How To Make Simple Chair Covers

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How To Make Simple Chair Covers – It snowed this morning, so I had to cancel my appointment with a client, but I got to eat frosting and make chair covers out of my owl pajamas. It’s grrrreat (by Tony the Tiger)!!!

I wasn’t planning on doing a DIY project, but when I found some leftover Thomas Paul fabric in my office, a light bulb went on (bing!). I had 2 parson chairs that I was going to professionally hide, but as I took the remaining pieces and looked out the window at the snow, I decided to see if I could have fun making them myself. I have never done this before.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

IMPORTANT TO KNOW – I don’t know how to use a sewing machine (this is one of my goals for 2011). This is a very ‘creative’ project (say as John Wayne did). I just use what I have at home. I wrote it below. If you’re ready, give it a try! There are a million different ways to do this, I’m sure, but here’s how I did it:

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Place the cloth on the chair. Play with the fabric to find the best way to work. Use safety pins to secure it in place for better handling.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Mine works best by cutting it into two pieces, one as a seat to fold, leaving the legs exposed; and another to draw the front and back of the back, leaving the sides open because I didn’t have enough fabric to cover them.

Cut the fabric to include an extra four inches (or a little less if you don’t have enough fabric) on all sides (as pictured above). I needed an extra inch to fold the sides of the seat back fabric (step three), glue the back and seat fabric together and to the seat (step four), and nail to the bottom of the seat (step five).

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Stretch Morgan Chair Slipcover

No fabric (I like to sing a Roxette song while I do it – try “oooh, a little danger”).

Using the fabric that will be on the back of the seat (not the seat fabric), you want to hide the cut edges on the sides of the seat by folding it over. I put the fabric with the patterned side down and using the extra four inches (or less if I don’t have enough fabric), fold the ends, iron with a magic stitch so that it folds over. Make sure with the edges folded in, the fabric still covers the width of the end of the chair so it looks like above.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

I put the seat cloth and the seat cloth back on the seat. I used a magic stitch to attach the seat fabric to the back fabric; Then, to hide the seam, I sewed the bottom of the seat as shown above. Chair Cover Dining Room Chair Covers Set Of 6 Easy Fitted Dining Chair Cover Slipcovers With Skirt And Tablecloth Removable Washable Anti Dirty Furniture Protector For Home Cseremony Banquet Party Din :

Lay the chair on its back and start pulling the fabric off the chair well, hammering small nails into the bottom of the chair (a staple gun works too). At the corners, pull and fold the fabric as if you were wrapping a gift. * I found that standing on the chair kept the pegs straight while I hammered them.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

On the back of the chair, I ran a line of fabric glue along the side to attach to the chair. Instead of fabric glue, you can use nail heads (like the front in step seven).

Turn the front of the chair towards you. Insert the nail head into the front of the back of the chair (you can also use it on the back instead of the fabric glue in step six). I spaced them 3″, but use more if you like the look of the nail heads.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

How To Sew Chair Pockets For A Classroom!

There are many variations you can make for this project. You can use velcro to hold the fabric underneath, you don’t need nails, you can use ties on the sides so it slides on and off, etc.

P.s. – I hope my steps are clear because I don’t have much time to write them. My daughter came home early because of the snow.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

I’m working on another shepherd’s chair that I used using another Thomas Paul heirloom. I love the way it looks on my kitchen table. Can’t wait to see what the other one is like!!

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If you try this project or do something similar, please let me know and I’ll send you your pictures.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Chair cover design by Shoshana DIY smooth DIY project nailhead parson chair slide cover slipper stitch magic thomas paul Upholsterer chai upholstery There’s no need to call an upholsterer if you want to change the color or pattern on your restaurant chairs or stools every now and then. See how to make your own pattern to create an easy chair cover.

Do you have furniture in your home that you really like but just needs a little updating? I do this because I’m a fan of garage sales, estate sales and generally anything with a bit of history (and a low price tag).

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Yvonne Damask Jacquard Dining Chair Slipcovers

I found these cute little chairs on Craigslist a few years ago and fell in love as soon as I sat in one of them. This is probably the most comfortable seat I have ever owned. I also love the unusual rose pattern, even though it doesn’t match any of my decor.

Fast forward a few years and while I still love the chair’s original upholstery, I can no longer deny that it needs a little updating to fit the rest of my living room.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

(That’s because my good friend and eagle-eyed designer, Jana, always tells me when she comes over.)

Diy Dining Chair Slipcovers

I reluctantly agreed and we put our awkward heads together and made a plan. I don’t just want to start gluing new fabric to the seat (my usual methods include staples or hot glue) because one day I might want to use it again in its original state.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

So I decided to make a simple cover for them, which turned out to be easier than I expected.

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How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Recycled Denim Kid’s Chair Covers

This project went easily because my chair has a classic L shape. The L shape works well for parson style dining chairs. If you have a different style that you’re trying to update, you can still use this step, but the measurements may not be as easy.

Also, if you’re looking for custom skins that you don’t have to make yourself, try this shop: August Blues (not an affiliate link, I really like their stuff.)

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Keep in mind that if your fabric has a large pattern (called “repeat” in design parlance), you need to match the threads as much as possible; therefore, you may need to purchase more fabric to cover the pattern. around

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I measured from the bottom behind the seat up and around and down to the front. Then I measured the “L” pieces on each side. So I had to figure out how to gather all these pieces into one piece of fabric.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Then you need to choose the fabric. You can use almost anything, but I chose heavy upholstery fabrics because I wanted them to hold their shape and hold up to wear and tear from kids and dogs. Not to mention my rabbit guest.

When choosing fabric, take a spool of matching thread. (Use heavy duty if using fabric for upholstery.)

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Luvodi Stretch Chair Cover & Reviews

Then create your pattern. This doesn’t have to be technical or scary. It’s just a way to get your measurements on your fabric. Mark your measurements on the back of the fabric with a pencil or chalk.

Be sure to line up any lines and designs on your fabric that you want to meet at the seams. My fabric only had a subtle print, not that I chose it, but it turned out to be easier to work with. The result!

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Remember to leave a few inches under the seat so you can wrap the whole piece.

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Now cut your pieces. When cutting out your pattern, be sure to leave about an inch around the edges for seam allowance. (This is the edge that holds it in place and prevents the seam from unraveling.)

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Now place the fabric face down on the chair. Use straight pins to fasten the fabric pieces to the edge of the seat. Keep your pegs as close to the seat as possible to get a good fit, and use lots of pegs (every few inches).

Use your sewing machine to sew across the lines you made with the pins, removing each pin as you go. Don’t worry about the bottom edge yet.

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

Tullsta Chair Cover, Nordvalla Medium Gray

Now try to put the cover on your seat. If there are any areas that feel too tight or too loose, you will need to re-stitch them. It sounds annoying, but it’s actually not a bad thing.

Once your cover fits perfectly, you

How To Make Simple Chair Covers

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