How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table – I believe in using what I have. Why change something if you can fix it? The idea of ​​”fixing” our current kitchen table has been in my head for at least a year.

When we moved into this house about five years ago, we bought the table at a local store. We had enough furniture to fill a house that was twice the size of our previous house, and I was working on a tight budget. Actually, let’s be honest, I always work on a tight budget!

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

Long story short, the credit card used multiple times a day didn’t catch on like we thought it would. I was always drawing on the table, which took the effect of abuse. This abuse and general wear and tear on a cheap table in our kitchen is quite uncomfortable.

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I am so excited to share with you this wooden table that my husband and I want to cover the wonderful tabletop we currently have. The top can create a beautiful place for our daily meals and create a work surface that resists clutter.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

Before I start, I want to show you how the table looks. My daughter nailed a friend’s desk, spilled nail polish remover, and I tapped and pulled out things I can’t tell you about! The end was near, the carving was getting deeper and deeper, and everything seemed like a gate.

I started looking at garage sales for replacement and replacement tables. I was coming up empty handed or completely empty handed. I started thinking, why not use the table we already have and put keyboards on it? My engineer husband’s thinking is a little more serious than “slapping” a board on something, so he came up with an idea, tinkered with it a bit, and then tweaked it a bit at Home Depot. Because, my friends, that’s where adults go on dates.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

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Every table is different because it’s a different size, so I don’t want you to make one piece of material for this project because it might not fit on your table. You have to do your math. i am sorry.

We need a 1×2 frame to place the new table on top of the existing table. The 1x2s are one and a half inches wide, so adding two of them adds a total of three inches to the length and width. I added an extra 1/8″ to the length and width, so there is room under the table for easy opening and closing.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

Now that the tablet specifications are finalized, you need to choose which tablet to use. Since we didn’t have a saw, we kept the project simple and didn’t want to lengthen the board, so we put the measurements of the different boards into a calculator and found the perfect equation. We used seven 1×6 boards for the width and 1x8s for the two end caps. Remember, a 1×6 is not six inches wide, but five and a half and a 1×8 is seven and a quarter inches wide. When figuring out which board you need, remember that the nominal size is not the actual standard size of the board.

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We actually got good pine boards instead of pine boards because the boards are flat and easy to work with.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

Here is how the boards looked when we brought them to the table to model.

I got a lot of loot at the SNAP meeting in April. This Craig Jig Pocket Hole Kit was one of them. I have to say this is the only thing my husband is excited about! It was the best plan to continue the project.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

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Since I’ve been practicing with the Kreg Jig on the SNAP, I’ll have to show my husband how to use it.

Craig Jigg pulled the table from the bottom without showing us anything, which gave us a more professional look. You’ll make pocket holes for screws that make the textures look great!

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

By drilling a hole in the end of each board and then gluing the boards together at several edges, you eliminate the gaps and curves that wood naturally gives you.

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The holes in the ends of the boards were used to attach long boards to the end cap.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

After drilling the boards we brought everything in and worked on the top above the existing table. It’s just a perfectly flat surface of the right size. Guerilla wood glue was first applied to the end of the board, starting with the edge board and ending with the cap, securing both to the table.

Both end caps are attached to the first board, we move forward and continue our journey.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

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You will apply glue to three sides of each board that you assemble. Both ends and long edges meet the board.

On both sides of the board, holes are drilled to connect one board to another and screwed in place.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

Continue to glue the three corners and drill your boards into place, starting from the corner you started with. Looking down, the two panels on the right just allow the end cap to spread to the proper width.

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Once all of your panels are in place, you will install your trim. All you have to do is place your 1x2s to the edge of the table.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

Once your table is assembled, you take it down. My husband isn’t a big fan of the board and worries about the glass and plates being filled with the thick part of the board, so he went to town with the sandbox. You can further preserve the look of the board by lowering it slightly.

When the table was done, I removed the garage top and got the kids crazy with hammer and nails. Everyone was a bit confused as to why our new table was already upside down, as our old table already had dents and nail holes, but we deliberately took the risk because of the old furniture.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

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I tried Minwax at a SNAP session, loved the ease of use, and of course bought a quarter of it from Bombay Mahogany. Because Minwax Poly Shade combines the stain with polyurethane, you don’t need to apply a top coat of polyurethane to your entire project. Super easy!

However, I applied two coats to get the darker shade on the left. On the right, you can see how well one coat of Minwax covers. I could easily stop there!

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

I’m so excited to bring the table in! It easily fits into an existing table and looks a million times better.

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When it’s time to move or play, we lift the top of the table and put it to one side to turn the table upside down just like I like!

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

I love how this project came together. It definitely helps our kitchen feel more cohesive and less cluttered. While I’m still in the market for a seat replacement, everything works in the meantime.

Does your current desk need a facelift? Can you see yourself doing this? do it! You will be so glad you did! Remember when I found this $100 dinner table in a Facebook buy/sell/trade group a few months ago?

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

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It was in dire need of a paint job, and I was ready to sand it to reveal the fine wood grain hidden beneath the pale yellow paint. Does not include…

… not a good tree. It was really ugly MDF that was molded and not cleaned. A real “belly” is amazing. But I thought I was already in this mess. I will complete it as soon as possible so that we can tackle plan B.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

Hi! Welcome to Plan B. (By the way, don’t you love that Plan B is better than Plan A you imagined? Because it did.)

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Robert and I were looking at Mother White’s table setting plans.

How To Put A New Top On Existing Table

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