How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner – I'm in what I would probably call the “sandwich generation” demographic, where I have young adult children helping us get a start in the world, but I also have parents who are starting to get a little older.

While my parents are still active and very good at doing their own thing, they're starting to find that doing some things isn't as easy as it used to be (honestly, so am I after redoing the floors in my house). A few months ago at home, my knee was not very happy with me for a few weeks).

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

Recently, my father said that it was difficult for him to get up from his favorite chair. After a while, we decided that if the chair was a few inches higher, he would be able to stand up more easily.

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There are now chairs that have lifting mechanisms that help you get out of the chair, but why spend over a thousand dollars on something like that when you have a great chair in your living room?

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

After a while, we decided that we should make a platform for the chair to sit on. So before we left the workshop, we decided that I would give my dad the dimensions for the chair base and start when I got back.

When I came back the next day, even though I got the measurements, the parents also informed me that they had gone ahead and built their platform.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

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My family comes from a traditional farming background where operations are the main focus. Aesthetics are very low on the priority list. Looking at their masterful work, it was indeed a very strong and very functional platform, but design-wise I think you could define it as “rustic”.

They liked the suggestion that I might try to clean up their design a bit, although I should be a little careful about how I criticize their craft.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

The good thing about this platform is that I have a very usable prototype that gave me the dimensions and height I needed.

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My goal was to recreate the platform's functional design, but make it very easy to build and still look attractive.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

The inner rectangle will be the functional base on which the chair sits, while the other rectangle will serve as the decorative shell of the platform.

Although most chairs look the same size at first glance, there are actually quite large differences in the “footprint” (the part of the chair that touches the floor) between different chair models.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

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For this reason, the platform fits the chair (“one size does not fit”).

The first thing to do before you start building is to turn the chair you are building the platform over and measure the width of the chair's legs, both the front and back of the chair, and the length of its leg. the legs

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

These measurements will serve as the dimensions needed to create the inner square of the platform.

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Based on the prototype my parents made, it was determined that the platform needed to raise the chair about 3.5 inches off the floor.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

Once I had the dimensions of the chair, it was time to cut the wooden parts of the platform.

For this build, I bulked up 3/4″ plywood I had on hand and 4″ X 4″ pieces of pine salvaged from some pallets I had on hand.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

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First, I cut four 4-foot-long plywood strips 4.5 inches wide to serve as the outer shell of the platform.

Next, I took two 4″ X 4″ posts and planed them about 3.5 inches wide on each side. Measuring the length of the chair leg I cut the wood to that length

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

Next, I planned two 3-foot-long pine 1 x 4s (I removed them from the pallet) and cut them 3.5 inches wide.

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Using the maximum width I got for the front and back of the chair (they're usually the same width, but sometimes the front can be a little narrower than the back), I cut the pine boards to that length.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

After cutting the inside frame pieces, I then applied wood glue to the ends of the 1 X 4 pines and attached them to the ends of the 4 X 4 pines to assemble the frame.

I then nailed 2 inch nails into the ends to secure the boards to the 4 X 4's.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

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After that, measure the length of the inside frame and cut the two plywood boards that I cut earlier to that length.

I then glued and attached the plywood to the outside of the 4 X 4 pine pieces. Again, to make sure everything is secure, I nailed 2 inches into the plywood.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

Finally, I measured the width of the platform (which will be the width of the inside frame and the 2 plywood sides I just attached) and cut 2 more plywood boards to that length.

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This effectively completed the platform build. To finish it off, I used some iron trim strips to cover the edges of the plywood to give the platform a solid wood look.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

After applying a veneer, all it needed was a light sanding and some varnish and the platform was ready for use.

The chair is placed over the inner frame of the platform. The plywood sides of the platform support an inch around the bottom of the chair, preventing the chair from sliding off the platform without interfering with its function.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

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I've made two of these platforms so far, one for my parents, and were delighted with how easy it is for them to get out of the chair now. When designing a home theater space for your home, it is important to maximize the viewing area to ensure that viewers have an enjoyable experience. If you're designing your home theater for yourself, you'll have no problem getting exactly what you want. However, if you add extra rows of home theater seats because you have a large family or often invite friends over, you need to optimize the viewing experience for everyone.

A home theater mat plays a key role in a home theater setup to ensure an enjoyable movie experience for all viewers. When determining the height of the rise, attention should be paid to various aspects such as the structure and the number of rows.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

Some of the top home theater improvement questions we answered in this article are:

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A home theater lift is an elevated platform for your cinema seats designed for unobstructed viewing of the screen. Basically, it helps you create more than one back row of home theater seats. Ready-made home theater elevators are available in a variety of sizes, and you can build your own to suit your needs.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

You wouldn't go to the theater if the seat wasn't positioned so you could see the screen, right? The same goes for sitting in a home theater.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using home theater risers is that they allow you to use vertical space. As we'll see later when we look at layouts, if you want six seats in your home theater but only fit three rows, risers can help.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

Cheap Diy Home Theater Room: How To Build On A Budget

We must appreciate that not only do we look for functionality from our home theater amplifiers, but we also want aesthetic benefits. The appearance of your elevators is especially important if your room is not only a home theater, but also has a bar, pool table, or other features that make you want to spend more time there. You don't want to turn off the TV and stare at an ugly stick with lights on, right?

If you like DIY, you will enjoy building your own home theater stand. The most important thing you need to consider when building a climbing platform is the height of the platform.

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

In general, standard home theater riser height is 12 inches or 1 foot per row. However, it may vary depending on various factors. Let's see what factors affect the height of your theater.

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One of the first things you should consider

How To Build A Riser For A Recliner

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