How To Build A Green Egg Table

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So you want to make a meal for the Big Green Egg? Here is a simple table I made for myself.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

How To Build A Green Egg Table

Big Green Egg actually promotes table descriptions on their website. Here are the ones I found:

Big Green Egg Table — Taylor Jarson Designs

I have a large egg, so please note that the measurements I refer to here are for a large egg. You can change the size of the egg using the related PDF above.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

Your first choice is full size. Since I wanted more space to work, I chose a 58 inch “long table”. I increased the depth of the table from 25 inches to 28 inches. I had two reasons for this. First, again, I needed more space to work. Second, I can make a 28 inch deep table using 1×4’s without splitting the wood. The entire table will be made using only horizontal bars. I also decided to use a 4×4 to make the legs more stable and the wheels easier to attach.

If you’re just looking for an overview, here’s a video of the build. Scroll down past the video for detailed steps.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

New Large & Minimax Cedar Table Build (modular Nest Inspired) — Big Green Egg

Reminder: All measurements are for the large green egg on the table, which is 58 inches long, 28 inches deep, and 32 inches high.

I used a mix of pine and white wood for my table. I knew I would set my table, so I didn’t worry about my surroundings. I also wanted to do this at a low cost as my main plan is to build a continuous outdoor kitchen. Choose the best wood for your situation.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

While you don’t need to use a Craig jig, I recommend it if you’re new to woodworking. This is a great tool, especially for beginners.

Finally Built My Green Egg Table, Only Took 10 Years

Note: If you are adding wheels to the table, you may want to shorten the table legs. Consider subtracting the length of the wheels from the length of the table legs.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

You will want to drill two pocket holes in the end of each 2×4 that you cut. Make sure your Kreg jig is set for 1.5″ thick material and 2.5″ fasteners. Also, make sure all four holes are on the same side of the board.

Attach a long apron (B) to each leg. As seen in the video, this is easy to do with anything on the floor. This makes it easier to assemble and prevents the long apron from rolling around the legs.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

The Lowcountry Lady: Big Green Egg: The Perfect Table

Now that the long apron (B) is in place, it’s time to attach the stretcher (B). This will support the bottom shelf of the table. Explain the Big Green Eggs table with plans to install a stretcher. For large eggs, there should be 15 inches from the top of the long apron to the top of the rack.

I like to do this with the table upside down. Add the small apron (C) sewn to the front and back in step 3. Make sure the pocket holes are on the inside of the table to hide them. Finally, join a support (D) in the middle. It should go in the middle of the table. There should be a 25.5 inch gap between the short apron (C) and the edge of the support (D) as shown below. Note: It is important to place measure (D) here as there is room for the large green egg to punch through later.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

Now attach the remaining 3 supports (D) to the stretcher as shown. The exact placement of the inner supports doesn’t have to be exact, but you can leave about 14 inches between each. Don’t forget to check the hole in the bag to hide them!

Big Green Egg Bbq Stations

Now that step 4 is complete, you can turn the table upside down. Time to add shelves and counter tops!

How To Build A Green Egg Table

You may recall that in the first step we did not provide the shelf length or the top slats. There is a reason! I think it’s best to measure after you’ve completed step 4. That way you know what you want. If everything is ready, you need to cut the shelf slats (E) 48.5 inches. You should cut the top slats (F) to 58 inches. Note: 58 inch top slats are 1.25 inches around the table. You want the top slats (F) to be 58 inches and flexible. You will need to take new measurements to make sure the shelf slats (E) fit.

Note that you add 2.5 inches to the 55.5 inch measurement, which represents the excess of top slats.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

Double Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen For Large & Xl Eggs

Now that the shelf slats (E) have been cut to fit the gap between the table legs, dry them for installation. Insert the outer slats first so that they are level with the stretcher, then fill in the rest. You should leave about 3/16 inch in each slot. It obviously doesn’t have to be perfect. Once we have them in place, it’s time to destroy them. You’ll want to anchor the shelf slats to the brackets with 2-inch screws. It is best to drill pilot holes using a router bit. When you’re done, the bottom shelf should look like this.

Now it’s time to build the table top steps (F). This is the same as step 6. The main difference is that you don’t need to leave space between the slots. You can get these tiles edge to edge. Again, make sure the surface is dry first. Make sure the edge of the table is even (or close to it). The plan is for it to be about 1.25 inches, but go with whatever feels best. Drill the sink holes and secure the board with 2-inch screws. Now you have a table!

How To Build A Green Egg Table

Note: Pay attention to the position of the bag on the table when tying the top slats. I used small screws I had at this point.

Diy Green Egg Table Plans For Large And Xl Green Eggs

Even if you’ve built the table, you still need a place to put your big green egg! For a large egg, you’ll need a 21-inch hole. Again, refer to the correct egg size PDF to find the inches needed. Find the center of the opening hole. If you follow this pattern, the center should be 15.25 inches from the top edge and 14 inches from the front edge. Here is the translation with all relevant measurements.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

To drill the hole, I put a table screw in the center of the hole to make the cut. I tied string to the screw and measured 10.5 inches (around the hole to be cut). Then I tied a pencil to the end and drew a hole. Double and triple check the hole before cutting.

Next, drill the desired hole somewhere inside. Next, use a hacksaw to cut the hole. Take your time because you only get one chance. Remember you can cut more if needed, but you can’t add anything! Also, remember that you can sand later to smooth everything out.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

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Note: I thought it would be good to drill a small hole as a habit. I cannot accept this. When plans lose their power, they are difficult to cut with a jigsaw. If you want to do it, do it with other pieces.

If you want, you can add wheels to the telephone table. Make sure you have wheels that support the weight of the table and the big green egg. Make sure you have a locking mechanism so you can lock your table.

How To Build A Green Egg Table

Since this is the outside, you need to add the finish. It depends on the type of wood you choose for the project. Check with your local hardware store if you’re not sure how to finish the type of wood you’ve chosen. Since my table is pine and softwood, I painted it. After that, I applied several layers of polyurethane. Again, I have a cover for my table, so it’s more surface cleaning than weather protection.

My Home Made Egg Table

Finally, add some additional information. Get hooks to hang your grill utensils. Maybe add a bottle opener. Enjoy it!

How To Build A Green Egg Table

I hope you found these plans useful. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions. I also like looking at pictures of tables

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