How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

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How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair – Have you ever wondered how to finish your favorite furniture in your home?

Unless your couch is out in the rain, lonely and defenseless, chased from your beloved home.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Remember when you vacuumed the road debris and found loose parts in the hard corners to feed the parking meter?

Naples Sofa W/linen Slipcover, 90 Inch Long, Light Beige Finish

While the frame is sound and intact, your sofa now has an old look, with tattered arms and cushions.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Her scathing comment about her favorite local furniture store hit the mark.

And now, the couch that happily endured endless reruns of your kids’ favorite movies and buckets of popcorn has been abandoned.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

How To Sew A Parsons Chair Slipcover For The Ikea Henriksdal Bar Stool

Instead of removing it and paying thousands of dollars to replace it, I can show you how to make a cover for it.

I finally finished the slipcover for my couch. The whole process took about a week to complete and was not as painful as I had feared.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

My new skin is canvas blue – we originally wanted gray but fell in love with this bright shade of blue.

Carvapet Printed Stretch Sofa Cover Slipcover Spandex Couch Cover Stylish Couch Furniture Protector With Two Free Pillowcases

Want to learn how to make a sofa cover and save it from the landfill? Let me share the process with you.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

And if you don’t remember my old couch, here’s a little reminder. Look at those ripped pillows – I can’t miss it!

I had to be careful making a leather sofa cover because the fabric changes when I try to protect things. I followed this great tutorial from Honeybear Lane on how to make a sofa slipcover.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Gates Of Crystal: Making A Slip Cover

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The fabric chart said I needed 14 meters of fabric, but I wanted to wash the fabric before making the cover, so I added an extra 2 meters to reduce it. After I finish the cover, I have about 2 meters left.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Follow my instructions for piping the cover and sewing the zipper pads. My couch looked a little better when I got there.

Cotton Slip Cover For Echo Dining Chair

The biggest improvement, however, was when I decided to add piping to the top pillows on my bed. I would have removed the pad.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

But my pillow is firmly attached to the sofa. Once these cushions were attached to the couch, it became a tricky part to sew.

As you approach the corner of the fabric, be sure to sew 1/2 inch away from the edges.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Diy Couch Slipcover From Sheets

Also, put the right side of the fabric on the sofa – you will screw everything from the inside.

But we won’t skip it because you’re probably wondering how to determine your fabric size. Unlike cushions, or if you’re reupholstering a chair, you can use old pieces of fabric as a template. When making a custom slipcover, you need to determine the exact size of the sofa you have.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

To join the panels, pin the fabric and mark the place where you need to sew the pieces, see the picture below as an example.

Parsons Chair Slipcover Tutorial

One thing I will do next time to make the cape more professional is to add piping to the arms. Instead, I pinned the fabric and traced along the arm line.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Before adding an edge to the cape, you need to sew the back of the cape. You will need to add velcro to securely attach the cover to the couch.

I cut two pieces of fabric to 4″ x 13″ and cut 2 pieces of Velcro to 11-1/2. You will have four sets for each side of the couch.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Buy Luxurlife Super Stretch Sofa Covers Stylish Couch Covers For 3 Cushion Couch Upgraded Modern Sofa Slipcover For Dogs Pets Non Slip Furniture Protector With Elastic Bottom (large, Gray) Online At Lowest

Fold the fabric pieces in half and tape the top and bottom edges 1/2 inch. Then cut the corner to the side of the curved edge – this will give the fabric an embroidery after you turn it over.

Place the Velcro fabric 1/2 inch below where you started the stitch and pin in place.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

(Make sure you pin the side piece and not the back piece of fabric)

How To Make A Pillow Slipcover

To roll the edges of the cap, measure from the floor and nail it in place. Finish with a back stitch.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

We really enjoyed our new couch. I still wish I could add piping to my arms. And since my couch is leather underneath, I found the cover to be a bit slippery.

I plan to add some accent pillows to brighten up the space and our beloved throw couch doesn’t know how close it is to the couch! This post may contain affiliate links, which will give me a small percentage of sales at no cost to you.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Making A Slipcover

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. We’ve had extremely hot weather, and that always does the trick. Of course it’s raining like crazy today. I don’t envy today’s elementary school teachers. A room full of children loved sugar and a climate that did not allow them to rest. A sure recipe for headaches and frayed nerves. Phew!

Now that Halloween is over, I’m ready to move on to other non-holiday projects. I know he has a small window before Christmas. HAHAHA!

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

I have a brown leather couch in my living room. I love to decorate with pillows. Here are some of my favorites:

Classic Slipcovers Or Furniture Upholstery?

The problem I have is when I change pillows I need a place to store the old ones. And I’m running out of storage space! So I decided it was time to make throws instead of stuffed pillows. Now I can easily change the covers. They take up much less space. Wow!

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

If you have the same problem at home, I wrote a pillow cover tutorial. At the end of the post I have included fabric cutting sizes for the most common pillows. I used canvas fabric to make my slides because I wanted to add other embellishments to them. But if you use decorative fabric, your pillow doesn’t need anything extra.

You need to wrap one long side of each piece. Fold the edge in 1/2 inch and iron.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Diy Ottoman Slip Cover

Now sew the side next to the inside folded edge. Repeat with the other piece of fabric. Someone might have been in a hurry and forgot to take a picture of this step. Ouch!

Now it’s time to sew everything up. Place the large cloth on your table. Take one of the narrow pieces and line up the left side of the bottom fabric, right sides together. If your fabric doesn’t have a right/back side, just make sure the soft side of the hem is facing down.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Take the other narrow piece and lay it on the right side of the bottom fabric. Again, make sure the smooth side of the tip is facing down. The two pieces overlap by about 3 inches.

Easy One Piece Ottoman Slip Cover

Now combine them all together. I like to put pins right on the edge so it doesn’t move.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Sew about 1/2 inch from the edge. I did a straight stitch and then a zigzag stitch to make sure the stitches were strong. )

Turn it right side out and place it on your pillow. This is what it looks like on the back. See how those edges cover the shape of the pillow? Wow!

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

S Stylish Separates Pattern Vogue Easy To Make Loose Beach Coat Cover Up, Elegant Stole With Pocket, Poncho With Pockets One Size Vintage Sewing Pattern

Flip it over and you have a pillow ready to decorate. (Of course, for some projects it’s easier to decorate the cover before putting it on the pillow.)

In the year It is for the upcoming Creative Carousel, which will be released on November 7th. I can’t wait to show you!!

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Cut the large piece about 1/2 inch larger than the pillow shape. Example. 16″ 16 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ pillow shaped piece.

Back Cushion Slipcover Designs + Sewing Tutorials

To get the width, you need to cut small pieces, divide the total length in half and add three centimeters. (16 ÷ 2 +3 = 11) This awesome DIY sectional slipcover also works for a standard couch. It’s a simple and affordable coverage option.

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

I have an antique style sofa in the main room. It’s in good shape, but lately I’ve been loving a brighter, simpler look and trying to update the space. A beautiful cream sofa theme is often the main focal point in spaces that inspire me.

I knew it would be a challenge to create the look I wanted with the dark brown part, so the cover idea seemed simple enough. After ordering several, it was clear that finding the right fit was difficult and expensive. Then hit me, throw away the cloth! I have

How To Make A Loose Cover For An Armchair

Microfiber Dark Brown Chocolate Quilted Sofa Cover

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