How To Wire A Ceiling Fan With 2 Light Switches

How To Wire A Ceiling Fan With 2 Light Switches – Dear Electrician, Where can I find ceiling fan wiring diagrams showing the blue and black wire connections?

Answer: Below are ceiling fan wiring diagrams with two wiring diagrams. I have also provided links to ceiling fan parts and wiring diagrams for some ceiling fan manufacturers. Note: Some of the following links lead to matching products on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

How To Wire A Ceiling Fan With 2 Light Switches

The ceiling wiring diagram at the top of this blog post shows a common wiring method used in prefab homes.

Replace A Ceiling Fan In Kitchen

In this ceiling fan wiring diagram, the blue wire in the ceiling connects to the LOAD side of the wall switch to control the light in the ceiling. A black fan wire is connected to LINE so you can go through the wall switch to control the fan motor.

If you want to switch to a rewired outlet to control your ceiling fan, see my blog post on wiring a ceiling fan using two wall switches and a hot switch.

Here's another blog post showing how to replace the output wiring for a ceiling fan with metal junction boxes.

It is not uncommon for a white wire to be used as the HOT or LINE wire on a switch. However, the white wire must be identified by a color other than white, gray, or green. I have different colored ribbons that I use for identification. Some electricians use a permanent ink marker to change the color of the wire.

Emerson Cf 14 2 Blade Ceiling Fan

In new homes, the National Electrical Code requires that a neutral wire be installed at most wall switch locations. If you keep it neutral, you can use an electronic device instead of a traditional wall switch to control your ceiling fan and light. Refer to Section 404.2(C) where the neutral wire is referred to as the “grounded wire.”

According to the National Electrical Code, any ceiling outlet located in the area of ​​a room where a ceiling fan may be installed must be rated for ceiling support. This is an effective update to Section 314.27(C) of the 2020 Code.

I haven't seen any wiring diagrams for the ceiling mounted or printed on the fan or motor. Lots of indoor ceiling fan wiring diagrams with blue and black wiring diagrams and installation instructions.

If you are repairing a fan motor, my post with electric motor schematics will be helpful. Shaft fans often have shaded pole motors.

Can I Wire This Fan To Two Switches (light + Fan) By Removing The Remote Module?

Before purchasing a fan, I recommend that you read the manufacturer's installation instructions for your ceiling fan. It is usually available on the manufacturer's website. Some ceiling fan links are below this post.

The following wall switch ceiling wiring diagrams can be used for both new and legacy installations and repairs.

Ceiling schematic showing light wire and black wire for fan motor with mains input switch and load wires

The overhead schematic above shows the power going from the switch to the control box, then the hot and neutral switch to the overhead control box via two conductor wires. This method connects the black wire for the fan motor and the blue wire for the dome light to the wall switch LOAD wire.

Pack Motor Ceiling Fan Capacitor Cbb61 5uf 2 Wire Replacement Voltage: 250vac

The fan and light are controlled by the same wall switch, the wall switch can be left on, and the fan and light can be controlled separately with the pull switches.

This ceiling fan can be supplemented with a remote control. Leave the wall switch in the ON position.

If you don't want a remote but want all the fan controls instead of a wall switch, you should look for a ceiling fan with a wall control that will work with your existing wiring. Sometimes a remote control fits in the wall like a regular wall switch.

Diagram of overhead power wiring in overhead box and blue wire connected to wall switch red load wire and black fan motor wire connected to LINE

Cbb61 Starting Capacitance Ac Fan Capacitor 2 Wires 1.8uf 450v Ac Terminal Ceiling Fan Motor Running Rectangle Capacitor

The method used is shown above so the neutral wire in the junction box can be from the power source in the ceiling fan's rated box. The blue fan wire connects to the red LOAD wire from the wall switch. The black fan cable is connected to LINE. A wall switch controls the ceiling fan light and a circuit breaker controls the fan motor independently of the wall switch.

By being hot and neutral in the switch box, current can be drawn to other items in the outlet. The diagram above shows the red load wires from the wall switch connected to the blue wire in the ceiling to control the light. Since the black fan wire is directly connected to LINE, the fan motor is controlled by the fan pull circuit independently of the wall switch.

One of several ceiling fan wiring that features a single pole switch that controls the light and output from the same circuit.

Three conductor cables are required to bring LINE and neutral to the ceiling box along with LINE and conductor. The above schematic shows the connections of the blue wire for the light and the black wire for the fan motor. A wall switch controls the light and the fan motor is controlled by a pull circuit built independently of the wall switch.

Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

The outlets pictured above and below are always on and are not controlled by a wall switch.

A 2 1/8″ deep ceiling fan box must be used to install the above ceiling fan. A standard 1 1/2″ deep electrical box has multiple wires. If the wall switch has a red load wire connected to the blue wire on the fan, the wall switch will only turn on the fan light. The built-in circuit breaker drives the fan motor with the black fan wire connected to LINE.

Using the diagram above, you will need a deep ceiling fan box to handle all the wiring. The National Electrical Code requires 2 cubic inches inside the electrical box for each #14 conductor. Refer to Article 314 of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).

The schematic above shows the blue wire from the fan connected to the LOAD wire from the switch. The black wire on the fan is connected to the other switch wire. Light and fan are independently controlled by wall switches. No need to use circuitry unless you want to change fan speed.

Inch Black Metal 2 Light Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

The direction of rotation of the fan motor is changed by sliding the fan motor switch up or down.

Alternatively, a dimmer for the light and a fan speed controller can be installed to control the fan speed from the wall.

My blog post shows how to build a fan and two switches for a light using existing wiring.

Junction boxes must be deep enough to accommodate all cables. Each switch counts as two wires.

Turner 68 In 2 Blade Oiled Bronze Traditional Ceiling Fan

If you plan to run additional wiring to your house or apartment, any ceiling-installed control box should be rated to support a ceiling fan, whether you plan to install a ceiling fan somewhere or not. See National Electrical Code Article 314.27(C) for specific installation requirements.

To control your ceiling fan from multiple wall switches see my 3 way switch wiring post.

Most ceiling fans can be connected to a remote control receiver. Before purchasing a remote control, read the remote control manufacturer's instructions. While the ceiling fan remote control is very handy, it accounts for the majority of the calls I get from customers about the fans not working. The remote control of the fan is defective or the wireless connection between transmitter and receiver has been interrupted.

A broken transmitter/receiver connection is usually easy to fix, but each manufacturer seems to have a different approach. Sometimes you have to turn the power off, then turn it back on and hold the transmitter button for a few seconds to reconnect. It is best to ask the manufacturer of the remote control.

Ceiling Fan Wiring, 2 Switches

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