How To Make Your Table Higher

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How To Make Your Table Higher – You may have seen how some people keep trying to lift their desk. Others may invest in standing or sitting desks. There’s a reason they do it – actually many! Elevating the desk you regularly work at can reduce stress and muscle tension. However, there are specific ways to help you raise the desk height so that you get the desk at the right height.

Only then can you be sure that you are in a comfortable or ergonomic position to work in. The dangers of working at a desk where you cannot increase the height of the desk are great. You may suffer from repetitive strain injuries, which can permanently damage your muscles. If you’ve switched to a standing or sitting desk, we have some tips for elevating your desk.

How To Make Your Table Higher

How To Make Your Table Higher

The question that might have crossed your mind is – “What is the ideal desk height?” Standing desk height is very different for everyone. There is a lot to consider here.

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For starters, consider your height and your tasks before raising the desk height as usual. Once you have determined that, focus on the tools you use and any health conditions.

How To Make Your Table Higher

After understanding what the four elements are, it’s time to start positioning yourself at the desk. The correct way is to keep your elbows in a natural bent shape, usually around 70 of 130 degrees, depending on how high your desk is.

This prevents pressure in your hands when you use your computer or laptop. If you occasionally use a pen for handwriting, raise the desk height when necessary. We can think of the simplest solution using an old book or desktop plugins – more on this later.

How To Make Your Table Higher

Build Your Own Desk With Custom Features Like Usb Ports And Biometrics

If you find that your elbows are not in this natural bend, more adjustments are needed. Take your keyboard and place it in a position slightly lower than your hands. Professional types prefer to use a curve of about 130 degrees to keep the desk height much lower.

If you are unlucky enough to get a desk where you can’t raise the table height, invest in ergonomic chairs. Look for a height-adjustable office chair to your height or a stationary bike to increase circulation.

How To Make Your Table Higher

Whenever possible, switch to a sit-stand desk, which is perfect for reducing injuries, muscle cramps while you work. If you can’t get one quickly or can’t find the time to buy one, keep reading to see how to make a desk taller.

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There are smart ways to make your desk a little taller with some easy solutions. They are known as risers and come in plastic, wood or rubber. So the choice you make depends on whether your desk is crammed, made of wood. You can use these ideas to add new legs to your desk.

How To Make Your Table Higher

A riser is a faster and more affordable way to add a few extra inches to your DIY standing desk or table. You can easily find them online and they come in different sizes for different desks. So if you feel that your desk needs to be extended by three inches, simply attach a 3-inch razor to it. Risers even come in 4- to 8-inch sizes and in adjustable sets for a better fit.

Let’s learn how to use a razor when raising the height of your desk. First, sit comfortably at your desk in your usual working position. Now start testing how much extra height you need to add to be comfortable.

How To Make Your Table Higher

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So search online for a desk that fits this size requirement. Usually a table razor set has four parts and is made of materials that do not leave scratches on the floor. If in doubt about this, throw a rug under the table cover when you install them.

In this way, your floor is spotless and you get a few centimeters high for the desk. Make sure the edges of the posts are rounded to prevent damage.

How To Make Your Table Higher

The great advantage of using risers is that they are temporary and allow you to build a standing desk. They can work if you want to add height to the desktop temporarily or if you want to add height immediately. Risers are strong and come in matching colors and can be hidden.

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How to raise the desk height? The other way is with cow’s feet. These are round pieces that add about 3-4 extra inches and are even available in 10 inch heights. Heads can even be removed and added as often as you like.

How To Make Your Table Higher

You may need to drill holes under the table legs before attaching the cup legs. The holes should ideally be about 1.25 inches in diameter and are made under the table legs. Then take the cups and insert them into the holes.

After adding extra height by using either cup feet or risers, the desk can feel wobbly. This can happen if the plugin is not used correctly. If you don’t have time to fix this, add extensions to them.

How To Make Your Table Higher

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Extensions come in felt and wood – although woods are more popular when it comes to upgrading furniture. If you think your desk needs to be sturdy, follow these steps when installing wood extensions.

Find or buy a piece of wood in the same width and color as the motorized standing desk legs. Next, drill a few holes in the bottom of the table legs, right in the middle. Use the drill to make a 1.25 inch diameter hole and insert a dowel nut into each hole.

How To Make Your Table Higher

It may be necessary to hammer the tee bushings. Then use a hanger bolt to insert the pieces of wood into the holes you made. Tighten the bolts down with a screwdriver to set the pieces in place. This simple DIY coffee table is the perfect beginner project, offering a great value project with limited tools and materials. This step-by-step DIY pub table tutorial will guide you through the thoughtful steps to pocket holes and construction-grade materials for a good-looking and usable bar-height table.

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Once all of your pieces are cut, you will want to get rid of the rounded corners on all of the 2×4 pieces. I do this by cutting 1/4″ off each side and leaving the pieces 3″ wide.

How To Make Your Table Higher

You should also cut the rounded edge of one side of each 2×10 piece. This will be glued up to make a solid wood panel for the pub table.

A great side benefit of squaring all those 2×4s is the huge supply of paint stirrers you can get from the scrap yard!

How To Make Your Table Higher

Minimalist Ways To Make Your Home More Functional

If you like this tutorial, check out the full tutorial and video on my blog and a list of the tools I use in my shop.

Use quality wood glue to glue together pairs of 2×4 pieces that are 36.5 inches long to make 3×3 pub table legs. You can clamp it all together (just don’t glue all the legs on top of each other!).

How To Make Your Table Higher

Then glue your 2×10 pieces together with the square edges in the middle where the glue joints are.

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Use a peg jig to drill two pocket holes and each joint and along the top of the side aprons to attach the top. You are now ready to assemble the base. If all your cuts are square and accurate, this should come together square and even. Use clamps to hold the boards together for tight joints with your pocket screws. I also recommend adding a little wood glue to each joint for added strength.

How To Make Your Table Higher

Then flip the top upside down with the bottom upside down on top of it. Measure all your edges for an even overhang and secure the top with pocket screws.

After a quick sanding just to break up all the edges and smooth everything out, it was time to finish and paint the board. I would recommend finishing the top and bottom separately before putting them on, but I didn’t. The person I built this for originally wanted it unfinished. They then decided they wanted the clear coat on top, so I just taped off the bottom and applied three coats of my favorite clear coat.

How To Make Your Table Higher

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In the end they decided to go ahead and have me paint the primer, so I did it with one coat of Sherwin-Williams Wood & Wall Primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance. I had to, so it was my first time using both products and I was happy with the results. The Sherwin-Williams primer recognized well and sanded very smoothly. I will say that the Benjamin Moore Advance took some getting used to, just because of how easy it was to run, but once I got the hang of it, it was a joy to work with. Advance cures well leaving no brush strokes and should provide a very durable finish for many years to come.

Overall, this DIY pub table was a very quick project to produce a table for a specific space

How To Make Your Table Higher

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