How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table – Greetings to you too. Sorry I didn’t see you there because I had big eyes for this awesome DIY waterfall console table. So, you can

This amazing entry table was designed and built by my good friend and rock star builder Alex Mazuchin aka Mr. Build-I. I was thrilled when she reached out to me with plans to share with you all – we want you to be able to create this entryway table for your own home! You can download plans by clicking the green button below, but Mr.

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Alex painted the floorboards, but I made plans so you wouldn’t have to. The plans are written so you can build this DIY waterfall console table with ready-made lumber from the big box stores. However, if you want to mix your own stick, even better! In fact, you’ll find a much wider variety of wood species at your local lumber yard than at home improvement centers. But for those of you who don’t have a table saw or joiner, the plans show standard cross-section boards.

Phillips Collection Waterfall 66

Alex used tenon and tenon joinery in this project, but I wrote the plans with pocket hole joinery to make it easier and more accessible for many. She also used white oak for the table and poplar for the drawer faces and shows you how she made the cool geometric pattern on the front – watch her YouTube video. While you’re there, hit the subscribe button to keep up to date with his awesome projects like DIY Modern Dining Table, Long Stair Bookcase and Hexagon Coffee Table. I mean really? Is she already dating her own furniture line?!?!

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Thanks for stopping by guys – as always we’d love to see you make this DIY waterfall console table! Post photos of your project and tag @ and @mr.build_it on Instagram! This DIY Waterfall Frame Large Console Table is absolutely stunning! I made it from whiteboards using about $150.

In this post, I am sharing a free project that includes what to buy, a cut list, step-by-step diagrams, and a video showing the whole process. You can do it too!

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Vintage Seagrass Waterfall Console Table — Fleur De Lis

My sister just moved to a new house. She loves the Pottery Barn Folsom Grand console table for her room, but there are a few issues: $1299, they don’t go to Alaska and it’s sold out.

We decided to make a console table in the exact size and color she wanted for her room. This is how it turned out!

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Below are the free plans for this console table. Thank you for using my plans. Please post a picture of your project when it’s complete, we’d love to see your work!

Vintage Reeded Rattan Waterfall Style Console Table Or Sofa Table With Chevron Pattern

1 – 1×12 @ 84″ – measurement from long point to long point, cut at a 45 degree bevel at both ends, ends not parallel

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

2 – 1 x 12 @ 30″ – long spot measurement, cut one end at 45 degree bevel, not parallel ends

4 – 1×3 @ 84″ – measurement from long point to long point, both ends cut with a 45 degree miter, ends not parallel

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Diy Console Tables You Can Build This Weekend!

4 – 1×3 @ 30″ – measurement from longest to longest point, both ends cut with a 45 degree miter, ends not parallel

First make a trial cut at a 45 degree slope and check for accuracy. If necessary, adjust the saw according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Cut the longest boards first so you can cut all the boards in the shopping list.

Mr. Brown Linville Console Table

This is an advanced project. Do not drag as a first draft. Success largely depends on the right angle and bevel cut.

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

For the side panels, attach the 1x2s to the inside with 1-1/4″ headless nails and wood glue as shown in the diagram.

Attach the front bezel to the project. The outer edges should be straight and match the reduced edges.

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Veneer Waterfall Console Table

Tip: To ensure that the cut edges will not spread over time, make the face frame by attaching the angled edges to the pocket holes, and then attach the completed face frame to the front. Bezel screws can also be used to secure the front bezel corners.

Flip the project over and fill in the sides of the legs, the new 1×12 board is now flush with the face frame underneath.

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Install the middle two 1×12 boards as shown. Make sure the 1x3s are wide so the edges will be straight when the 1x3s are added later.

Horseshoe Black Lacquered Linen 36

Hint: For the bottom, screws can be added to separate the bottom shelf. It is not necessary on the head, as the head is strengthened by the face frame and the lock is hidden.

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Fill all nail holes and any cracks or imperfections in joints with wood filler. Allow the wood filler to dry. Sand in the direction of the grain of the wood with 120 grit sandpaper. Vacuum any sanding residue and wipe gently with a damp lint-free cloth. It no longer supports older versions of your web browser to keep user data safe. Please upgrade to the latest version.

Walnut is one of the most beautiful hardwood species in North America. The grain of the wood is fascinating, rolling all over the wood, sometimes shining and sometimes falling in waves around knots and burrs.

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Waterfall Framed Grand Console Table

The sapwood is the outer part of the tree, paler than the dark heartwood and provides a nice color contrast. The cross-section of the wood used to make the console table is cut in such a way that the top and sides of the table meet, creating a “waterfall” effect. Here the grain of the wood runs from one side, around the edge, along the top and down the other side. It’s very satisfying to see the effect.

This console table will add character to the room it is in and will draw the attention of everyone who enters the room. The table is sanded until silky smooth to the touch and finished with oil wax.

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

The tables are coated with an oil + lacquer called Rubio Monocoat to protect them and give them a beautiful shine.

Diy Wood Console Table

Purchase Protection: Buy with confidence because if something goes wrong with an order, we’ll have your back for all eligible purchases – see program terms

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

I ordered two of the side tables and they are absolutely beautiful. They are strong but do not dominate the room. I am very happy with them. Shipping was great and they were packed securely. I thought I’d need to put something together but that wasn’t the case, they were fully assembled and ready to put felt cushions underneath and in my newly decorated living room. I will definitely order a coffee table again when I move into my TV room.

Better than expected!! So I really wanted a Jenni Kayne coffee table but it was too big for my place. Quado was absolutely fantastic and managed to get the table the size I needed. Honestly, the quality, look and feel is the same as Jenny Kenny. Highly recommended and will return for more purchases!

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Mercury Row® Casner 58” Console Table & Reviews

Bought two coffee table sets. Beautifully handcrafted and packaged very well for shipping. It’s worth the wait! The color of the wood is darker than in the picture, but that’s an advantage. will buy again.

We ordered two custom made tables from Kwadwo and we absolutely loved them! She was patient as she worked on her details and style. It is handmade to order and well worth the wait. We will definitely buy again from this talented artist! Thanks Quadvo!!!

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

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Chamcha Waterfall Console Table

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How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

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Live Edge Walnut Waterfall Bench, 30″ wide

How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

Laminate Waterfall Console

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How To Build A Waterfall Console Table

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Simple Modern Console

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