How To Make Epoxy Furniture

How To Make Epoxy Furniture – Forest 2 House member, Amy Cutaiar (@amysacutaabove on Instagram) made this beautiful DIY table out of Forest 2 House Walnut hardwood and epoxy resin! Amy has given us her plans so you can make your own epoxy resin table in the workshop!

I’ve always loved DIY and making. My dad always had a lot of tools when I was growing up and I loved learning to use them all. I started using epoxy resin because I wanted to make a holiday gift and was totally hooked. I’ve already used it and I’m trying new ways to use it whenever I can, like the Walnut Resin Table.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

My idea is to make an ocean table with waves that you can see, and even if the plan changes, it still works. This was my first time using deep fryers and there were a few learning curves along the way.

How To Make An Epoxy Resin Mold For A Table — Blacktail Studio

Assembling and preparing documents. This mold requires silicone on all the joints, so the resin does not leak out. I also recommend using a toothpick to make it easier to release the resin from the mold once cured.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

Once the mold is set to the assembly dimensions, I measure how long it takes to cut the nuts. The hole in the mold is 16 inches, so I cut about 15 ¾. Forest 2 House Rustic Walnut comes rough (not primed) and needs to be primed and sanded to achieve what I did later.

The wood will always absorb some of the resin, so at this point I mixed a small amount of epoxy resin to seal the edges of the wood and let it cure overnight. When it was cured I used the same silicone I used to seal the joints to attach the wood to the bottom of the mold and let it set overnight.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

Amazon.com: Totalboat Diy Epoxy River Table Project Kit (quart)

Following the instructions for the epoxy resin, I mixed and colored the resin to fill the mold. Mas Epoxies has a resin calculator on their website that I used to make sure I was getting the right price for my mold size.

(This is where I messed up and mixed and added resin thinking it wasn’t enough and my resin has an exothermic reaction which means it cures faster than it should have. This makes the resin pulled from the sides of my mold and I made some corrections by adding an extra layer of resin.)

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

After 24-36 hours of curing time, I began to loosen the table top and remove the silicone stuck to the piece.

Epoxy Resin Live Edge Dining Tables

This time I applied a top coat of tabletop epoxy resin to the top and bottom and let it cure. This is optional if you have sanded the table top and oiled it as you like. It’s not necessary, but I want a full gloss finish and it makes cleaning easier.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

Drill threaded inserts to match the table leg holes, screw on the inserts with some super glue or 5 minute epoxy and let cure. Attach the table legs with bolts.

You can see this DIY project and more of Amy’s incredible work on her Instagram, Facebook page, Pinterest and TikTok @amysacutaabove. If you want to purchase one of Amy’s DIY woodworking and epoxy resin projects, you can find them on her Etsy page.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

Diy Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

Are you ready to bring epoxy resin to your next workshop? Email all your Forest 2 Building projects and epoxy resins to marketing@ If you share project photos on social media, don’t forget to use #BuiltWithF2H and tag us @shopf2h! Good luck with your woodworking!

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How To Make Epoxy Furniture

Discount codes cannot be used in the shopping cart. Make sure the cart meets the requirements to use this discount code. Want to bring the beach indoors? How to make a beach table with stepped concrete and epoxy resin.

Orren Ellis Waki Iron Dining Table

Don’t want to leave the beach at the end of your vacation? Take it to heart with an outdoor table that looks like a section of the ocean.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

Bob Clagett shared a how-to video of this project on his website, inspired by the water table and his wife’s love of the ocean. This project takes about a week to complete once you factor in the installation and drying time, and it took Bob three to complete. He shares top tips for concrete and epoxy techniques in his videos, and the steps are outlined here.

Cut the melamine to make a stone sheet. You will need a bottom piece the length and width of the size you want to make the table, and four pieces for the sides to determine the height. Remember to keep these two pieces slightly larger than the others to be safe.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

How To Make An Ocean Table With Epoxy In 9 Steps

Put the pieces together and attach the bottom of the melamine with screws. Then cut small pieces of melamine to follow the shape of the included words. Cut a piece to the width of the leg and cut a small piece to match the width of the other side. Glue the two parts together with CA glue and put them in place.

Finally, the mold is sealed with silicone sealant at each seam. Also seal the edges of the melamine to prevent the stones from sticking. Use the mold release to remove the corners and sides of the concrete and epoxy.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

When the sealant has dried, clean the mold. Then follow the instructions to add water to the stone mixture and prepare it in a large bucket. (See Roger Cook and Kevin O’Connor for some tips on working with stone.)

Epoxy Resin Office Table Home Conference Table Furniture

Raise one side of the paper a few inches (Bob used melamine scraps) so you can pour the stones at an angle. This will cause the sea effect to appear at a deeper level.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

Pour slowly, take time to create the stone to look like a beach when it is in the mold. Bob made the base thinner on one side and thicker on the other, then added texture on top to give it a more beachy look.

Remove some air bubbles by running an orbital sander (no pads) around the edges of the mold. Cover with plastic and leave to cure for about 48 hours.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

Custom Epoxy Resin Table Epoxy Table Epoxy Dining Table

Adjust the bar of the table so that you can cut four square feet for your table. These dimensions should match the size of the insert you will make in the stone sheet. Clean and sand the legs thoroughly and choose one side of each leg that you like to turn away from the table.

Bob used wood from that location to cut four pieces for the cross bracing. He cut these to length, but slightly larger.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

When the stone has had a few days to dry and harden, remove and vacuum the excess stone and dust that has collected around the paper. Then set the sheet for the epoxy by lifting it in the direction you poured the concrete.

Epoxy Resin Furniture

Then follow the special conditions and procedures to prepare the epoxy resin. Add blue resin dye to give the epoxy a marine color (Bob adds 10 drops). Pour in the first batch of epoxy, manually adjusting the size so that it covers the entire base and reaches the corners.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

Lightly heat with a heat gun, which will begin to create air bubbles. Continue adding epoxy until the table reaches the height, waiting 4-6 hours between each repeat. Bob used 2 gallons of epoxy, divided it into 4 groups. After the final coat and use a heat gun to remove the bubbles, let the epoxy cure for 48 hours.

Avoid cracks by applying less than the recommended maximum thickness for each refill. If a crack appears, you can repair it by carefully pouring epoxy into the crack after letting it sit for 4-6 hours, then use a heat gun on the surface before placing the remaining epoxy into the mold.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

How To Make An Epoxy Resin Tabletop

Open the paper one panel at a time, use a hammer to break the melamine pieces away from the dry stone and epoxy. Then use an orbital sander to remove the residue. Be sure to sand the edges of the table, which can be sharp after the epoxy hardens.

Mold release should help remove the sides and corners, but if it sticks, use a hammer and chisel to pull the product out. Take care of all the corners of the epoxy that have broken off and apply CA glue back to them after finishing the initial sanding off.

How To Make Epoxy Furniture

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