How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

Kenny Moralez December 14, 2022

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How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro – I’m throwing my daughter a Frozen birthday party. She DRAPPED SUGGESTIONS so I could make a dessert/candy table!!!! I wanted to keep the color palette used from Frozen, while also giving the table a quirky yet feminine feel. I love tulle and was thinking of making a sheer tulle and table top that would give the effect I wanted. I found a sewing-free way to create this look, and you can too!

1. Measure the circumference of your desk, cut a piece of elastic about 6 inches around the table, and glue the ends to the floor.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

2. Measure the length from the table top to the floor, double the length and add 5 inches. My table is 35 inches, so I cut 75 inches

Snap Drape® Clear Plastic 1

5. Gather a piece of tulle in the center, then place the loop behind the elastic. Then take the long tail and go through the ring. Leave 3 inches on each side of your elastic.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

6. Once all the tulle is on the elastic, place a sheet of fabric on your desk and a weight in the middle to hold everything in place. (I used wool as the tablecloth because I wanted to simulate the snow, which will make sense when I’m done.)

7. Take one end of the elastic and attach it to the end of your desk corner

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro Tablelinensforless Table Skirting Clips For 0.75

8. Take a square strip of tape and wrap it around the table and attach one end to the tablecloth, the other end to the knot on the back of the fabric, and Velcro to each third knot.

9. For more color, you can tie a knot. I could do that, but I like the way the knots look. I’ll decide as soon as the party approaches. Therefore, I had to solve the problem myself. I can not take it anymore. My poor school has old furniture. I’ve been slowly replacing it, but I still have these old tables lying around and they’re an eyesore.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

Another problem. . . savings Under the table are all my sensory bags.

Eider & Ivory™ Falkner Rectangular Table Skirt

I had to hide this mess. It sucks when you know it’s there. I don’t want others to see it. A table top would work, but I wanted something “sewnless” and easy. It’s not like I have a sewing machine in my basement to collect dust. . . Yes, I have two. But I wanted something a little different. I thought you could use one of these, so I went ahead and made this “table dress tutorial” to help you out.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

Before I begin, I must say that I have no intention of getting married. I don’t know who to trust because there are so many covers and covers knotted all over Pinterest and the blogging world, but I wanted to post this so no one would think I made it up. This one took forever, but here’s my version in my classroom to use as a desk skirt.

Before you start, you’ll want to take measurements from the skirting board you’re planning. This table is 24 inches high and 48 inches wide. I don’t plan to cover the entire table, so when I roll them, I just need enough material to cover the front and a few inches on each side. It doesn’t really make sense since no one can see the sides or the back.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro Ultimate Textile 14 Ft. Shirred Pleat Polyester Table Skirt Gold

For this board, I took about 65 2-inch strips, each measuring 48 inches. If you’re not a tailor and don’t know that the material is 45 inches wide, that means you only need 4 yards of material. You can take one color from 4 yards or you can split it into three different colors. However, you should have at least 48 inches (or 1.3 yards) per piece. I knew I was going to be making a few more pieces of furniture, so I used patterns and the like.

Cut your material into 48-inch lengths then into 2-inch strips. (The straps in this photo are a bit shorter because I’m making the frill, so I hope that doesn’t confuse you.) Don’t worry about being perfect. The beauty of this dress is that it is very forgiving. It doesn’t have to be perfect and no one knows. I even cut the ribbon for my boys. Even if you only see 2 inches, you should be fine.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

After cutting all the fabric, the rest of the skirt will go by very quickly. You tend to get up to speed, but this is one of those projects that you can work on for a while and come back to without a problem.

Snap Drape Bv Table Skirting Clip

To adjust yourself, take the ribbon and knot the ends. Then cut your strip between the two seats. You tie the fabric to the ribbon.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

First, you want to spread the fabric so that the loop is on the back of the ribbon.

Then, pull the end of the fabric closer to you and bring it back below the ribbon and thread it through the loop.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

Tutu Table Skirt For Rectangle Or Round Table Rainbow Chiffon Table Skirting For

. . . When they are as thick as the bottom, they form a small knot that looks like a tie.

Now, take the end and tie the knot tighter (but not too tight). . .

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

. . . as follows. You should try to make all your knots the same size and tight so that your hem is the same.

Bluekate Silver Gray Table Skirt With Double Layer Organza And Two Tri

Then you will have a long tie like above. Now the trick is to attach it to your desk. I have to think for a bit. I have tried two different methods.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

First, I used one of the giant staplers available at hardware stores. Husband is sleeping alone, I take it home to try.

It works great, but because my hands are small I have to use a lot of force to squeeze it, so I have a hard time controlling it. (I think I need some fine motor exercises to build muscle!) Then I remembered my dad had an electric stapler. This is what I used in THIS tutorial to upholster and restore my office chair.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

Velcro Strip Sticky Adhesive Reusable For Bluekate Tulle Tutu

Now that’s easy. I can easily control the position of the stapler, just press a button and BAM! They do not play on the hardwood of the table. I just threaded the ribbon between the two knots and moved the knots through the pin to hide them. violin. Now, I have tried using a glue gun and I believe it can stick the tape. I’m not sure how the smaller bodies would behave if they were drawn randomly. I knew the dress wasn’t going anywhere with the studs.

As you can guess. I didn’t stop because I was clearing the table in the classroom. Loving this little knotted hut made me close my closet (which used a pressure bar) and cover up my mess once again. . .

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

You can clearly see that there is nothing perfect about these pieces, which is why I love them. No stress or pressure. . . just beautiful! I still have a big project I want to work on, but I’ll wait until it’s done to show you. I hope you will try to cover one of your tables. Drop me a note and let me know what you think. If you think you might be interested in covering your study desk, share this post with your friends. Would love to hear how it all goes. If you have any questions, you can ask me. For each table, make a cute miniature dress with some fabric and a small stretch bar.

Ultimate Guide To Table Skirt Clips & Table Skirting

I must say that the small canvas made a big difference to the look of the table and the room.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

It’s easy, anyone with or without sewing skills can tackle this job in no time.

This is a very old Ikea model that my husband and I drew years ago.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

Spandex Pleated Table Skirt, Semi Sheer

I showed my living room with curtains and Christmas mail, but never showed my desk because I wasn’t happy with that corner of the room.

My feet are 20 inches apart and I add 12 inches.

How To Make A Table Skirt With Velcro

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