How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

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How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners – I’m continuing my handmade Christmas gifts and this weekend I decided to make a holiday table runner for Miller’s teacher at school. This is an easy project and would make a really perfect gift this holiday season For this runner I used Kate Spade from the Southern Fabrics Cold Charm Pack. I love the Christmas colors and patterns in this collection It would look great with any colorful food at a holiday meal Beautiful southern fabrics are on sale now with lots of beautiful designs and patterns for all your holiday handmade gifts. This table runner fits a 5 foot table perfectly and the pattern can be adjusted for larger tables. This is a great beginner sewing and quilting project that took me about an hour to make and the entire runner cost about $15 because I bought my charm pack during a sale at Southern Fabrics. Learn how to make a simple table runner

1 Charm Pack (Kate Spain from Winter used in this tutorial) 24 square pieces for this runner.

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Arrange the 24 pieces in a pattern that looks good and make 3 rows of 8 pieces in each row. If you want a bigger runner, use more charm pieces.

How To Crochet Heart Table Runner

Then sew the 3 rows together until you reach the end Your work is starch and iron

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Then sew the 3 rows together to make one large piece Sew right sides together again Star and Iron

Form a quilt sandwich with the batting and texture in the middle and the stiffer pieces of yarn on the outside.

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Easy Striped Table Runner

Pin your layers every 5 inches If your pieces are held together you can get away with pinning Tap it into place

Bring your runner to the machine and sew between each column, sewing 6 times. You want to start in the middle and work your way out I stitch between each column to hide my stitches This technique is called “stitching into the hole”. After you have sewn all the posts, cut off the excess wadding and the back pieces

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Take the “strip”, fold it in half and iron it out Here’s a great video on knotting I’m typing a quilt, which means I don’t sew the binding In this case, I sew my knitting on the back first, then fold it over and machine sew the front with a nice stitch. That’s easy! Enjoy Your Masterpiece Want to create the perfect party table without spending a lot of money? This easy DIY tutorial shows you how to cut a fabric table runner

Easy Batik Fabric Scrap Table Runner Tutorial

Maybe it’s because my birthday is in March and parties are on my mind Last week I posted how to make a paper garland, a DIY project I made for my best friend’s daisy themed 40th birthday party. This week I will show you how to make fabric table runners to decorate the table.

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

This is a very simple project, but you will need a sewing machine, thread, iron and ironing board (a star helps too), and a fabric conveyor belt that is at least 20 inches longer than the length of the desired table. Make it

What I love about this project is that these table runners add a great pop of color to any party setting (and you can match them to any color scheme), are endlessly reusable, and look great after the party.

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Free Quilt Pattern: Star Crossed Table Runner

Step 1: Measure the length of the table (where you want the runner to go), cut a piece of fabric about 20 inches long. I used pinking shears to keep the edges from fraying, but all the raw edges will be hidden so it’s not necessary.

Step 2: Lay the fabric flat, then fold a third of the fabric lengthwise. Align it parallel to the edge, then cut the edge as a guide You can save the extra third to make another runner or use for other craft projects

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Step 3: Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with right sides facing each other Iron the layer flat and star and iron the entire piece

How To Make A Table Runner

Step 6: Pinch the corners of the seam ends This will help bind the excess fabric when you turn it inside out

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Step 7: Turn the fabric right side out, making sure to press the corners as tightly as possible.

Step 10: Sew along each edge, leaving a 3/4-1″ margin depending on the look you want. You can sew in one continuous rectangle or create four intersecting rows (below).

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Diy No Sew Table Runner

I got the fabric on sale at Zone (it’s in the quilting section) for $4 a yard. I bought 7 yards which made 4 runners of different sizes, each runner cost $7 each.

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How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

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How To Make A Diy Table Runner Like A Pro

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How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

And my goal is to find practical solutions to everyday stress Learn more about what we do here Today’s project is perfect for beginner channelers! It’s quick, easy, and you can sew it up in an afternoon! (I love projects like this!)

When I decided to create a table runner, I went back and forth between creating a one-sided runner and making it two-sided. I ended up with a double sided undercarriage because I knew I could use it year round with the material I chose! Also, I have extra fabric to sew 8 double-sided coasters to match the table runners.

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Free Crochet Pattern For Table Runner

One thing I noticed when researching online is that there are many different options for table runners Table runners are usually the width of the table but some can be wider and most table runners are 6-10 inches above the table hangs at both ends. So if your table is 48 inches wide, your table runner should be 16 inches wide.

My table is 94 inches so three protectors are perfect for this project The fabric is long enough to have a decent amount of overhang at the end of the table I was able to make 8 double sided coasters from 3 yards of fabric So if you want to make 8 coasters keep this in mind even , if your table is not as tall as mine.

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Step 5: Starting in the center of the runner, sew a 3/8″ seam around the entire runner, cornering at each corner. Leave 3-5″ between the first and last stitch.

Vinca Quilt Block Table Runner

Step 7: Next, pull the fabric through the stitch break and turn the fabric right side out.

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

Step 9: Topstitch away from the runner or placemat and you’re done!

The material used in this post was generously provided to me by Spoonflower, but as always, all opinions expressed are my own!

How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

How To Make A Patchwork Table Runner: Part 1

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How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

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Easy Table Runner Tutorial

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How To Make A Table Runner For Beginners

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