How To Make A Patio Couch

How To Make A Patio Couch – The modern design and clean lines make this outdoor sofa a great addition to any outdoor living space. Get free plans to create your own here.

Creating a beautiful, safe and functional space can make a huge difference to how you use and enjoy your home. It’s the best way to maximize your living space and make the most of the summer weather. Last spring we started working on our backyard and after finishing this beautiful piece of outdoor furniture it is finally coming to life as we envisioned it (see our outdoor design plans).

How To Make A Patio Couch

How To Make A Patio Couch

We looked for a backyard that would reflect our style and flow into the interior of our home, and with that in mind, we began our search for the perfect outdoor sofa. But we left empty handed. Most of the collections we found were lacking in size, quality or style. And some of the collections we found and fell in love with were out of our price range. So we decided to partner with Kreg and our friends at to build our own plans and of course share those plans with you.

One Arm 2×4 Outdoor Sofa

Before Nick started building this project, we took many things into account, to make sure that even the smallest details were considered in the materials we chose, we wanted this perfect outdoor sofa. And I’m so glad we did

How To Make A Patio Couch

I showed Nick some of my favorite outdoor sofas and he showed me some options. Just like any other space in your home, your outdoor living space should reflect your style and complement the rest of your home. This meant that we wanted an outdoor sofa that was traditional but felt modern and fun.

We decided on this classic design with simple, sleek modern silhouettes and sharp, clean angles.

How To Make A Patio Couch

Thrifty And Chic

This was another big decision for us. Like most families, our budget is always front and center, so we thought about our options. We can use sawn lumber or pressure treated lumber, and while the price is definitely within our budget, we know the quality and flexibility will not.

Nick also considered cedar as an option, which gives the parts more strength, and also looks good for years to come (with proper maintenance). But there was a big jump in price, more than doubling the price of treated pressure and five times the price of dimensional lumber.

How To Make A Patio Couch

We ended up choosing cedar, even though it was more expensive, but we were sure these pieces would last. Cedar was definitely the right choice, it’s beautiful and strong and we know we won’t be replacing this outdoor sofa anytime soon.

Mercury Row® Adkinson 76” Wide Outdoor Patio Sofa With Cushions & Reviews

And he found the right angle for the sofa, both in terms of comfort and design. He didn’t want it to be obvious at first glance that the seat and back of the sofa were properly positioned. This was a deliberate attempt to maintain the modern image we wanted.

How To Make A Patio Couch

We thought a lot about the finishes we used. Nick had thought about using the deck and stain the furniture, but we didn’t like the idea of ​​peeling it and felt it would be unfair to the way we were going. He did some research and decided to use penetrating wood oil mixed with stain. This cedar coating helps prevent graying as it provides some UV protection, helps repel water, and does not peel when exposed to moisture. In addition, it is a one-coat process and does not require much effort if another application is needed on the furniture next year.

I couldn’t wait to see the final look when Nick finished building the sofa and I put it up with the pillows and cushions we bought to see how comfortable it would be. As we all know, furniture can look beautiful, but it must be comfortable.

How To Make A Patio Couch

How To Make Indoor Furniture Outdoor Friendly

These outdoor cushions we bought for the couch and chair are just perfect. They are a beautiful color, and hold their shape perfectly (there are two similar options here and here). I also added these striped pillows and a quilted waist pillow to complete the look.

It has already been tested, and it is definitely the best place to lay it in the sun.

How To Make A Patio Couch

While you’re at it, why not build a patio bar perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings or as a BBQ prep station. Home > Home Organization > DIY Projects > Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With These 21 DIY Furniture

Budget Friendly Ideas For Backyards To Create An Outdoor Oasis

Planning a backyard makeover to design your space for outdoor parties? With the right tools and materials, you can create and design inexpensive furniture for kitchens and backyard gatherings. Check out these 21 DIY outdoor furniture ideas!

How To Make A Patio Couch

Put your feet up with a DIY ottoman! You can easily make an indoor ottoman with outdoor materials like old tires, some rope and furniture legs. You can also sew your own pouf ottoman using outdoor fabric and polystyrene beads.

Provide a coffee table where drinks and snacks can be prepared while you and guests enjoy an outdoor or outdoor party. For an inexpensive DIY option, build an outdoor coffee table out of 1×4 and 2×4 lumber and finish the table with your favorite stain. Or you can design another coffee table with containers, concrete blocks, plaster boxes and some paint!

How To Make A Patio Couch

Benton Weathered Brown Teak Wood 8 Piece Patio Sectional Set

Make sure your outdoor patio has plenty of seating with DIY accent chairs! With some wood, wood filler and stain, you can create the perfect DIY outdoor chair to complement other furniture. Don’t forget to include some cushions and pillows to show off your style and add extra comfort!

Show off your skills by assembling Adirondack chairs! You can build these classic outdoor chairs from 2x4s, pallet scrap wood, and more. Keep in mind that you’ll want to stain DIY Adirondack chairs to protect them when you’re outdoors—and you might want to give them a fun color!

How To Make A Patio Couch

If you’re looking for a comfortable seating option for your boat, deck or pool area, consider adding rocking chairs! With some beads, weatherproof fabric, and other inexpensive materials, you can quickly and easily create a DIY folding sling chair for outdoor seating!

Outdoor Living: Diy Patio Makeover And Design Ideas For All Budgets

Looking for the perfect outdoor chair for relaxing? Add a DIY rocking chair! Create a rocking chair using old pallets or cedar. Be sure to treat the wood to protect it from all types of weather. Then, use your rocking chair to sit next to the fire table as a fun accent on your patio or deck.

How To Make A Patio Couch

Relax after a long day or soak up the sun with the lounge in your backyard! These DIY lounge chairs are perfect for setting up by the pool or under a large shade. Be sure to include a recliner that adjusts to sit or lie down as needed while working in the lounge!

Outdoor benches are a great and easy way to add seating to your patio, deck or backyard! Build your own DIY outdoor bench from reclaimed wood, then stain the bench to protect it from the elements. You can add hinges to the top to create an outdoor storage bench!

How To Make A Patio Couch

Diy Patio Sectional Sofa

For the ultimate outdoor living space, don’t forget to install an outdoor sofa! You can make a loveseat or a large sectional – whatever fits the space! To build a DIY outdoor bed, you’ll need materials like 2x4s, 4x4s, and UV-resistant untreated wood. You can even create an outdoor pallet bed!

Set up an outdoor daybed in your backyard or backyard! Once you’ve built your DIY daybed, be sure to paint or stain the frame to protect it from any water damage. Complete this cozy retreat with pillows, pendant lights, blankets and pillows for the ultimate summer retreat!

How To Make A Patio Couch

Give your outdoor living space or backyard that extra flair with your very own wheelchair! You can make a canvas hanging chair or you can go with a macrame hanging chair. However, be sure to use sturdy materials to mount your rocking chair firmly.

Tips For Buying Patio Furniture That Suits Your Outdoor Space

Looking for a fun seating option for your outdoor oasis? Add a hammer! If you need some free space in your backyard, you can attach a hammock between two trees or build your own DIY hammock stand. When creating your hammock, choose a fun, washable fabric and add some decorative pillows to make the whole thing cozier!

How To Make A Patio Couch

Make the most of your backyard patio or covered deck porch swing! For a DIY porch swing, you’ll want to use hardwood, thick rope or thick chains, and outdoor washable fabric cushions. Once the porch swing is firmly in place, decorate with colorful curtains and pillows.

An outdoor dining table is a must if you need one

How To Make A Patio Couch

Orren Ellis Cape 7

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