How To Build An End Table

How To Build An End Table – Hello everyone! I have a very special guest on the blog today and I can't wait for you all to “meet” him. He's the talented DIYer behind the YouTube channel Dorbin Orver. Today she's sharing a project you all will love, so without further ado, meet Lynn!

I am very happy to be here today with a guest post for you. My name is Lynn and I spend my days making videos for my DIY channel on YouTube called Darbin Orwar. I love building and making all kinds of things, but practical furniture that you can make easily and cheaply has a special place in my heart. Today I'm going to show you how to build a great little end table that you can customize in different ways to suit your space. Thank you so much for having me Katie.

How To Build An End Table

How To Build An End Table

This piece is a great example of how building your own furniture doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. I'm going to use a ¼ sheet of plywood (2′ x 4′) to make this piece, and you can buy this size at a home improvement store for about $20 or cut it from a full size sheet of plywood. The cost of the event will be approximately $10. Regardless, it's a bargain.

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Another nice but not necessary addition is borders. I cut some thin strips of 3/4 inch pine, but you can use traditional trim, metal, or whatever you like.

How To Build An End Table

You will need a table saw or circular saw to cut all the pieces, or you can ask your home improvement to do all the cutting for you. I'm going to use my nail gun for assembly and it's one of my favorite tools when building simple furniture. I'm also going to use my pocket jockey to attach some pieces. Besides, I use a drill and screws.

First, we're going to attach the legs by attaching one of the 1.5″ pieces to one of the ¾” pieces with glue and nails, creating a corner. Repeat with all legs.

How To Build An End Table

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Also glue and nail to the railing between the legs. I use pocket screws on the short sides, but you can nail them in here.

Now it's time to attach the small shelf support pieces. I measured 5″ from the bottom of the legs and glued and nailed 3/4″ square pieces. Then it's a matter of placing the shelf on top of the support pieces. Just to make sure I glue and nail the shelf.

How To Build An End Table

I tap a few holes in the bottom of the rails to attach the top to, then apply some glue and screw the top down. Since it's plywood, I'm not too concerned about the wood moving, but if I'm working with solid pieces of wood, I rotate it and don't glue it.

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Okay, so to turn this table from sloppy, it's time to focus on the finish. The best way to finish the edges of the plywood that I have found is with drywall. It is cheap, easy to wear and can easily remove sand. I apply bead to all visible edges of the plywood except the top. Then paint the base with sand and white flat paint and primer.

How To Build An End Table

I personally love the combination of a white base and wood top, but you can certainly experiment with any color scheme that suits your taste.

To cover the upper ends, I attach the already mentioned thin strips of pine, which I glue and staple. Another option is the traditional edge band.

How To Build An End Table

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Now, it's time to finish the top. I decided to use mahogany gel stain, being careful not to stain the white base. I applied two coats with a slightly thicker ring to the edges of the table to create the illusion of wear in the middle.

For the top coat of finish, I sprayed the entire table with water-based polyurethane using an HVLP sprayer. You can definitely clean this by hand, but a sprayer works great and is really quick to use. If I'm spraying over white paint, I always prefer to use a water-based polyurethane because oil-based poly gives a slight yellow tint. After two coats of polyurethane and plenty of time to dry, I finished the top with a linseed oil beeswax polish that protects the top and adds a really nice, smooth finish.

How To Build An End Table

And that's it. A great little end table with endless possibilities in terms of customization. It's easy and affordable to make, and you can certainly use the same technique to build all kinds of furniture.

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Be sure to watch the video for a more in-depth perspective, especially if you're inspired to build something similar.

How To Build An End Table

Thanks so much Lynn for sharing this beautiful side table tutorial. Isn't it amazing what you can do with a little bit of plywood? If you want to see more of his amazing tutorials, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Free printable building plans with this cute DIY side table shelf. Build from 2x4s for only $20. Perfect for any room in your home.

The idea for my DIY side table projects came from a woodworking challenge on Instagram. The IG Builders Challenge Instagram account hosts 2 or 3 woodworking challenges a year and I love it.

How To Build An End Table

How To Build A Simple Side Table

The first day of the challenge always starts with the posting of random furniture woodworking plans. You never know what you will build until that day.

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How To Build An End Table

This challenging project involves building a simple wood side table out of 2×4s. I modified that plan to create a side table with a 3/4″ solid top, a center shelf, and an optional tapered leg.

Modern Rustic Reclaimed End Table With Drawer

In the 2017 Spring Challenge, I was awarded 1st runner-up for the L-Shaped Backseat. Yes! Check out this build if you're looking for new patio furniture ideas. You can find all my DIY furniture projects here.

How To Build An End Table

Original side table and color. I'm not sure why I went with yellow. Goes with almost nothing in my house. The new white base and painted black top work so well in our living room.

The original challenge plan for this side table project for woodworkers came out as a single wood table constructed from 1 – 8′ long 2×4's. You can see the basic design below.

How To Build An End Table

Pallet End Table

For my DIY side table building project, I decided I could use some new bedside tables for my living room. So I built two.

I increased the height, modified the foot taper, added a middle shelf, and made the top 3/4″ plywood. I love how simple and elegant my edits turned out.

How To Build An End Table

Update 2019: I repainted the plain 3/4 inch plywood top on this wooden bedside table with my new DIY Wood Color Block Table Top.

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I love the bit shape of this design and the thicker profile of the top. This is another 2×4 build that can be done for less than $10.

How To Build An End Table

Hello DIY friends! You can download free DIY side table building plans from my Gumroad store. These plans are for personal use only. They may not be shared or sold without my permission. Please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy your build. 🙂

I provide instructions for building this side table in an easy way with good materials. However, for the challenge, I built the 2×4 into 2×2 and 1×2 lumber sizes, cutting them with standard square edges.

How To Build An End Table

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Today I will leave it unexplained. This confuses the structure. But this build costs about $20 per table, rebuilt with 2×4's.

A selected pine board, or similar, 2×2, provides a softer, cleaner, straighter piece of wood for this .

How To Build An End Table

Using selected pine or lumber of a similar size to build this side table costs $30-$35 per table.

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When finished, this DIY side table measures 18″ wide, 13 1/2″ deep, and 26 3/4″ tall.

How To Build An End Table

Cut legs, aprons and stretchers for your table. Measurements can be found in the free printable plans at the end of the directions.

Additional. I cut the bottoms of my feet a little. I quickly set up my jig. But you can find store-bought squads that do the job better. I cut the insides of my legs because I like the look of wide legs.

How To Build An End Table

How To Build A Bedside Table

Use your Kreg jig to put 1 pocket hole in each end of the 1 × 2 inch boards. that's it

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