How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

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How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top – I had a customer who really liked the way we built a solid oak table recently. He saw one of our coffee tables on our website and liked the look of the wood top. The surface is made of oak, with continuous lamellae. The boards are wide enough that each person’s face can be easily seen.

After settling with the client on how it should look on the table, we agreed on a weight of 4 cm and I started work.

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

I had to drive several hours to buy good pieces of oak about 5 cm thick and 1.1 m long. I have to admit they’re half-assed, but that’s Oak’s way, so I can’t do anything about it. Because of the cracks, I had to buy more wood than I needed, just to make sure I didn’t have to drive 50 miles for a little bit.

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I sawed the board again, to make joint work easier and to save wear on the blade.

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

Then I moved on to the point where the biggest change happened: measuring all the boards on all four sides. As I planned, I placed them next to each other, until I reached the desired width of the table top, exactly 75 cm. Why 75 cm? Because the table top should be 70cm wide, but I added a safety margin so that I could make adjustments before gluing everything down.

We lay the boards side by side to check if there is enough width for the oak table

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

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I found that with the required boards in place, there were 2 pieces left for a total of 7, meaning I bought about 40% more. Anyway, it’s not bad, because I still have some things with oak.

We start fitting the boards, paying attention to the defects at the ends that are not allowed to be in the final table, and the details of each board so that the final appearance is as good as possible.

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

Matching oak boards are placed side by side to check the size of the wooden table floor

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After comparing the boards, I draw lines to guide me in cutting each board. I chose to cut it to 83 cm for a final length of 80 cm, to avoid the small errors at the end of the boards that are often caused by snipe planers. Unfortunately, the large plane is not fully adjusted and still leaves a small squeak in the first and last 5 cm. With a bit of luck, I saw a hidden crack in the boards and was able to put it back together before cutting the board. I erase the first pencil mark so there is no risk of a bad cut. Before I remove them from the table I use a saw, I take the time to outline each one, so that I can maintain the order and the chosen pattern.

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

After cutting off the broken or extreme ends, I had to do something I didn’t like, but I couldn’t do without: I had to prepare a planer so that I could fix the imperfect edges. It’s time to put all the boards in the same size. I made it 4.4cm thick to leave an edge to guide the panel after the glue dried.

I put everything back and check the possible space between the boards in the middle of the panel, if there is a bent board. It didn’t happen, but I saw a certain area at the end, namely convex curvature. I attach one end with a clamp and mark the distance on the other side of the panel. If there is 1 – 1.5 mm, this is not a problem, it can be fixed by tightening. But in one part, the distance was more than a few millimeters, so I had to make another one through the project.

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

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After all the necessary corrections, I thanked him for leaving the margins and proceeded to paste.

In this area of ​​the table, a clamping force of about 2150 kg (6 kg/sq cm, as described in the instructions for polyurethane glue) is required. I calculated a holding force of around 500kg, as I only have 4 clamps working, I decided it shouldn’t be a problem if the total capacity is around 2000kg as long as it’s a board. squeezed hard.

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

I spread the adhesive, using a trowel so that it covers the entire edge of each board (I forgot to take a photo at this point, but it’s clear it’s spread well by the way it drips down the sides) and attach the panels. and four lamps. In addition to this tool, I use a beach runner to adjust for height differences. At 11 am I tightened the last clamp and left the panel to sit until the next day because on the adhesive bottle it clearly says to avoid any machining for 8 hours after tightening.

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After several years of using this method, we designed and manufactured our custom 4-way panel clamp, reducing the time spent fixing and balancing oak panels. You can find the free plan in their exclusive post here.

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

New day, new step – super fun: turning a bunch of boards into a real table.

I removed the excess glue with a very sharp spatula (it cuts like a chisel) and did a few passes with an orbital sander using 50-grit sandpaper.

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

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The table top came out pretty good, except when I put my hand on it, it was uneven at some of the joint lines. So I took out the router and used a new repair jig I made recently. Although the pictures show a big difference between the cuts, they are very small and after one pass with 50 grit sandpaper, everything is as it should be.

The next step (I forgot to take a picture at this point) is to cut it to final size. I used a piece of melamine board with two straight edges, cut at 90 degrees, with a handheld circular saw.

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

I agreed with the client that the edges should be rounded and tucked under. In addition to aesthetic reasons, since this is a table, it is important that the edges are not sharp so that the finish lasts as long as possible. For rounding, I used a router with a round router bit and a bead, but for the rounded edges on the bottom, I had to use an vibration sander with 40 grit sandpaper on it (it works rough, but the textile supports it).

Solid Oak Dining / Kitchen Table 1 1/2

After finishing with the medium, 120 grit sandpaper, I moved on to fixing the knots and small cracks. I used homemade putty by mixing water varnish and sawdust left over from the first sanding. You may ask why I don’t use another board if the board I chose has cracks: because there are small surface cracks that don’t develop due to the temperature changes caused by sand transport. But the main reason is the fine grain of this board. Because of the high durability of the putty I used and the polyurethane finish, I’m sure nothing will happen. But, I told the customer that if something cracks over time, let me know and I will fix it immediately. (It’s been two years now, and the table top still looks in great shape, so I’m right about this breakdown).

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

I let the putty harden until the next day when I made minor corrections where needed (on one of the back ties, there was a very large amount of putty to add, some minor corrections were needed) .

The final finishing was followed with 180 grit fine sandpaper, which gave the surface of the table a perfect look, so I didn’t need to spray it again so as not to change its beauty. I don’t know how much you can see in the picture since the workshop is dusty, but it looks good:

How To Make A Solid Oak Table Top

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But the deal is the deal, I went to the spraying stage: I washed the gun with a little acetone (it’s called D1016, but it’s 99% acetone, and it smells bad, half a face mask is also good. ). Then I mixed polyurethane, hardener and thinner, a horrible and equally bad smelling ingredient called D1010. As it was nice outside, I removed the table from the balcony and sprayed it

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