How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair – I want to make a rocking chair for my wife. But now I think I’ve made a second one for myself. This is my first time making a rocking chair and I am very happy with how it turned out.

Here is the complete step-by-step video. Check first.

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

First you need a jig to shape the rockers. I just took a 15 x 5.0 x 90 cm piece of wood and cut a curve on one side. If the cut is symmetrical, we don’t really care how big the curve is.

Moni Teak Wood Porch Rocking Chair (set Of 2)

To make the rockers, you need 6 pieces of wood 0.8 cm long and 85 cm long. Apply wood glue to all the pieces of wood and place them in the jig. Apply pressure with some clamps using a sacrificial band. You should make two pieces like this.

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

After you have your parts ready, you need to make housings for the tenons to fit through the chair legs. The slots should be 5.0 cm from the edge of each rocker. I used a dedicated machine for this job, but you can always use a knife and hammer and you’ll get the same result. The device does nothing but speed it up a bit.

Cut 4 pieces of wood 80 x 2.5 x 7 cm for the four legs. A tenon is made for each leg in your group. It should be on the tenon rockers.

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

Modern Outdoor Rocking Chair Made In U.s.

Time to add seat support. Again, we will use the mortise and tenon method to assemble the pieces.

Like the legs, the seat post is another piece of wood. Place it at an angle to the foot and mark where you will place the housings. Again, make the housing with a knife and fit the seat support. Assemble all the pieces using wood glue and some clamps. Let it dry overnight.

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

Add support rails to assemble the two sides of the chair. I used two 60 x 2.5 x 7 cm pieces of wood for the front and back rails. For the front I used the mortise and tenon technique and for the back I used 10mm dowels.

PoÄng Rocking Chair, Hillared Dark Blue

For the back, I made an 80 x 60 cm frame and drilled holes at the top and bottom for alignment. With the help of a router, all edges are rounded and slightly rounded from pieces of wood 0.8 x 4.0 x 73 cm.

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

Use about a 10mm dowel and a 10mm screw bit to attach the back as shown in the pictures.

For the seat I used a 30mm thick piece of wood from my workshop. It is solid and is the wood I used. I only had to make it 55 x 60 cm to fit between the seat posts. Then I used some screws to secure it in place.

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

Outdoor Rocking Chair Plans • Woodarchivist

My first thought was to make the arms slightly curved, but then I thought curved arms would look better. So I used 50 x 7.0 x 2.5 cm pieces of wood. He made two slots to hold the back of the chair, drawing the band. By making those spaces, I didn’t have to add an extra rail to the back. I rounded the edges with my Rohli router and fixed them with wood glue and wood dowels.

Now you have a nice chair. My wife already loves what I made for her, but was a little jealous, so I made this.

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

You can use whatever you like. You can paint it or use varnish to show the wood. It does not support older versions of your web browser to ensure the security of user data. Update to the latest version.

Lakeside Asheville Childs Rocking Chair In Unfinished

A step-by-step instruction manual with plans for beginners. Building a recliner is never easy. This is a digital download only. You will receive detailed instructions in PDF (13 pages). I also have a 1×1” mesh file (one file for letter size and one for the larger printer).

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

The overall dimensions of the rocker are 26″ x 40″ x 42″ (width, depth, height). The seat is 15″, 21″ wide, 28″ tall, 16″ deep from the ground.

The charts are in inches, but if you need metric system measurements, you can multiply each measurement by 25.4 and get them in millimeters.

How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

Unique Rocking Chairs

Lumber dimensions chosen for the project were from US retail stores (The Home Depot and Menards). This means that if you live outside the US, you may need additional woodworking tools such as a planer and table, for example, as the dimensions of wood in Europe are very different than in the US.

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How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

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How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

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How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

Chalk Painted Rocking Chair

To avoid having to cut material to length, the components are designed using standardized profiles that are often available at Home Depot (or Menards). Fasteners are standardized and used by most hardware stores (or at least Home Depot). All measurements are in inches. If you are not a resident of the United States, you will need to choose slightly different fasteners and wood profiles than those found in your local store.

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How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

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How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

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How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

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How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

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How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

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How To Make A Simple Rocking Chair

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