How To Make Concrete Dining Table

How To Make Concrete Dining Table – Today, I’m going to show you how we made this Living Edge wood and concrete table! I learned a lot while doing it, so as always, I’m sharing the pros, cons, and mistakes. I love how unique each concrete and wood table is and can’t wait to see what you create!

I have had these live edge mesquite wood slabs for years. Seriously, he did a two-step with us. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, so when we were looking for a dining table, I decided to try my hand at making a table top out of concrete.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

I started sawing again so that the edges of the river table mirrored each other. By doing this, we create two straight edges and two vertical edges. The straight edge is the outer edge of the table top and the straight edge forms a “river” in the middle.

Geometric Dining Table Build “concrete”

If you have some leftover pieces of live edge wood, try your hand at making a live edge charcuterie board!

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

This left a small space for the concrete in the middle of our table. I remembered we had another piece of mesquite wood to help fill in the middle! The piece fits perfectly and I love how it makes the wood and concrete table really stand out.

Then I sanded the wooden surface and put the finish, but if I could do it again, I would do it after pouring the concrete. We had to grind the concrete down, which would ruin the finish on the wood (more on that later).

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

How To Make A Diy Concrete And Wood Dining Table Top

I made the base out of a 4×4, slightly modified from this plan. If I could do it over again, I would run this board through my painter to make the base look cleaner and more professional. I used my miter saw to make all the pieces. Tip: For a beginner’s guide on how to use your miter saw, check out this article!

The stain I used was county. And I bought this caster. Because it is so heavy, casters are a must.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

The form is made of melamine board so that the concrete does not stick to it. Be sure to seal the edges of the form with silicone to ensure there are no leaks when you pour the concrete.

Wave Concrete Round Dining Table

To add stability to the concrete, I drilled horizontal holes in the sheet to fit the rebar. This will prevent the concrete on your table from cracking over time. Find a beginner’s guide to using Digg here.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

I also recommend running your tiles in a grinder to make sure the edges of the concrete and wood are smooth. When we poured the concrete, the wood was not completely flat, so there were ridges on the edges of the concrete, which required grinding the concrete. It destroys the finish on the wood, so why do I finish after pouring the wood.

The concrete we use is Butterfield brand concrete. It’s much sturdier and actually counter grade than the basic stuff you buy at big box stores. I finished the finished product by Butterfield.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

Concrete Dining Table By Saporiti 1970s Vintage Concrete

After everything dried, we had to do a ton of sanding/grinding to wash it all off.

Getting in is a tough challenge. My husband invited some friends over to watch the tournament and they were all like, “Oh, while you’re here, can you help us move this??” It takes 8 people and it’s hard to describe exactly how hard it is. We joke that it stays with the house forever…if we ever sell our house, we sign a contract to move it home!

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

Tip: If you’re building a new home, check out this article on how long it takes to prepare concrete!

Oval Zig Zag Concrete Dining Table

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you shop through my links at no additional cost. Please read the full disclosure for more information. I recently needed to replace my breakfast table, and I was doing a little online shopping when I came across this amazing cement table. The price tag was out of my budget, but I knew right away that it was exactly what I wanted for my space! Here’s what I found:

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

So I started browsing the Facebook Marketplace… and lo and behold, I found it. My dream desk! For $20 I am the proud owner of this beauty:

It’s not my dream desk at this stage… but it definitely will be when I’m done!! Here’s how I converted it with a few tools and a few thin coats of cement!

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

Four Hands Parra Dining Table

2. Next I mixed my cement according to the instructions on the package. Then take the bottle and start covering the table with a thin coat of cement. Here’s the key! Take your time and compare them. Here’s what my first coat looked like:

3. Give your cement some time to dry and continue applying thin layers until you have completely covered your entire table and no spots are visible. Be sure to sand any high spots so that each layer is smooth between layers. My table took 3 layers of cement. After you finish coating and sanding, allow the cement to fully cure according to package instructions.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

4. Finally, you should use a suitable sealer for cement in satin or sticky form. Apply according to package directions and allow to cure completely before use. Here is our full table!

Live Edge Hardwood Timber And Concrete Dining Table With

That’s it! This cement product makes it very easy to transform a table made of any material into a modern, modern cement table. Tag us if you do a project like this, we’d love to see what you come up with!!Hello again! I’m excited to share the second part of this geometric furniture collection! If you missed the first in the series, The Geometric Bookshelf, you can go back and check it out here. Sarah from Haunted House never ceases to amaze me with her crazy crafting skills! Get the plans below and visit the home Sarah created to see the process of making this DIY concrete and wood dining table.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

Like the connector on this tabletop, it’s best to “finish grain size” with a solid connector. To do this, mix wood glue with water in a ratio of 50:50 and apply this mixture to the end grain. After the last grain has dried, you can connect the edges by applying strong glue. It helps build strong joints.

Sarah is working on a separate post on how she made a concrete table top, but in the meantime, my friend DIY Pete has an in-depth and informative video tutorial on how to make a concrete table top here.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

M 12 Seater Real Concrete Dining Table With Steel Base.

This concrete table top is very heavy (over 400 pounds!), so be sure to get help lifting the table top up onto the base. Stay tuned for the final two installments of this geometric collection – we’ll be sharing coffee and side table matching next week! Share everything about how to make a DIY concrete dining table and learn from our mistakes!

When we remodeled our kitchen last year, our little breakfast nook was part of the entire remodeling plan. When we expanded the kitchen, we moved the formal dining room, so we were left with a kitchen island bar stool and a breakfast nook.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

The breakfast corner available is very small. Difficult to fit more than one table for 4 people, it was tight at the time. We are adding a coffee bar area with a pantry cabinet in that area so we also need room to pass the desk.

Diy Dining Table: Concrete & Wood

So, it makes sense to build banquette seating here to make the most of our space! Built in beach seating allowed us to move the tables to create a walkway leading to the coffee bar. It also allows for setting up a large table with plenty of seating.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

However, since we built banquette seating into the existing space, it required a custom table size. A concrete table felt like the perfect solution because we could make the exact size we wanted!

Another reason concrete looks perfect is because it adds another texture to the space. We have a lot of wood around us, built-in benches, floors, cabinets… so dark concrete adds just the right amount of contrast.

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

Sofia Dining Table

If you want to make your own concrete dining table, I highly recommend ordering the supplies listed below from Concrete Savings Solutions! They have a lot of useful tools and their mixers and printers are top quality!

They also have a very detailed video tutorial showing the entire process. It’s a way to make a concrete table, but more

How To Make Concrete Dining Table

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