Chair

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Dein – with his stocky build, messy hair and signature glasses – looks like a cross between Elijah Wood's Frodo and Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter. He often attends loud public events and watches a bunch of oddballs do a trick.

Disappearing coins, mid-air bundles and levitating objects are part of Dein's repertoire, and even if a trick fails, he laughs it off with his own humor. The reactions of each audience are largely the same: screams of horror or delight, confused convictions (“How did you do that, do you think?!”) and screams.

How To Make Invisible Chair

Dein's network also has a thief, Logan Paul. (One of Dein's videos shows him hanging out with Paul at Team 10's L.A. headquarters.) In a YouTube clip, Dein is shown wandering around London with two gay friends, hurling homophobic comments to watch as passers-by “repeated homophobia respond.” In another, he displays a set of electric toothbrush heads disguised as Apple headphones to a crowd of concertgoers.

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Her subjects are attractive women in bikinis lying on the beach: the modern equivalent of the magician's assistant on the needle. Dein has an entire series dedicated to getting a woman's attention: “How to impress a girl with magic tricks!”, “How to kiss a girl with magic tricks” and “How to turn a girl on with FAKE magic!”

How To Make Invisible Chair

“Magic isn't very pretty,” he said. “It's actually quite specialized and hard to put together. People say I'm like new wave magic, not like old school David Blaine.”

Dein said that the old wizards, who are not yet social media savvy, will soon be replaced by a new order of Instagram elites. He asked me to consider the Instagram followers of some of the most famous magicians in his two million mark: David Blaine has 463,000, Penn and Teller have less than 50,000, and even David Copperfield, the highest paid magician today. , has a meager following of less than 100,000 online. (It's a similar story on Facebook, where Dein's 13 million followers dwarf the aforementioned wizards).

How To Make Invisible Chair

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Isn't it just a matter of generation? I asked yours. Established magicians may perform on live TV shows or in schmaltzy Vegas showrooms, but that doesn't mean they'll be completely replaced by today's on-the-go Instastars.

Yours does not agree. “It's not like Blaine is from a different generation either,” he said. “It was big, about seven years ago, while I'm on social media, that's the new big thing. Social media is how the next generation of superstars is created.”

How To Make Invisible Chair

Dein's obsessive obsession with social media shines through. At the start of our call, he talks about SEO analysis, social media and content distribution with a raw enthusiasm that most people tend to save for their pets.

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During the interview, he suggested a possible title more than once. “You know what makes a good headline?” he said “”How This Magician Became the World's Greatest Magician.” Or how about: ‘How did this magician become the greatest magician in the world in two years'?

How To Make Invisible Chair

Like any internet star with a significant internet following, Dein spends a lot of time thinking about what people will or won't click on.

“I'm absolutely obsessed,” she said. “It consumes my whole life. I think about it from the time I wake up and pick up the phone until I go to bed at night.”

How To Make Invisible Chair

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But despite his growing online presence and firm commitment to social media, Dein says he's considered branching out into a slightly more ancient medium: television. Although he currently envisions social media as his primary platform, Dein said his material would be suitable for something like “a bad Netflix show.”

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How To Make Invisible Chair

NOW WATCH: I gave up social media for a month, and it was the best decision I ever made. Look, it's pretty easy to dismiss The Chairless Chair — a wearable sit-anywhere exoskeleton developed by Swiss noonee — as ridiculous technology.

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But when you get over the first button when you see him occupying his workplace in a robot suit, the application of the device becomes clear. For people who work with heavy machinery or on production lines or do other jobs that require standing for long periods of time, the Chairless Chair can be a lifesaver.

How To Make Invisible Chair

Sitting is not always possible in these types of environments because of the clutter that chairs can create. Standing in non-ergonomic positions for long periods of time can cause joint problems. The says its product can lead to less employee absenteeism due to injury.

The Seatless Chair supports 220 pounds of weight on each leg and locks in place when the user wants to sit. It then unlocks when the wearer gets up to walk.

How To Make Invisible Chair

Someone In Need

Keith Gunura, Noonee's co-founder and CEO, told Fortune that Audi, BMW, Daimler and Airbus are interested in The Chairless Chair.

He said in the video (below) that the is trying to “create a simple exoskeleton that solves a single problem.” It plans to produce about 10,000 units this summer.

How To Make Invisible Chair

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