How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair – This primitive macrame hanging chair is perfect for your backyard or wherever you want to kick your feet up and relax.

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How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

Would you believe this is the first macrame project I’ve ever done?! This is what got me hooked on macrame because it was really easy to make.

Indoor Macrame Hammock Swing Chair

I would recommend starting with a large set frame like this one from Amazon. There are other options on Amazon, but they are smaller. If you’re a young adult or if it’s for your pet, go for it!

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

Good quality macrame cord can be hard to find locally, so I recommend ordering online at Amazon or Etsy.

1. Optional: prepare the seat frame if necessary. Start by removing any chipped paint and sanding it down. Spray paint and primer in one.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

Anyone Know Where I Can Find The Metal Rings For This Chair? Or… Any Ideas On How To Make A Durable Set?

2. To make the macrame hammock, cut 16 pieces of cord to 16-foot lengths. You fold the cord in half and tie it off, reducing the length.

3. Using a double pole, make a loop at the top of the chair frame, pulling the ends through the loop and securing. Continue looping all the cords around the frame.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

4. To create the pattern, use a square macramé knot. On the first pair of cords (4 strands), pass the left rod through the middle and under the right shaft. Hold it in place with your finger.

Clihome Hammock Swing Chair Beige Rope Hammock In The Hammocks Department At Lowes.com

5. Now you do the other side. Take the right stick and bend it under the two middle poles and through the hole over the left grid.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

6. To complete the knot, repeat steps 7 and 8 in reverse order. Pass the right cord over the middle cord and under the left cord. Take the left rod and bend it under the middle cords, through the shaft and over the right rod. Tighten the knot. So end the series.

7. In the next row, start a square knot with the third cord. Use two stitches from the first group and two adjacent stitches from the next group to make your next square knot.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

Our New Hanging Macrame Hammock Chair

8. Go all the way through. When you are finished with the macrame hammock, tie it twice around the base frame of the chair. Cut the extra rope.

9. With an extra piece of wire, gather all the hanging pieces of wire and tie them together. Have fun with your new chair!

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

Wouldn’t it be great for comfortable patio furniture on your patio or balcony? Let me know what you think below and if you want to try it. This chair was not the easiest DIY for me. It’s just that there was no tutorial anywhere to follow, which meant a lot of trial and error, which is always difficult. I took over the chair after Mallory and was selected to participate in the Star with Creation competition 2014. We were excited but nervous. The first round was an obstacle course and with the help and guidance of our amazing star, Mandi, from Vintage Revivals. We were delighted to work with Mandi. She has been one of our all time favorite bloggers and we were blown away when we first spoke to her. Anyway, after searching all over the internet, we decided to pick up this chair from Urban Outfitters. Macramé is big right now and I was totally up for the challenge of making this DIY Hanging Macramé chair. To start the chair I used this chair from Target. I sprayed it with white paint and had to cut the legs off. I thought they would follow the screws but I was wrong so with a small saw I cut the tabs that removed the circle part from the chair legs.

Macrame Swing, Macrame Hammock Chair, Macrame Round Swing With Cushion

The clothesline I used for this project was from Home Depot and I used over 8 bundles of this rope. I believe I used 8-9 foot packs, 200 and another 100 foot pack. This amount also includes the rope I hung the chair from which is also braided. It’s a big chair and a lot of rope was used to make it. The main thing I would say is to make sure you have enough rope and that the rope is long enough. I started by cutting a length of 60, 10-feet of rope, it was not enough. I lost count after a while, but I believe I used about 400 feet of string for just the walls of the chair. But before you cut it, use regular tape and wrap it around the rope and cut the tape so the rope doesn’t break.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

I started by knotting a basic square around the circle. I then made alternating square knots around the entire chair. I started on the left and worked my way up.

At that time I felt very excited and hopeful that I could pull this chair. After a few hours I started getting closer to the seat of the chair and this is where my first trial and error happened. This failed when I continued on my way to the seat with the same knot.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

Macrame Baby Swing Chair

After thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that I needed a second circle, but I also needed to lighten it up a bit. So I used a small hula hoop and after spraying it white I placed it where the chair would go and made sure it would fit.

After making sure the hoop would fit, I took it out and made the chair a completely separate piece. To make the chair I used a piece of poster board and attached a piece of wire to it. The only reason I did this is because I just wanted to make a straight piece the size of the chair and then be able to attach it with a loop. The poster board helped.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

To make the chair I just used the rope on the poster board to keep the shape I wanted. I made yet another square knot. I opened the buttons on the chair a bit more because I wanted to give the chair a different look. After I finished the chair I attached the sides of the chair by making a basic knot around the small hula hoop, then I made another basic knot to attach the chair to the hula hoop.

Beautiful Diy Handcrafted Cotton Macrame Swinging Chairs For Kids Made In Vietnam

After the chair and walls were attached to the hula hoop, I tied the tails of the walls and the front tails of the seat together to give me a little extra support. Tails had to be cut. Just like when I was cutting rope for a chair, I had to tape each piece before cutting.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

I made a simple braid for the ropes holding the chair and using a piece of wood from around the house I cut 4 pieces of the same length and drilled holes where the rope would go. The hardest part was getting it level and tied evenly around the wood.

This chair is very functional. But I would say it’s not that hard and it can be fun. It just takes time. Hope you learn from my mistakes. It’s hard, but once you start connecting it’s easier than it looks. I watched several videos and watched many tutorials before starting this project, but stop reading all that stuff and just start tying knots! It makes a lot more sense when you get started.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

Ft. Deluxe Macrame Hammock Chair In White Macrame

I want you to know before sitting in this chair, it took me about 40 hours, but that’s with my various trials and errors. Email me if you have any questions! I had so much in this project, don’t be afraid to ask.

If you love the look of macrame but don’t want to make this chair, check out the gorgeous Mallory planter that Mallory made while we were working on the last and latest round of Creating with the Stars. We know you love our summer DIY macrame web and video hack (here’s the link, of course!) and we decided to make a really cool macrame project! This time we will be making this beautiful macrame hanging chair. We took some of our inspiration from a blog post by Angie (linked here), but these knots are very standard macrame techniques! Okay, let’s get started.

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

Start by taking your dolls 1 ¼ and cut them into 30-inch pieces. Cut your 5/8 inch dough into 36 inch pieces. You can use a circular saw or a handsaw for this.

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Then take two of them

How To Make A Macrame Hammock Chair

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