How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop – Concrete kitchen racks are popular. If you can install it without hiring a professional contractor, your DIY skills will be enhanced. Today, homeowners are replacing granite kitchen countertops with concrete.

Many homeowners believe that concrete is only suitable for outdoor or underground spaces. However, people have discovered that concrete can be used for kitchen countertops.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

If you have any loose edges or bumps on your countertop, it's time to get rid of the moving stuff.

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If you have visible silicone sealant, remove it with a razor blade before applying the concrete.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Don't worry if you forget to do this. You can use a razor blade to remove the first layer of silicone and concrete in one go after it dries and isn't tacky.

I removed the loose grout behind the kitchen sink and exposed the area. Concrete filler will take care of these spaces.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Diy Concrete Counters Poured Over Laminate

Sand the countertops with coarse sandpaper. Use 60 or 80 grit sandpaper to roughen the table top. The idea is to scratch the concrete so it has something to “hold on to”. Clean and dry the countertop thoroughly after sanding before continuing.

Mix in a small amount of Ardex Feather Finish. The manufacturer's instructions recommend a powder to water ratio of 2:1. This is a good place to start and you can determine if this ratio is right for you.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Use the same ratio for each batch you mix for layering, as even small differences in water content can change the color of the dry concrete.

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Place the trowel in the concrete and run your finger so that there is a strip of concrete on the edge of the trowel. Starting at one corner, drag the spatula smoothly. Take the spatula and move it so that it overlaps an inch or two, then spread it again in the same direction.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

When the concrete is finished, pour the concrete into the gap. Run the trowel over the area again to smooth out the new joint.

Although you might not want to trowel over the same concrete mix. I find it a good idea to drag the trowel vertically after covering the section. This helped to simplify the main lines of the spatula.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

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Continue this way and see how you need a small area around the kitchen counter before moving on.

Note: It is important to “finish” the section before proceeding as the Ardex Feather finish does not have a long drying time.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Tip: I think it's best to try a thicker coverage in all corners and edges as it can be uneven. Grinding becomes easier when you have more concrete.

How To Build A Concrete Countertop

Tip: After the corner has “set” for a few minutes, I find it helpful to go and smooth the concrete with your fingers. The concrete should be dry but cohesive. This is the main condition for pinching and getting a favorite corner.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Avoid getting water on the stain. One trick I tried, but now you advise to avoid, is to put water on my fingertips and smooth the corners, just in case I miss an opportunity to smooth. This is reflected in the inconsistency of the powder to water ratio and the color change even after drying.

While the concrete is still wet, run a paper towel or baby wipe around the edges to clean it up a bit. Don't worry if you miss your spot; Concrete scratches very easily, even when dry.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Diy Concrete Kitchen Countertops Made Easy: Tutorial

I left my shell intact throughout the application process (rather than removing the shell) and it didn't cause any problems.

Use your finger instead of a trowel to spread the concrete behind the sink. This helps ensure a smooth and even finish.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Keep in mind as you go that any bumps or imperfections can be sanded out later, so it's best to walk after the surface is smooth. Allow it to dry completely for at least 24 hours.

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Note: Air bubbles may appear in concrete after drying. You can sand some of them off, but some will last. I find it helpful to reduce the spread of the trowel to reduce the chance of these air bubbles. Don't move. Also, keep the concrete layers thin to reduce air entrainment when the concrete is wet.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Using coarse sandpaper (60 or 80 grit), begin smoothing the surface of the dried concrete. Pay attention to the feel of the concrete, not the color; Even if the surface is perfectly smooth, the strokes of the spatula can be seen through the color changes.

Note: Sanding this stuff is a messy business. We recommend keeping a wet/dry vacuum hose next to the sandpaper to catch at least some of the dust.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Concrete Countertop Diy

When sanding the edges, be careful not to sand too much as this will bring you back into the laminate.

Tip: Wrap the sandpaper around a piece of sandpaper for more control and a smoother sand, and wear gloves to protect your hands. Wipe the surface after sanding before continuing.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

I recommend applying three to four layers of concrete with sand between each. After the last layer, replace the coarse sandpaper with fine (220 grit). Once your finish is dry and you've sanded it down, you're ready to tape it down.

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We recommend two sealants that serve two different purposes. 511 Impregnator Sealer helps seal concrete by absorbing moisture and preventing staining, continued at first.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Pour a small amount of 511 Impregnator Sealer into a disposable plastic container and spread it generously with a brush.

After a few minutes, wipe off the excess. This sealant absorbed so well that I had a little extra. But I wiped. Don't panic if the concrete looks too dark when you apply this sealer; It shines in the dry state.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

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Allow to dry for 24 hours, then apply another coat of 511 Impregnator Sealer. Be sure to apply sealant to the edges and surface of the countertop.

After applying two coats of sealant, the dry countertop will be smooth and have a slight sheen.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

This sealer also works to seal concrete against moisture and stains, but it adds a polished protective top coat that protects the concrete from chips and scratches. Pour a little directly onto the countertop and spread with a brush.

Concrete Care And Maintenance |

I find that even when I apply Safecoat, the air bubbles do not dissolve. They will dry out as air blows into the sealant. Also, if you let the brush tip get too dry, the sealant will leave streaks that won't go away without sanding.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Allow the Safecoat to dry, which will take approximately 4-8 hours. It gives a glossy finish even when dry.

Use fine sandpaper between each coat of Safecoat. Final sanding is optional.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

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We recommend leaving the countertops alone for at least 24 hours, but prefer closer to 72 hours if possible.

With concrete countertop mix, you can restore the look of your kitchen countertop without an expensive complete kitchen remodel. If you're looking for unique solid countertop solutions at a great price, we hope you've found them here.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Cracked concrete has fine hairs on the surface. The cracks are similar to those found in an ancient pot. Cracks can occur if your concrete surface dries too quickly.

Diy Concrete Countertop Over Laminate Surface

Concrete counters appeared in the early 19th century. A cementitious material known as magnesite was used for the countertops. The cast was cemented and polished to a high shine. This style was popular among avant-garde architects.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

Epoxy sealant is recommended for concrete kitchen countertops. Penetrating sealants help but do not prevent stains. Epoxy sealants are not nearly as stain resistant, but there are some drawbacks.

Some manufacturers insert foam voids into concrete to reduce the weight of dense aggregates. The void is as unpredictable as an earthquake. However, one thing is certain, they weaken the concrete slab and cause distorted “ghosts” on the surface of the countertop.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

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When working with concrete, think of it as a liquid stone that can be molded into any shape. Locally produced concrete countertops are part of the eco-living solution for green buildings.

Concrete is durable and strong, but no countertop material is perfect. Granite and marble also easily stain and scratch stainless steel. Formica and Corian can be scratched or burned.

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

When installing a concrete countertop, it is recommended to fasten the countertop to the adjacent wall. The side and back panels of the kitchen cabinets need to be strengthened under the concrete countertops by doubling them. -based Steve Concrete wants to help you with all your DIY needs and shares this helpful tutorial on building concrete countertops. Our concrete calculator can help you get the best service you can expect from a concrete supplier.

Diy Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are one of the many kitchen countertop options to choose from. You can buy prefab counters from manufacturers that are cured and finished in a workshop

How To Make A Concrete Tabletop

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