How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair – This is a rocking chair made of PVC pipes. Perhaps the first in history. I thought of this idea for a PVC contest so I went to google and didn’t find anything else. It cost $50 (US) and took longer than expected. This is my first tutorial…bear with me! If you like it, please vote for it in the PVC contest.


How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

All I bought was PVC, paint and PVC glue. I live in a small town, so you should be able to go to a large department store and buy supplies at a low price. 24pack Pvc Elbow Fittings, 3/4 Inch 3 Way Pvc Pipe Fitting Connectors For Sch40 Pvc Pipe, Pvc Pipe Tee Corner Fitting Build Heavy Duty Pvc Furniture,3 Way Pvc Pipe Joint :

It can be confusing at first, but it’s easy. Simply put the two lines you created together to create a basic chair shape without legs.

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

If the dry seat fits perfectly, you can close the joint! If not, you need to correct the mistakes you made.

Speed ​​up the healing process by soaking the tube in cold water, wiping it with a wet cloth, or do as I did and ice it.

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

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These will be the paths where you will sit and rest, and two of them will be the support of the chair.

2. Use a heat source to heat the entire pipe and turn the pipe into the cartridge as shown.

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

3. Insert the hot end into one of the slots on the rocker arm and twist it as shown in the picture above.

A Chair Made From Pvc Pipe

Bending the legs will keep the joint under the seat.

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

In order for the chair not to continue, you need to add the remaining two. Push them into the half. Make sure there are two folds at the end of the piece. First, this is my first tutorial. This wasn’t my original idea, but I couldn’t find instructions on how to do it, so I decided to make one to share with everyone. The original instructions I found were on the first page of google after searching for “kids pvc chair” they also have instructions on how to make the actual cord the kids sit on but I don’t like adding that part of the photo from this one (plus hun’s wife sews, not me lol ) ok here we go

Ok, I don’t know how much PVC pipes cost because I have them stored. Ts and my elbows are cheap, you can get a 10 pack cheaper than buying 10 individually, about $2-3 a pack. Ok, all you need is pipe, Ts, elbows, and if you need PVC cement, but I didn’t use it.

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

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Ok, your cut doesn’t have to be perfect, I used a knife so mine was really rough, there won’t be an open cut, all the ends will be cut. If you want to make more chairs you will need more pipe, 10 meters of pipe is enough for one chair, you have about 1/2 pipe after cutting them all.

Start with 7 10″ pieces, make 3 with elbows on both sides, 2 with T on both sides, and 2 with elbow on one side and T on the other side.

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

Now that you have your materials, take 4 5″ and 2 6″ pieces. There should be 2 pieces with a 5″ channel on one side and a 6″ channel on the other side, I call it a “u”.

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Now what you want to do is take two 2 tees and connect one tee to one end of the 5″ u-tube that was assembled earlier and take a second 5″ u-tube of the same size and connect to the other tee, do the same on the other end. And that’s what makes your foundation

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

Once you have connected the 4″ pipes, take the 2 elbow pieces and the T on the side and connect them to the 4″ pipe as shown, this will make the arms of the chair.

All that’s left is a 6″ u-shaped piece of wood, tie it to the last 2 t-pieces and you have a back. And when you’re done, you can take the plastic paint and paint it any color you like.

How To Make A Pvc Pipe Chair

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Here are photos of the shutters that came with the original instructions so you can make your own, it looks easy.

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