How To Make A Table Apron

How To Make A Table Apron – This post is part of a series of posts about building a table out of raw wood. See my original post introducing the table and all posts in the series – How to Build a Farmhouse Table (Harp Design Copycat).

In this post I show how I made and assembled the table apron pieces.

How To Make A Table Apron

How To Make A Table Apron

What size do you make your apron pieces? You do this by drawing the size of what your table top will be (mine is 44″ x 84″) and how much you want your top to hang over the legs (3 inches). For my longest apron piece, take I the length of my top (84″) and subtract the amount of overhang (3+3=6″). I'm left with 78″ and I have to subtract the thickness of the legs (3.5+3.5=7″), which gives me 71″. He did the same calculations with small pieces of apron.

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To calculate the length of the two middle elastic pieces, take the width of your table top (mine is 44″), subtract your hanger (3+3=6″) and how far your aprons extend from the legs (.5=.5 = 1″). That leaves me with 37″ but I still need to remove the thickness of the long apron pieces (.75+.75=1.5″), leaving me with a total of 35.5″.

How To Make A Table Apron

My apron pieces should be 3″ long, and the brackets for the mid-legs should be a little shorter, about 2-3/4″.

Cut all your pieces according to your drawing, but before you do, check your calculations a few times to be safe!

How To Make A Table Apron

How To Make A Table (with Pictures)

Use your dowel jig to drill 2 holes on each side of your middle stretch according to whatever size you are using.

**From here on everything we do with the apron pieces will be face down so all the boards are bent on the work surface so it's flat to join the table top**

How To Make A Table Apron

Mark where you want your middle sections to be in or on your long apron strings. With the dowel center finders on the end of your stretcher pieces, press them along the line to mark where you will bend the other end of the dowel. Note that your apron is about 3/4 inch thick, so you need this end of the dowel to be 1/2 inch.

Table Apron Wooden Frame Base Mcm Vtg Restoration Parts Wood Worker Diy Projects

Now is a good time to make slits inside your apron pieces for your metal clips that hold the table top (unfortunately I didn't do this until after assembly so it was a struggle to get them close together. The corners are how I wanted them.  I made about 6 slits along each long apron, 3 on the short one and one in my midsection. On side 2. You want to get your legs as close as possible (you'll avoid the existing brace of course).

How To Make A Table Apron

Tip: Work on a trial run to get the *right* length and depth of space. You have to think if you turn your table upside down you want tension between the apron and the top – I added enough cardboard (+1/4″ ply) under my biscuit joint to get me the perfect amount of height/thickness . .

Sand all your pieces down to 150 grit. We sand all the pieces internally with 180 grit.

How To Make A Table Apron

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Dry fit your pieces to make sure the fit is good, especially the dowels going into the holes. Stick your pins on the edges of the center points and tap with a rubber mallet. Finish the ends with more glue and holes where the other ends of the dowels go.

Pin the middle sections to dry. As I dry, I adjust my legs and other pieces to make sure everything is square as it dries.

How To Make A Table Apron

At this point you can measure the length of wood you need for your corner supports with the legs and apron pieces set up.

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Most important: You want to leave space between your leg and the corner brace to ensure you can brace the leg properly. You might think that if you clean everything completely, you will not be able to strengthen the legs very well. I used some washers on the bolt hangers to make sure I kept the space and space open for the next few steps.

How To Make A Table Apron

If you are making the first corner brace, make it longer than you think and trim off a little of the excess until it fits your apron and legs well. Make 3 of your remainder equal.

Mark the holes in the center of each corner brace and the placement of the bolts on your legs. Cut less than the thread on the hanger bolts.

How To Make A Table Apron

How To Make A

To see where to place the screw holes in the bracket, set your screw up to see the best placement and phase. I marked where I wanted the head of my screw to be so I could sink it correctly.

Tip: Place the screw on the ‘gauge' side of the corner brace rather than the pointed end.

How To Make A Table Apron

Continue your line forward from the top where you marked your screw placement. Make the same line on the remaining sides of your angle brackets.

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Use your portable 45-degree jig to help drill your bases. Set your depth stop to reduce your screw heads. I use a 3/8″ forstner bit, but a regular bit will work too. Do this for all 4 holes for each strut.

How To Make A Table Apron

Now you can install everything including bolting the legs to the corner braces (make sure the spacers are still there to hold the gap between the legs and the corner brace) and use the clamps to hold them in place. Continue with your pilot holes through the apron pieces, making sure you don't go through the other side.

Tighten the screws! Once everything is assembled, you can remove the leg washers + space and put everything aside while you work on the top if needed, or use your table base as an additional work area to build the table top.

How To Make A Table Apron

Vintage Style Wooden Coffee Table With Scrolled Apron And Cabriole Legs, Pearl White

– Stay tuned for the next post to see how the table top was glued together using dowels – It's been a while since I posted anything on the blog! Most of my DIY tips and ideas are focused on small tips on Instagram (@) and I'm obsessed with my custom work (www.edelweisswood.com).

Time for another great collaboration with Osborne Wood Products though! It's always fun working with them to highlight a new product and this lifter hardware is something I've never worked with before. Like last time, they provided free lifting hardware so I could write the legs and instructions to install it on this build. I built it to be specific at this time, not a customer line, so it will sell for a small profit (but a discount of the full price of the items I supplied). In the interest of full disclosure!

How To Make A Table Apron

The table legs are Osborne Lakeland Coffee Table Legs in Cherry; The legs have a shaker look, and the cherry is a classic style wood, so it seems to fit in well. We've done enough of this build together that I don't need to spend a lot of time looking into the details of general table . The dimensions of the table top are 40″ x 24″. Leg to leg these measure 37″ x 22″. Go back to my puzzle table post on making hole punches and tenon .

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Because the brackets are so deep, the aprons need to be 4.5 inches wide. Use 3/4 inch stock for aprons. Tap everything overnight and make sure the frame is square by measuring the corners.

How To Make A Table Apron

Build the table by piecing together 3/4 inch thick stock (also known as 4/4 boards). With a circular saw and using an edge guide or miter saw, cut the table top to final dimensions. round a little around the edges and put sand on the top of the table; Start with 80 grit, then move to 120, 150, then 220 grit. Do the same with the table frame; The legs are pre-sanded to 150, but you need to get the aprons to 150 before everything goes back to 220.

Why do we do all this on the ground before the last meeting? Well, since the table top is attached to the frame with lifting brackets and the hardware is difficult to finish, it is better to get everything done in advance.

How To Make A Table Apron

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I chose to use a spray paint from Mohawk Finishes called Duracoat; It gives a very nice shine and deepens the cherry color nicely. Cherry has a strong tendency to stain when placed in oil

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