How To Make A Live Edge Bench

How To Make A Live Edge Bench – My favorite DIY projects involve individual ingredients, so they don’t require a lot of modification on your part to achieve amazing results.

Either way, this live edge walnut bench is one of those projects, and it just might be one of my all-time favorites!

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

While I want to take full credit for this beauty, I have to admit that the idea for this bench was entirely my husband Ken’s. We needed a cool bench by our front door to put shoes and stuff on, so Ken came up with the idea, got the materials, and I helped with measurements and leg placement (so basically, I did nothing). . I think he knocked it out of the park – what do you think?!

How To Finish A Live Edge Wood Slab For Rustic Furniture

1. If you buy your walnut slab at Lumber Shack, it will come raw and rough cut. Therefore, you should sand all over the board to create a relatively smooth surface without future slivers (because those kids are a major busker). Set the wood slab on two saw horses or an old table and begin sanding with a belt sander fitted with a course grit sanding belt. Switch to a finer grit when sanding all large potential slivers. Continue sanding until you have a nice smooth finish on the wood. At this point, wipe all over with a damp cloth to remove the sawdust.

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

2. Apply a coat of polyurethane to the top and sides of the board. Let dry and apply a second coat. Then flip the board over and repeat below.

3. Now it’s time to add the legs!! Place the legs 6″ from each end and center the width of the board. Use an electric drill to screw them in. Squirrel… That’s it. All that’s left to do is bring the hearty walnut bench in and give it a try!

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

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Last but not least, I got to be the Master Photo Bomber AKA at work. Gideon has a shot of the cat to share. He walked around the living room while I styled and shot on the bench, and as I shot this last angle, he stepped into the shot. Ha! He is such a natural in front of the lens!

Still not convinced you want to make this bench? Check out the project trailer on my YouTube channel! If you’ve been following along for a bit, you know that I recently challenged myself to build a custom live edge dining table with welded legs for my family (spoiler alert, it turned out awesome). However, the only thing missing is a custom bench to go with the desk. But not now! I was finally able to build them a custom live edge bench with metal legs to match their desk, and even cooler, my friends at Home Depot helped make it happen. Here’s how!

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

What I love most about live edge pieces is that they are 100% one of a kind. No two pieces of live edge lumber are alike. It’s typically the same wood type as the dining table, but it looks like a standalone piece and can always be used as an entryway chair if my parents want to use traditional chairs (they swear Don’t eat, but who knows)!

Amazon.com: Greenage Natural Old Pine Wood Rectangle Entryway Bench, 33

Another thing I love about this project is that I challenged myself to weld the base, and while I’m proud of that, I understand that welding isn’t an option for everyone. So here’s a list of my favorite places to find cool metal bases for your projects:

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

1. First, I cut my slab to a manageable size. I did this with a circular saw. The dimensions don’t have to be perfect, but the slab needs to be a little smaller to fit in my shop.

2. Next, I proceeded to fill the voids in the slab with epoxy resin. I chose it because I like the look of it and because it helps stabilize cracks in the slab. I made sure to tape any gaps that went through the slab.

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

Suar Live Edge Slab Backless Bench, Approximately 118

3. While the resin was drying, I proceeded to prepare the metal for welding. These steps are completely optional. therefore,

In my original project, I had no way to cut the metal in my shop, so I decided to let Metal Warehouse do it for me. This time, however, I was able to use a Diablo 7-1/4 inch. x 48 TPI Cermet Steel Demon Ferrous Metal Cutting saw my circular saw blade for cutting metal and you blew my mind.

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

The blade fits my 7 ¼’ RIDGID circular saw and cuts steel like an absolute champ. Also from the cooler, I can keep it for a while to use in any future metal projects involving steel studs, angle iron, flat bars, channels and threaded rods. stuck

Live Edge Bench

4. After cutting the metal, I used my angle grinder to grind some material off the steel tube to create a clean spot to weld.

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

7. Next, I used my drill press and a metal drilling bit to make openings in my flat bars for the threaded bolts to pass through.

9. Finally, I gave the bases a good clean with a flat bar to prepare them for paint.

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

Live Edge For Beginners

10. For the paint, I first used metal filler primer to prep the bases and then used metal paint to spray them black.

12. Once the live edge slab is firm and dry, it’s time to cut it to its final size. I wanted it to be a clean cut and I had to use a heavy circular saw blade to do that. So, I chose a Diablo 7-1/4 inch. x 36 TPI wood and metal carbide saw blades.

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

Like the metal blade, it fits my 7 1/4″ cordless circular saw. It easily cuts ash slabs about 2 inches thick.

San Diego Custom Live Edge Furniture

13. After cutting the slab to its final size, I prepared it for finishing. First, I used a chisel to clean and tap off most of the skin. This took a while, so I also used an angle grinder to help (optional though).

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

14. Next, I used my powered hand planer to clean off the dried resin and give the piece a final smooth finish on both sides.

15. Next, I proceeded to sand the piece nice and smooth. I also used a wire brush to help define and clean up interesting imperfections like beetle holes and divots.

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

How To Make A Live Edge Wood Table — Blacktail Studio

17. Next, it’s time to add the base. I first used a drill bit to drill the openings for the threaded inserts and then attached them to my drill and attached the appropriate attachment to the insert.

18. The last time I mounted a custom metal base to a slab, I had a little trouble getting the drill to fit the bolts straight. So, this time, I decided to get some accessories from my new 432-piece mechanic’s tool set.

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

Specifically, a mechanic’s tool set includes 229 sockets, 124 accessories, 74 wrenches and 5 ratchets. So, regardless of the size of the threaded rods, I have the tools for the job. Even better, the ratchets work in a space as small as 1 ¼” inches, so they are perfect for attaching the base because I have tight clearance.

How To Make A Diy Live Edge Wood Bench (or Coffee Table!)

19. Once the base is attached, it’s time to apply any remaining finishes and install the bench!

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

I’m so excited that the dining table has a friend, they couldn’t be a better pair!

Even more fun, we had a big family dinner recently and it was great to have the whole family sitting around my new building!

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

Suar Live Edge Slab Backless Bench Approximately 98

I agree that Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in the promotional program described above (the “Program”). As part of the program, I receive compensation in the form of products and services for promoting Home Depot. All opinions and experiences expressed are my own words. My post complies with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Code of Ethics and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines. This week I took the first slab on my bandsaw mill and turned it into two pieces of furniture. One is a small end table for my friend and videographer Justin, and the other is a small bench for me.

One good thing about this project is that one big long slab can make a lot of things. Or if you have a little extra piece that’s super cute or sentimental, it’s pretty easy, but it can be used.

How To Make A Live Edge Bench

I traveled to Nashville

Making A Live Edge Bench

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