How To Make Ocean Table

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I’m a big fan of the ocean, but I don’t live near a beach. When we discovered that there was a way to create a beautifully realistic sea scene using epoxy/resin, we set about perfecting our methods. After months of training, I finally succeeded. Now we can take sofa surfing to a whole new level with our new Resin Ocean coffee table! We can go to the beach every day… without leaving the house.

How To Make Ocean Table

How To Make Ocean Table

In this tutorial, we show you how to build your own marine resin coffee table (with hidden storage) from scratch – starting with a few pieces of plywood and some sliding shelves we found at Ikea!

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Note: All of this grouting was done with tabletop epoxy, not cast resin. There are many types of resin, so be sure to choose the right type for your project. We just call everything “resin” so we want to emphasize the difference. 🙂

How To Make Ocean Table

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Gather the following tools and materials: plywood, duct tape, circular saw, pencil, feet, jigsaw, sander, drill, and router.

How To Make Ocean Table

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Tip: You don’t want the drill to go all the way in. Use masking tape to mark the appropriate depth on the cutter.

Depending on the length of the coffee table, you may need to brace it to prevent it from bending. We’re big fans of putting legs on the coffee table, so we wanted it to be super sturdy. To achieve this we have added the table below.

How To Make Ocean Table

Tip: We also made sure to keep the leg markings so as not to increase the height of the table.

Coastal Ocean Effect Epoxy Resin Coffee Table — Resino

Tip: You can use some scrap wood and any weights you have around the house to hold the boards together while the glue dries.

How To Make Ocean Table

We wanted to add hidden storage under the coffee table so we could hide racks and remotes, and we were lucky enough to find the perfect size sliding trays at Ikea! However, this meant we had to add some wooden rails to attach the slides.

Before you pour the sea of ​​resin, you will definitely want to paint the table. The resin can be slightly translucent so the wood grain can see through the sea.

How To Make Ocean Table

Wallnut Epoxy Resin Deep Ocean/river Table Live Edge Table

Tip: Make the line where the beach meets the ocean slightly wavy – this will help create a cool coastline when you pour the resin.

The resin is very picky, so you should definitely follow the instructions on the resin. We used Pro Marine which requires a consistent temperature to cure properly. So we moved this project from the workshop to the dining room before we started pouring.

How To Make Ocean Table

The sealing layer we pour in this step helps ensure that air does not enter from the edge during the main work.

Ocean View Coffee Table With Glass Top

Gather the following materials: Rags, Gloves, Table, Tyvek Tape, Resin, Heat Gun, Torch, Mixing Cups, and Chopsticks.

How To Make Ocean Table

1. Cover your floors and tables with napkins and tarps. The resin is messy and hard to remove after curing!

Tip: Using a cardboard box and fabric, we created a “boat” to catch all the excess resin since our table wasn’t long enough for all that tilt.

How To Make Ocean Table

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2. Place Tyvek tape on the underside of the coffee table. This will make it easier to remove the drops after the table has hardened.

5. Pour a layer of clear resin over the entire board. If necessary, use a spatula or heat gun to move the resin.

How To Make Ocean Table

Now it’s time for the big tilt! Since this will be a table, we have to pour the ocean in one session or we will get bumps. Since this is a big pour and the resin has a variable working time, you should definitely check how much time you have in the bottles before it starts to harden (or “explode”) so you know how quickly (or not) . ) will have to work. Ocean Large Rolling Tray Resin Mold With Coaster Resin Mold Coastal Wave Riverbed Ocean Painting Art Diy Crafts Silicone Epoxy Molds Organizer Tray Plate Table Ornament Home Decor

Gather the following materials: Resin, 3 Blue Pigments, White Pigment, Sand, Stirring Cups, Stirring Rod, Heat Gun, and Torch. If you want to watch the resin being poured on video, you can find it at 5:30.

How To Make Ocean Table

2. Divide the resin between the three cups of darker blue (large cups), sand (large cup) and white (small cup) and mix the pigments.

3. Pour sand into the hollow area of ​​your board, following the curved edge you made with your paint. Use a brush to distribute it over the entire area.

How To Make Ocean Table

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Tip: It can be helpful to heat the resin before pouring to help it move around the table more.

4. Pour light and medium blues on the front of the sea on your board, following the winding coast.

How To Make Ocean Table

5. Blend the two blues together with your fingers or a brush.

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6. Pour a thin line of clear resin on the front of the ocean where it meets the sandy beach.

How To Make Ocean Table

We’ve split this into separate steps so we can show all the images for each part of the ocean, but it needs to be done right away, so don’t stop!

7. When you’re happy with how the waves look, use the Bernzomatic light to pop the bubbles. Again, don’t overheat the resin!

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A primer coat is not absolutely necessary, but we decided to do it because we want to be sure of the maximum durability of the table. We use the coffee table a lot!

2. Pour a layer of clear resin over the entire board. If necessary, use a spatula or heat gun to move the resin.

How To Make Ocean Table

4. Cover and let set for the time indicated on your bottles (we had 72 hours to set to full hardness).

Epoxy Resin Table Custom Table Ocean Design Wood Art

Tip: If it does not come off easily, break the seal if necessary by grinding or cutting with a knife.

How To Make Ocean Table

Oops! Now you have a fantastic and unique coffee table and can spend your days sipping fruity drinks on the beach.

If you like this project, head over to for more tips, tutorials, stories and more. And if you want to see more of our video tutorials, check out our profile or go to our YouTube channel. For those who love the sea with its beauty and resin art, we decided to show how it combines with water. round table theme in epoxy resin. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to professionally create an epoxy sea table. This amazing table is one of the popular epoxy resin artworks that people like to buy and create beach and summer interiors. You will forever remember the places you visited: beaches, islands and much more that you will want to remember for centuries. In addition, the table can be used as an epoxy table, accent table, coffee table or even a computer table in your home. And our latest guide will be of great help to those who love to create amazing beach and ocean art with epoxy resin or those who also want to create a resin wood board.

How To Make Ocean Table

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In this post, we cover a step-by-step guide to making an epoxy sea table from scratch without too much hassle.

First, select the best sea view from the photo and look carefully. Always plan your creative steps to avoid losing elements of the final resin artwork as well as tools and supplies. Once you have chosen the most suitable photo or image of the sea coast, pay attention to the following features:

How To Make Ocean Table

Look at the picture in its entirety and try to imitate something close to it. Whether it’s sea art, beach art, or a seascape, chances are you’ve seen this beautiful image before and wondered how it was created. To do this, we show you how easy it is to create your first unique and amazing sea art, even if you are a beginner! Let’s get started.

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First, for all your epoxy projects, we recommend having a checklist. In other words, write all the steps from start to finish. Such a checklist will not only help you determine a productive schedule, but also help you gather the materials and tools you need for each step.

How To Make Ocean Table

If you often overlook the simple things that help you create your epoxy creations, your project will be much more difficult from the start. Gathering materials is the first and easy thing to do. This is part of your initial project planning. Therefore, everything must be in hand before the start. Don’t forget the dust cover either.

Don’t forget that you

How To Make Ocean Table

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