How To Use Crepe Pan

How To Use Crepe Pan – Le Creuset Cast Iron Pancake Review A versatile but unevenly heated cast iron pancake pan.

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How To Use Crepe Pan

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The Crêpe Making Hack We're Flipping For

4 Le Creuset Cast Iron Pancake Pan  Junk Eats / Stacey L. Nash What we like Durable Non-stick surface holds heat well What we don't like Surface does not heat evenly, heats slowly, heats the entire pan including the handle. An expensive cast iron Le Creuset pancake pan will last for years, but it heats up unevenly and is not easy to use. Sur La Table at Amazon Shop 4 Le Creuset Cast Iron Pancake Pan Spruce Eats / Stacey L. Nash Shop at Amazon Shop in this article Sur La Table for Clean Design Efficiency Expand Storage Costs Competition Final Summary Features that we bought a Le Creuset cast iron pancake pan so our reviewer could try it out in the kitchen. Continue reading for our full product review. Making crêpes or fluffy French crepes takes some skill, but a product like the Le Creuset Cast Iron Crepe Pan can help. Thanks to the perfectly flat surface, low sides and good heat regulation, this pan is perfect for preparing thin, perfectly round pancakes. To find out if it's really that tough, we took it home and put it to the test ourselves, evaluating features from design to performance. Read our thoughts. The 6 best crepe makers according to our design experts: Built to last, not easy to use Le Creuset is known for its cast iron cookware – and we think this cookware does not disappoint when it comes to design and durability. Its enamel and non-stick cooking surface was beautiful and of good quality. (This is the first time we've used a non-stick cast iron skillet, and we love that it cooks like cast iron, but doesn't have a pause for seasoning.) Pastry Spread and Crepe Turner . The pastry spreader has a handle that we thought was a good length and the rolling pin has a pointed tip. Although we thought these tools were meant for flipping pancakes, they weren't that easy at first, but more on that later. The Spruce Eats / Stacey L. Nash Finally, this skillet isn't just about pancakes. It has a high edge that allows you to make omelettes, sausages or pancakes. We appreciate that it is not a disposable kitchen appliance. Exercise: Be prepared to exercise. Before you start cooking, remember: this is not a pancake maker that you can jump into and see great results. First, the thin cast iron doesn't distribute the heat as evenly as the thicker pans we've used—the areas of the pan covered by the burner were hotter. As a result, we couldn't spread the pancakes all the way to the edge of the pan because when we did, the center of the pancake was cooked and the outer edges were raw. To fix this, we shortened our pancakes so that the outer edge rested on the part of the pan that covered the burner. The thin cast iron does not distribute the heat very evenly – the parts of the pan covered by the oven were hotter. Finding the right temperature takes a bit of tweaking, which can be a common problem with cast iron. We heated the pan for about five minutes until it reached medium heat, which is the level at which we cook pancakes in our regular non-stick pan. Still, our first four or five pancakes gave us trouble. Part of this is because we've never used a pastry spread before; We found that we cooked our pancakes before we had fully rolled out the dough. We then reduced the heat to medium-low, but it took a while for the pan to cool. Once I got the temperature right and figured out how to use the pancake spread, the pancakes started coming out nicely. The non-stick surface was very useful, as was the pancake turner. The sharp tip slid smoothly under the pancakes, allowing us to easily roll them without crushing them. Spruce Eats / Stacey L. Nash Finally, we want to point out that you can spread the dough by taking the bowl and turning the handle. However, when we tried it, the pan was heavy and quickly overwhelmed us. The handle also gets very hot, so you have to use a handle or pan for that. We thought using a pastry cutter was very easy and efficient. 8 Best Pans to Clean in 2022: You don't have to clean Le Creuset's simple pieces like a regular cast iron pan. Since the non-stick surface requires no seasoning, you can put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand with warm soapy water. You have to wait for it to cool down, but once it does it's quick and easy to clean. Wipe the surface with a damp paper towel. During use, the pastry spread should be washed between individual pancakes. We put it in a bowl of water next to the oven to keep it clean between pancakes and it worked great. Since the non-stick surface requires no seasoning, you can put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. Storage: Easy to store but protects the surface This container is very easy to store. No plug and stand – just a flat pan. However, you must protect the non-stick surface. We were worried about scratching the other dishes, so we put a paper towel before putting the next dishes. Price: A lot unless you like cast iron cookware, especially Le Creuset – very expensive. With this model, you pay for the brand, enamel, non-stick surface and lifetime warranty. We're sure you can buy similar nonstick cookware that works just as well (or better) for less. The enameled and non-stick surface of this pan was beautiful and of high quality. 8 Best Non-Stick Pans of 2022, Tested and Reviewed: Cheap, Quality Options Salton Crepe Maker: More specialized than the Salton Le Creuset we tested. Dip the pan into the baking sheet and place it on the baking sheet. Although you can only cook pancakes and tortillas with this model, it cooks evenly and produces pancakes of the same size and thickness. It's a lot cheaper than Le Creuset – so if you don't mind disposable cookware, we think it's great. Salton Pancake and Tortilly Maker NutriChef Electric Grill and Pancake Maker Review: We also tested this model from NutriChef, which works like a Le Creuset, allowing you to cook more than just pancakes. However, we thought that the food cooks more evenly and responds more quickly to changes in temperature. It's also cheap. NutriChef Electric Grill and Pancake Maker Review Final Verdict If you're not a cast iron person, skip it. The Le Creuset cast iron pancake pan is expensive and difficult to use. The only area where it really excels is its durability and lifetime warranty. If you're willing to invest the asking price, you'll have this pan with you for years to come. Specifications Product Name Enamel Cast Iron Crepe Pan Product Brand Le Creuset SKU L2036-2767 Price $149.95 Diameter 10.75 inches Warranty Expiration Date What's Included Crepe Pan; candy dispenser; Pancake turner

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When it comes to pancakes in the traditional sense, most people think you need a cast iron pan. A simple dough and a simple pan may have done it in the past, but like most things in the kitchen, advances in technology have had an impact.

The possibility of using a dedicated pancake maker with a trusty cast iron pan may seem silly to grandma, but every method has its merits. List of advantages and disadvantages of preparing this pancake

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