How To Make A Bedside Table

How To Make A Bedside Table – A large palette came to me three months ago. My girlfriend always wanted a unique bedside table, so I decided to make her one.

Start by deconstructing the palette. Remove the sheet metal using a pry bar and a hammer. You can also use a chisel to loosen the slats before using the lever. This way, the tree will not be damaged much.

How To Make A Bedside Table

How To Make A Bedside Table

Choose a set of boards to use for the sides and back.

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Lay the boards next to each other and measure the full width. This is the measurement you want to use for your rectangle.

How To Make A Bedside Table

The rectangles are made up of 4 beams each. Cutting the harness to the correct size is really important.

After cutting the pieces, you can assemble the rectangle. When the table is complete, the rectangle disappears. Beautiful connections are not that important.

How To Make A Bedside Table

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The beam parts were 70mm thick, and the screws were not that long. I drilled 12mm holes halfway through the beam to make the screws longer.

Square the rectangle and do both exactly the same. I placed the pieces on top of each other as I tightened the screws so they were exactly the same.

How To Make A Bedside Table

Once you have assembled the rectangle, you need to cut the top board. Cut the pieces to the appropriate size using a circular saw. You’ll also need to cut the board to length, which is an easy task with a circular saw.

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Before assembling the frame, the parts must be sanded with a belt sander. You can do it by hand if you’re crazy enough, but I don’t recommend it 😉

How To Make A Bedside Table

Only nails were used for assembly. Glue can also be used, but is not necessary. The frame should be strong enough.

Note: When collecting the tree, it must be dry. I assembled the frame while the wood was still wet (rookie mistake). If you keep it indoors, the tree will look shriveled and seedy. I didn’t think it was because it gave me a rustic feeling. However, it is best to season the wood.

How To Make A Bedside Table

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First, attach the top plate to the rectangle. If the board is too big, you can use a belt sander to smooth it on all 4 sides.

Second, nail the boards to the sides and back. This is the hard part. Make sure everything is tight and square before applying the nails. There are no photos of this part. I fixed it to the workbench on a piece of wood, which will later be the front panel (you can see it in the photo).

How To Make A Bedside Table

To make the drawer slide easier, you can glue two pieces of plywood inside the frame as shown.

Diy Bedside Table Furniture: How To Turn Pallets Into Tables

Measure the height and cut an 8mm deep slot in the front panel. It will conform to the plywood.

How To Make A Bedside Table

Once the drawers are complete (minus the heart-shaped board), you can place the shelves. Attach the two slats side by side with screws. Make sure the slate is flat.

Second, draw the exact heart shape you want. I used a hole saw (32mm). (Always use a pencil and never a marker, pencils penetrate the wood and are very difficult to sand).

How To Make A Bedside Table

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The bedside table is now complete. A clear satin stain was used to protect the wood and add more detail. I colored this stain with black and white pigment to give it a light gray washed effect.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope one day you decide to build one yourself (or for your girlfriend). Vicky Myers Creations is pleased to introduce my colleague, Vicky, an upcycler who blogs in the UK. She offered to share a tutorial with us today on how to make a wooden pallet side table. Enjoy!

How To Make A Bedside Table

I am very familiar with sewing machines (you can see some of my sewing projects here) but often regret my lack of carpentry skills. 🙂

How To Diy Finish An Ana White Reclaimed Wood Look Bedside Table (tutorial)

Pallets are a great source of free wood, and this DIY pallet side table is a great project to start with. Learn how to salvage wood, measure it, cut it, join it and add the finishing touches. What does it matter if it goes wrong??!!

How To Make A Bedside Table

The pallets cost nothing (we got them through a request from a local Facebook group) and have a rustic look perfect for this style of project.

I designed this pallet side table as a nightstand to go with my reclaimed wood headboard (you can find the headboard tutorial here). But I like it so much it’s a shame there’s only one table in the room.

How To Make A Bedside Table

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The supplies provided are for a side table that measures 22″ x 11 1/2″ x 13″. This post contains affiliate links for product features. See full disclosure here.

Before using pallets, make sure they are heat treated and safe. Let’s start by preparing the trees everywhere. Finished top and bottom measure, long side measures 13 inches by 11 inches.

How To Make A Bedside Table

Can I cut the pieces to a sufficient length or should I soften my nails? If you need to loosen a nail, run a lever between the two boards, then push down to pull the wood out.

Unexpected Bedside Tables

To make the table top, use 1 1/2 x 3/4″ 11″ long sticks as supports on each side of the pallet wood. Pre-drill the screw holes so the screws will slide through the wood. .

How To Make A Bedside Table

Then add the sides to the side table from the pallet. Screw the pallet wood to the end of the stick as shown in the picture below.

Cut two side boards vertically from pallet wood wide enough to attach the steel legs. Cut the base board to the width of the wood (about half an inch).

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For extra strength and a more polished finish, add a crossbar to the front of the side table and cover the stick. Glue it in place.

This pallet table has many uses: as a bedside table, armchair side table, and sometimes as a table. It’s free to make (except for the steel legs you can leave out) and it’s a great project to practice your carpentry skills.

How To Make A Bedside Table

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I’m so glad you’re here! Have you ever officially met? My name is Medina and I’m an IKEA upcycling junkie, a crazy home decor rental enthusiast, a mom and a wife. Is it a bite?

How To Make A Bedside Table

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Can I tell you that the scorching heat of the south is not for the faint of heart? Well, it’s not that hot.

How To Make A Bedside Table

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Seriously, you can’t walk through your front door to the mailbox without an oxygen tank. Sounds like complaining. is good

. Why can’t it always be 72° cold? You all know 72 is my favorite degree.

How To Make A Bedside Table

My brother-in-law asked me to make a dresser to accommodate a pair of nightstands. “Convinced!” I said. “It’s not serious!” I said. That was before I realized Alabama was a volcano of hell.

How To Make A Modern Nightstand With A Drawer

Note: Create a temperature-controlled workplace. It should start … as soon as we stop running, so … in about 10 to 15 years when Adam retires from the military.

How To Make A Bedside Table

Good Despite the heat, I made him this bedside table and designed the layout plans for you. I suffer for my loved ones. This is the cross that I must bear. You are welcome, dear brother.

I first built the body using a Craig pocket hole jig. If you don’t already have one of these features, we recommend getting one. I rarely do anything without it. Here’s a great video tutorial from Build-Basic, Jenn’s beautiful and extremely talented friend.

How To Make A Bedside Table

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Next, it’s time to build the drawers. Again, I used pocket furniture to build the box. I also drilled a 3/4″ pocket hole in the front-facing drawer side to secure the drawer side in a later step.

I chose these cushioned ball bearing drawer slides. I prefer these heavier slides

How To Make A Bedside Table

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