How To Make A Table Runner With Points

How To Make A Table Runner With Points – I love decorating for the holidays. It doesn’t matter either way… I love the festive atmosphere! You can easily find everything about fireplaces, windows, doors and tables. But I had a hard time finding a holiday table runner for my round dining table that always appealed to me.

Many people pull chairs because they are too tall to accommodate a 48 inch wide table. They are usually well decorated along their entire length, but the effect is lost when the runners spill over the edge of my table. Then, each centerpiece I add includes a motif in the middle of the runner, leaving a carved design between the centerpiece and the edge of the table.

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

My solution? A tablecloth in the shape of a cross! Unlike traditional table runners, this tablecloth is designed as a center block instead of a focal point. Instead, they are designed to cover each domain. Add a bouquet of flowers, a bowl of fruit or whatever you want.

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The design is so versatile that if you are not a “middle” person, you can create another star block and place it in the center. We chose mint green and red fabric for a bright Christmas holiday palette, but this design works well with many holiday color combinations. A large ‘square within a square’ block in the middle and small star blocks are perfect for expressing the season with design elements in a new print. Draw cute pumpkins or even snowmen, clovers and patriotic flags on those stars!

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

This project is progressing very quickly as it uses a scarification technique that minimizes cutting and fabric waste. I used a diagonal seam marker to speed up the process. This allowed me to mark two stitching lines crossing the diagonals of the squares, resulting in half-square triangles for each set of squares. Accuracy is also improved because you are not cutting triangles with curved edges to collect stars.

COACH TIP: When drawing lines on the edges of the fabric, place them on fine grit sandpaper. The sandpaper will prevent the fabric from warping or bending as you drag the pencil along the edges of the lead. If you need to mark the line opposite the seam mark, you don’t need to be an acrobat as you just need to spin the sandpaper.

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

Heritage Farms Stenciled Crow Jute Country Farmhouse Braided Oval Table Runner

Don’t have a round table or prefer a square table top? To fill in these corners, I added instructions for additional blocks to this free pattern.

Since this project has an odd shape, I floated the top over the batting and backing when quilting. I used Millie’s electronic key to guide the machine along the raw edge and adjust the placement of the quilt as needed to make sure it was straight.

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

When I was sure it was square, I placed the machine on the fabric and tightened the appropriate key to create a straight basting stitch around the top circumference. This allows you to place extra basting stitches right at the star points where multiple seams meet, so they don’t come apart while quilting. (I know I need to baste each outer seam, but I admit I might miss a thing or two. Precision basting is extra insurance. 😊)

Simple Table Runner With Prairie Points

I’m a big fan of the sharp, clear lines that the seams create in the trench. I outlined each piece with a straight stitch before closing the block. I like long straight guns no wider than 3 inches for this process. This will allow you to place your ring finger or little finger on the edge of the ruler. It acts as a ‘brake’ to keep the ruler in place when sewing. Then you don’t need to press too hard on the ruler. Rather, it is just a guide. (You must use the extension feet of the machine with the rulers. Choose the feet that match your machine type.)

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

The designs are sewn onto the blocks using the Quilt Path computer program and the free designs provided. The software allows you to accurately place your design using the actual block edges and extend your design to the edge of the block. However, I wanted the design to float in a negative space. Using the quick tap system, I was able to automatically resize the design 1/8 inch at a time while maintaining proper placement.

This table top picture has an inside corner, so it is more difficult than an outside corner. We’ve included instructions in our free pattern to help you solve these problems. I’m sure you can come up with amazing color combinations and signature fabrics for this project. I would love to see a picture of the tablet design!

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

Ideas For Setting A Stunning Table

This website uses cookies for analysis, personalization and advertising. For more information or to change your cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies. Please see our Cookie Policy. Since we won’t have Christmas dinner this year, instead of putting a Christmas table in the restaurant, we decided to decorate the table we eat every day. I’m so happy that now I can enjoy it for weeks instead of overnight and wonder why I never did this before! I wanted to make my first painted table runner and, in typical Kris fashion, I started with a lot of planning even though I didn’t know how it would turn out. Fortunately, when you throw beautiful greens together, it’s hard not to come up with something beautiful! I’m very happy with how it came together.

It took a bit of trial and error, but once I got a look I liked, I went back and took step-by-step photos from the second side of the table to share with you! The best part is that I picked up everything I used at the local grocery store except for a few that I already had, so I didn’t have to run around to find what I needed during the busy holiday season. I explain step by step how I did it.

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

To make the table runner I used 4 pomegranates, 6 small pears, a bunch of seeded eucalyptus, 2 small bunches of magnolia branches, and a bunch of blackberry branches. I also cut a few green boughs from a tree in our yard, added them to the mix, and used post candles and pine cones that I already had.

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You can put a green table runner on top of the table, but I like to put a cloth table runner first to add contrast. today):

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

I start with magnolia branches and cut each branch close to the stem of the last leaf, alternating the length of the table. I used 4 small branches on each side and saved the other 2 branches to use as filler for the last step.

Next, I placed two pillar candles on each side of the table where the ends of the magnolia branches meet. I used 3″ x 4″ battery operated flameless candles (the exact same ones are no longer available, but they are very similar and come with a remote!) as the candles are set to green. The best thing about these flameless candles is that not only do you have to worry about lighting the runner, but they also have a built-in timer to automatically turn them off after being lit for a set amount of time. Turn on and off at the same time every day.

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

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Next, I cut small eucalyptus branches and stacked them in layers so that most of the branches rested on top of the magnolia branches and the other branches covered the spaces between them. My grocery store actually ran out of the regular round eucalyptus variety I was planning to use, but the eucalyptus I planted with these seeds worked well in the end. Any kind will do just fine! I did the same with the small green shoots. Any kind of green is suitable for this. When you go outside with your clippers, chances are there are trees or shrubs in your yard that you can cut down.

Now it’s time to add some color! Cut the berry branches from the big branches and spread them over the green carpet. Then add colorful fruits. I used pomegranates and small pears, but you can use cranberries, clementines or apples! I finished it off with a few pine cones.

How To Make A Table Runner With Points

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