How To Make An Industrial Table

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How To Make An Industrial Table – If you’ve visited my blog recently, you’ll know that we sold our house in July (after 25 years in the same house), and we’re living in an apartment while our new house is being finished. Since I got married 32 years ago, we have painted and decorated in every style imaginable. I’ve done ’80s Country (remember bears, geese, and colorful walls?), French Country (still my favorite), Shabby Chic, and Primitive Country; to name just a few. In recent years, eclectic pieces of all styles have filled the colorful red tin roof cottages. I have a filet of Primitivo, some French country chickens, and lots of pink floral curtains that I made myself and don’t want to tear up. Our house is a museum dedicated to all the colors and styles that exist since 1989.

The only styles I never embraced were Greco-Roman and Hacienda. Greco-Roman looks very white, and I’ve never liked ferns. I can definitely appreciate the Farmhouse style, but as an artist I like a more colorful atmosphere. Industrial style has a neutral color palette, which I am ready to adopt at this point in my life. In addition, most industrial spaces have bright colors, bright graphics and a lot of creativity. Luckily, vintage is part of the vibe that goes into edgy urban industrial style. I will be able to include the inseparable pieces. My wife likes it too. Iron and wood are more interesting to him than the usual flowers and lines. I probably won’t expose any wood beams or pipes because I’ve learned the hard way not to do anything that’s hard to change later.

How To Make An Industrial Table

How To Make An Industrial Table

I recycled the same table in April 2020 with a sunflower pattern and lots of hand painted sunflowers. I never dreamed that just 17 months later I would be selling my house and replacing the coffee table.

Can An Industrial Style Tablescape Make You Happy?

Add a second layer of silver using a 3″ brush, going from edge to edge in a horizontal straight line.

How To Make An Industrial Table

When all the paint is dry, sand some parts of the top of the table painted to create an old look. Wipe away the sawdust before adding the varnish in the next step.

Finally he hit the steering wheel with a screwdriver and a hammer. Be careful here, you don’t want to cut the legs of the coffee table.

How To Make An Industrial Table

Industrial Steel Wood Top Workbench Table W/drawer 60x30x33 1/2

I sanded all the bottom edges of the table and sanded the front and back of the gloss.

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How To Make An Industrial Table

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Industrial Modern Dining Table / U Shaped Metal Legs

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How To Make An Industrial Table

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We just moved into a new house and need a dining table for 4-5 people. We spent a lot of money on all the renovations, so the finished dining table is too expensive for me. I googled to see if there was anything I could do about it, then came up with my own industrial style DIY project for the weekend.

How To Make An Industrial Table

Industrial Coffee Table With Reclaimed Timber & Industrial Raw Steel Pipe Legs!

25x50mm steel case (or 30x60mm or bigger if you want to be more daring). 1.5mm thickness is quite strong.

My table size is 700x1500mm (for 6 people). So I cut the plywood to this width and length.

How To Make An Industrial Table

Cut 2 strips of 100x1500mm and 2 strips of 100x500mm plywood to simulate the appearance of thick hardwood panels to match the design. Cut strips at 45 * using a hacksaw

Millwood Pines Suzi 70.9” Dining Table

Align the edge with the edge of the table top and nail the strips under the table top.

How To Make An Industrial Table

Table height 750 mm (without table top). So we need 4 pieces of 720mm steel for the legs. 30 mm space for rubber spacers.

The width of the insert is 500 mm. We cut 05 pieces of 450mm (for the shorter apron) (not including the 25mm on each small side of the 25x500mm square leg)

How To Make An Industrial Table

Aspenhome® Industrial Fruitwood Sofa Table

The insertion length is 1300 mm. So we need 2 pieces of 1200mm (for the longer apron) (not including the 50mm on each side of the 25x50mm square leg length)

I regret not taking a picture of the cut steel because my hands are too fat to touch the camera.

How To Make An Industrial Table

I was lucky enough to have my son-in-law help me with all the soldering work on this table.

Heavy Duty Industrial Retro Pipe Kit Bar Table Rustic Kitchen Metal Frame Sturdy Vintage Style Table Base Home Office Furniture

Weld all the cut steel as shown. Use a 90* angle so your table doesn’t like drunk people coming home. J

How To Make An Industrial Table

We use a rectangular steel case, so I put a small corner of the small (25mm) up and side again (50mm) to the side to make the legs strong.

*** Important Note: Please make sure you have really good safety glasses/goggles when soldering. I have eye flares (ultraviolet burning eyes) when wearing non-standard glasses. Believe me, it hurts a lot, a lot. You don’t want to know about it.

How To Make An Industrial Table

Rustic Industrial Coffee Table

Turn the table top and align the steel legs. Use metal screws or a metal drill to make holes in the apron, 2 holes are enough for each.

Use 6 mm wood screws and screw the table top and legs. Be careful again screws or you will force it through the surface of the table, which is not very good.

How To Make An Industrial Table

Install 4 rubber spacers / stabilizers for adjustable height. There are 2 ways to do this step, use a drill bit smaller than the diameter of the rubber spacer, then thread and turn the spacer inward. Or use a drill bit larger than the diameter of the screw and weld the nut into the pre-drilled hole. I chose another way.

How To Make Your Own Reclaimed Table

I wanted to do a ribbon border, but I couldn’t find the ribbon anywhere, so save the last step for later. Build an affordable DIY industrial coffee table with this easy step-by-step guide. It’s the perfect addition to your living room for any style of decor!

How To Make An Industrial Table

You know those projects that make you do a little dance when they’re done? This affordable DIY industrial coffee table is one of them!

Not only do we now have the new furniture we need, but we can save money by making it ourselves instead of buying it. The DIYer in me is so proud!

How To Make An Industrial Table

Loft Industrial Dining Table Antique Reclaimed Bar Table Vintage Home Furniture Farmhouse Old Wood Table Bench Manufacturer

I’ve wanted one of those coffee tables with an industrial wood top for a while. But what I liked was always a little out of my budget. So, like any DIY enthusiast, I decided to try making my own at an affordable price.

I’ve seen a few of my fellow bloggers make beautiful imitations of this coffee table (like this one from Home Made Lovely ), so I knew it could be done.

How To Make An Industrial Table

Supplies Needed to Build a DIY Industrial Coffee Table Affiliate Links are listed below for your convenience. For more information, read my full disclosure here.

Industrial Series Pinewood Bar Height Table

Tip: Take advantage of the cutting center at your local hardware store. They will usually cut the wood to the size you need for little or no cost.

How To Make An Industrial Table

We have two 8ft 2×6 boards cut in half to get the four wooden boards that make up the table top.

We have two 8 foot 2×2 boards cut in half to get four 48 inch pieces for the top and bottom boards.

How To Make An Industrial Table

Industrial Black Restaurant Table With Dark Walnut Wood Top

When we got home, we used a saw to make small cuts: five 2×2 in one piece (four for the top and bottom of the frame, and one in the middle to support the top of the plank table). Plus four of the 12 2 × 2 in one piece for the legs.

When assembling the frame, the position of the screws is a bit complicated. Two 2.5 inch screws are drilled in each of the eight corners very close together.

How To Make An Industrial Table

Make sure they don’t collide with each other like in the picture below. Or with

Pipe Decor 3/4 In. Black Pipe 42.5 In. L X 30 In. H Poker Design Kitchen Table Kit 365 Pdkt1

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