How To Make A Table Base

How To Make A Table Base – I always love good furniture and this round table project did not disappoint me! I have a free PDF plan for you, and you can also find all the details on how to make this DIY round table in this post.

The coffee table I made was inspired by the McGee & Co Cora side table. I love the simplicity and contrast of black and wood. It turned out to be a very simple design!

How To Make A Table Base

How To Make A Table Base

I was able to recreate the look and feel of this expensive high quality table at a fraction of the cost. I used leftover cherry wood from another building project so the cost was low for me. However, depending on the type of wood you are purchasing, you can make this simple round table for around $30.

Modern Tripod Steel Table Base, Coffee Table Base Steel Table Legs Silver Color

In the process of completing this build, I also learned some cool new things! The first is how to cut a perfect circle out of wood for a countertop. For this I use Milecraft’s CircleGuideKit. This set allows you to quickly and easily cut circles for countertops. You can learn how to do this later in the tutorial. Will definitely use this set in the near future!

How To Make A Table Base

The second thing I learned from this project was how to make wood look like metal. I am very pleased with the look. This is a simple process that gives a round table metal base a high quality look at a fraction of the cost.

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How To Make A Table Base

Amisco Harrison Wood Table Base

To create this round coffee table, follow the cut list in the free PDF plan to determine the size of all listed tiles. I used leftover cherry wood, so it took a bit more work to finish the rough wood.

I started planing the wood to the right thickness. I cut the boards to length with a miter saw. I then used my table saw to finish the board dimensions.

How To Make A Table Base

If you’re new to using a miter saw, check out this post on the basics of using a miter saw!

Diy Side Table With X Base

If you have the opportunity to use solid wood for this project, I highly recommend it. It costs more than pine, but the end result is more professional and solid. This inspirational item is crafted from white oak and can be found in most major specialty stores.

How To Make A Table Base

Because I used cherry wood, I tested several finishes to replicate the look of the original oak side table. I ended up using raw wood! Sanded, unpolished cherry is very similar to pure white oak.

If you have steam or water stains on your table, check out this article on how to remove steam stains from your wood table.

How To Make A Table Base

How To Build A Side Table: Free Woodworking Plans

It is important to make sure that the edges of your boards are perfectly straight (connected). In this article, I will talk about the various methods for straightening long boards. In another post, I will describe my favorite way to connect the edge to the router, which you may also find useful.

As soon as the edges of the table top become square, they can be glued. If you use enough wood glue, one glue is enough to make the joint strong. However, if you want to make them a little stronger, you can add pocket holes and wood glue.

How To Make A Table Base

After adding glue, squeeze the boards together and let them dry completely. Remove the clip. Boards can now be turned into circles with CircleGuideKit!

How To Build A Coffee Table

For cutting a perfect circle on a wood worktop, I highly recommend Milecraft’s CircleGuideKit. This is a kit that plugs into your router and makes it quick and easy to cut circles.

How To Make A Table Base

With this kit, you can cut circles from 1.5″ to 52″ in diameter. The circle I cut out for this project is 22 inches in diameter.

First, build the CircleGuideKit and connect it to your router. Find the center of your piece and place the jig on your piece.

How To Make A Table Base

Diy Octagon Dining Room Table…with A Farmhouse Base!

Use your router to slowly walk around in circles. Make several shallow passes until you cut through completely.

After marking the hole locations for the board, use the drill press to drill the holes. You can also use an electric drill, however the drill press ensures that the holes are perfectly square, which is important for this part.

How To Make A Table Base

If you are using a drill, check out this post on how to use a drill for beginners.

Round Farmhouse Table

Read more about how to make wood look like black metal in this article.

How To Make A Table Base

Glue two short dowels in the middle of the long dowel and let dry. Make sure they are square.

Once dry, you will reinforce this joint with wood epoxy. We repaired wood damage and rot around a garage door with the same product and it worked well. It dries just as hard as putty, but can also be sanded and painted.

How To Make A Table Base

Free Farmhouse Table Plan

After the epoxy is dry, sand it down. Now your wood dowels are ready to be painted to look like metal!

Spray the first coat of this faux metallic spray paint. This is a 2-in-1 paint and primer with a metallic effect.

How To Make A Table Base

Once dry, you use the black spot dry brush technique to cover the paint. This method is similar to this two coat drybrush finish that I put on my dressing table.

Buy Hand Crafted Reclaimed Timber Coffee Table, Made To Order From What We Make

Seal it with an acrylic top spray with a clear finish. It imitates the brilliance of metal very well.

How To Make A Table Base

You can insert the dowels so that they protrude slightly from the edge of the table. This allows the sand to be smoothed out.

Now the last step! Attach the round table top to the coffee table base from the bottom of the base. Always use a countersunk drill to hide the screw heads.

How To Make A Table Base

Att Industrial Iron Pipe Coffee Table Leg Set, Rustic Black Steel Diy Table Base Kit For Living Room, Restaurant (table Top Not Included)

If you’re interested in similar coffee table recycling projects, check out this Ikea Rast Hack! This table would also look great paired with a rustic square coffee table.

That’s all! A simple round coffee table design that allows you to get a designer look at a fraction of the cost. If you haven’t got the free wood drawings for this DIY side table yet, be sure to get it!

How To Make A Table Base

In this post, you can find a tutorial on how to make a picture lamp on a layer of aged porcelain stoneware!

Low Profile Disc Base, 6

The real MVP of this project is Milecraft’s CircleGuideKit! I love the ease and precision this set provides when cutting wood for a round coffee table. I cannot recommend this set enough!

How To Make A Table Base

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through my links, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Please read the full disclosure for more information. Let me start by saying that I love the brass table legs we started with. It’s so good, I’ll never give it up. But paired with the included chair, he disappeared. I love pairing it with plush velvet bucket chairs. Until then, he will lie in my garage, collecting tree trimmings and cobwebs. Someday it will be in the sun. Today is not that day!

But today? Today is the day chairs shine, and the best way to do that is to build a solid foundation that won’t compete with them. While browsing Instagram the other day, I came across this beautiful dinner set by Sarah Sherman Samuel. I love this place, especially the table. I looked at this foundation and knew I had to try it myself!

How To Make A Table Base

Dining Room Table Tutorial

I started with this side table that I bought from a thrift store for $4. I bought it about 6 months ago with no real plans, I knew it was a good deal and in great shape.

The only downside to this table is its height – only 22 inches! Most dining tables are around 27-28 inches so I had to add some height. I also needed a way to attach the tabletop to the base. By making boxes from scrap wood, I achieved both goals.

How To Make A Table Base

I made my first box (box 1) from a 2×6 box that is slightly smaller than the bottom edge of the table. I made my small box (box 2) big enough to fit inside box 1.

Live Edge Elm Dining Table Top

To attach Box 1 to the base, I first screwed a piece of raw wood (cut to fit Box 1) to the top of the table. Then I put box 1

How To Make A Table Base

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