How To Make A Moss Chair

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How To Make A Moss Chair – One of my big projects this summer was creating this moss covered armchair. I needed this as a prop for my photoshoot for my Curious Dream fabric line. And I decided that I should be able to create it without too much effort. Now, I often underestimate how much work it takes, but I really think this chair is very doable with the right materials.

Start with a piece of furniture that has the lines you need. Don’t worry about its condition or color. This is an accessory, not a permanent installation, so keep that in mind as I walk you through the instructions. I picked up my piece at a local Habitat Restore for $20. It had the legs I wanted and the oversized feel I needed for my beautiful model.

How To Make A Moss Chair

How To Make A Moss Chair

My next step was necessary because my upholstery color was red. I could leave the other color unpainted, but the red is a color that contrasts with the green, the color of the moss. So it was necessary to remove any red that might be peeking under the moss to hide the imperfections of my application.

Hercules Series Crown Back Stacking Banquet Chair In Moss Fabric

I realize I’m lucky that my husband is a professional painter and I can spray it easily with regular latex paint. But I was ready to spray paint or paint with a roller and brush. So regardless of application method, use any type of green paint and go to town covering that color. Yes, the upholstery did dry out a bit, but I didn’t paint it to use in my house. Remember the moss is the next step. Some hard color wouldn’t hurt a bit.

How To Make A Moss Chair

Now get ready for the mech. Do your best to determine the amount needed and the type of moss you want to use. I tried them all on this chair. You can buy or buy it. I had to buy it for such a large piece. Use your coupons, because moss can be surprisingly expensive.

Now get ready for some mess. Working with moss can be fun, but no one ever called it pure craft. Another trick I have to share is my sticker I used. Sometimes I’m lucky to have a construction guy. We discussed my glue needs for this chair and I discussed options like spray glue and hot glue. It all seemed like more trouble than I wanted.

How To Make A Moss Chair

Embrace Walnut & Coconut White Fabric Rocking Chair

Then he mentioned using clear putty. It worked like a dream. It was pretty odorless. Pretty neat with containers and a putty gun and no hot glue to burn you. This gave me time to hold the moss before it was completely dry, but it was firm enough to hold it in place as I applied the moss. I went through about two tubes covering the front and sides of this chair.

I started with the seat to give me confidence. It didn’t fall off and I could easily move it around. Turns out it was all pretty easy, but it’s a good starting point. I had a little helper trying to work her magic, but the calf pistol needed a bit more power than she needed. She loved putting in the moss.

How To Make A Moss Chair

I used different types of moss to create a more “natural” look. I wanted the chair to look like it was sitting in the woods and all kinds of moss had just taken over it. So I laid down a bit and walked back, then lay down some more…and so on.

White Chiffon Curly Chair Sash

Continue to place the moss over the entire chair until you are satisfied. You can post anything you want. I decided NOT to cover the back of the chair because I knew I would never shoot from that angle. But cover it up if you want.

How To Make A Moss Chair

Take the chair for a walk outside and it will look like it belongs there! But be careful, leave it out if it still has filling. You don’t want any friendly animals moving in unexpectedly. If you want to use it for accessories, keep it in a well-closed place. And remember, this chair is super cute when someone sits on it. 😉 Trust me. I know! The fairies who work in the garden every day must be very tired! These miniature armchairs will give them a place to rest and relax…

I wanted a set of dining room chairs that would have a whimsical, woodsy feel. This project was easy enough to do with things I had around the house and I just needed to buy a little more 🙂

How To Make A Moss Chair

Decorative Faux Moss You’ll Love In 2022

1) Cut the following lengths of wire (doesn’t have to be perfect as each fairy chair will be unique):

2) Wrap each section of wire with masking tape. Twist as you go for a “curly” tendril or branch effect.

How To Make A Moss Chair

3) Start with two long pieces (8 inches) and make a curl at the top, which will be the top of the hips.

How To Make A Fairy Garden In An Old Suitcase

4) Twist the longer piece of wire (9″) into a square shape. Attach each leg (6 inch pieces) with more tape to hold them in place

How To Make A Moss Chair

7) Attach the longer pieces to the sides. Make folds in the remaining piece (3.5 inches) and glue it to the top of the chair. You are done! (Now it’s time to refold the areas you want to thicken or soften.)

8) Bend the legs so that each one sits on the floor and your miniature chair stands on its own.

How To Make A Moss Chair

Color Love: Moss Green

9) First paint the chair with a light brown color and once it is dry, paint it with a light brown layer. Make sure you paint the dark paint lightly. If the chair ends up being one color, I think it looks less realistic 🙂

11) Use green polymer clay to create a “cushion” effect to sit on the chair. I was hoping to get a puffy, mossy effect on mine that fairies could sit on. It is good to bake the cardboard directly with the clay.

How To Make A Moss Chair

On Whidbey Island in our great state of Washington this spring (Meerkerk Gardens is also hosting a weekend where you can go make fairy houses in their beautiful gardens!). These leaves have already become “ghost leaves” and I don’t know what tree they come from. Here are some tutorials on Pinterest to do this process yourself: (I haven’t done it yet, so I can’t say if the process works or not!) Supermoss 7 59834 21537 0 Mood Moss, Appx. 3 Lb Bulk Case, Natural Dried

Once you have a sheet (you can also use a regular dry sheet), lightly trace the design of the chair with a non-bleeding marker. I used a dry erase marker and as soon as I applied the glue in the next step, the paint (blue!) bled into the surrounding area of ​​the leaf.

How To Make A Moss Chair

13) Find a piece of plastic or saran wrap that the glue won’t stick to (I used the back of a printed photo, it has a smooth matte finish). Just paste a small outline on the painted chair and carefully place it on the sheet. Place a heavy book on top and wait at least an hour for the glue to dry.

Follow the blog by email. I will NOT sell, trade or abuse your email. That would be wrong. ♥Have you ever walked through a flea market or yard sale and seen a metal chair without a seat? I love finding unusual pieces that can be turned into planters. Here’s an idea to turn an old chair into beautiful garden art: a succulent chair planter.

How To Make A Moss Chair

I Have A Mighty Need To Make This Moss Rug And…

A succulent planter is part garden and part sculpture that adds interest as a garden focal point. I love that this project can easily fit into a large space or a small patio. Regardless of the size of your garden, a planter with succulents is a perfect fit. See how to make this planter using an old metal chair, chicken wire, moss and various succulents.

It is easy to build a basket on a chair to plant all kinds of plants. I like to use succulents because once these plants are established in the basket they are easy to maintain. You can of course plant hanging basket plants, annuals or even herbs and edibles in the basket if you like. This project shows you how to turn a chair into a planter and you can add any plants you like.

How To Make A Moss Chair

Cut a section of chicken wire large enough to fit inside the chair to form a basket and extend over the edge of the chair.

Petit 3 Chair

Gently press the yarn down into the seat and take a few minutes to create a nice basket shape. The depth of the basket will depend on the size of the chair. Succulents do not need as much soil as other plants.

How To Make A Moss Chair

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