How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

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How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood – Do you have basic woodworking tools and some planks? Join me in building this simple side table that fits perfectly in this family room space between sofa and armchair. Special thanks to Katie from Addicted2DIY for hosting today’s #5ToolChallenge. I teamed up with some other amazing DIYers to create a set of five tools.

Instructions for building a simple side table yourself using five basic tools and lumber. Build the perfect side table with these simple plans.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

My project is this beautiful square side table for our family room. But you should definitely check out my other #5toolchallenge projects from my DIY friends. Be sure to stop by and leave them a comment or show some love by pinning their design.

Diy Home Decor: Make These Stylish Side Tables Out Of Old Paint Buckets & Plywood

Don’t let these angles scare you. Since they are all the same in 5 degrees, it’s easy! It’s also a project you don’t need a pocket tool to do. But I love my pocket tool, don’t get me wrong.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

And you know it’s the perfect environment for my wine! Funny how it works 🙂

To make this simple side table, I highly recommend checking your scrap pile first and adjusting the plans to match the boards you have.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Cardboard Coffee Table

Below I will share the diagrams with step-by-step instructions. Before you start making your side table, please scroll down to see the actual photos and build notes.

Start but cut the boards on the miter saw. Of course, you need a miter saw to make 5 degree cuts.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

I opted for the upper crossbars made of 2×3 boards. But before I use 2×3, I like to peel off the rounded edges to make them square. I used my table saw to break off about 1/8″ on each side.

Copper Pipe Side Table Diy

I used half lap joints for the cross braces on this side table. And you can cut these grooves with a jigsaw or spiral saw. Although I like the scroll saw because I have more control.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Thank you for joining this simple side table project. Leave any questions in the comments below and follow me on social media for information, tools and design inspiration: I love making furniture! The smell of wood when cutting, the rattling of power tools and then the end result is amazing! I think everyone should do something at least once. When I succeed

So feel free to create 🙂 Here is a table I made for my Etsy shop. I still have a lot to do and then I’ll get down to the upholstered pouf. Well, here’s the tutorial!

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Repurposed Metal And Wood Side Table

I bought an 18″ x 36″ board. I measured and then drew a line through the center so that I had 2 18″ x 18″ countertops. Of course, you only need one, but I needed more because I was planning to do a lot. I used a jigsaw to cut the wood.

Then I used 1″x4″ planks for the front, sides and back. I wanted a 1 inch border or sag so I measured and cut 2 boards 16 inches long. It’s an inch on each side.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Then, since 2 boards go into the other 2 boards to form a box, you will need to subtract the width of the 2 boards together. In this case, an inch and a half. So the next 2 boards I cut were 14 ½ inches.

Diy Farmhouse Style Wood Spool Table

See how 2 of the 1×4 fit into the other two? Therefore, 2 had to be shortened.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

The next step is to determine how high you want the table to be. I wanted mine to be 2 meters tall. I cut about 2″x2″ for the legs. Add some wood glue and then nail them to the corners of the box. It is very important to make sure it is flat before nailing the legs. If the legs are not aligned with the top of the box, the tabletop will not lie flat on the base and the table will wobble.

Your base is almost done 🙂 Just add some 1″x1″ to help hold the top. Measure between your legs, then cut 1×1 to this size.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Mainstays No Tools End Tables, White, Set Of 2

Then apply glue to the top of the base, turn it over on the table top and nail it 1×1. This will connect the top to the base.

You will need to fill the nail holes with putty. Choose one that is sanded so you can smooth it out after it dries. I highly recommend Elmers putty for staining, painting and sanding wood. Not only do I sand the place where I added the putty, but I also sand the hole. Especially the edges and corners. I’m trying to round them up a bit. Use finer grit sandpaper or you’ll end up with lines (scratches) in the wood.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

I painted mine and then (optionally) sanded it to give it a shabby chic look. Love it! You can see some of it in the close-ups. It looks better in real life, but you get the point 🙂 Leaf Design Sofa Side Table

You can use it as a bedside table, in the children’s room, next to the sofa, as a flowerbed or almost anywhere!

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Regards! I’m Stacy and I want to help you become a DIY rock star! Subscribe to my email list to have every project, tip and trick delivered straight to your inbox 🙂

Regards! My name is Stacey and I blog about renovating my 1938 cottage. Join thousands of others who get my posts in their inboxes for free! My mission is to teach you how to do a magazine-sized DIY with confidence. I used to be afraid of power tools, so I firmly believe that anyone can do DIY.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

How To Make An Upcycled Coffee Table

This post also includes affiliate links for your convenience (meaning I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on the link, but it won’t cost you a dime)!

One of my favorite things about DIY is making things for less than retail. That’s why I started DIY in the first place!

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Pay designer prices. Instead of settling for anything else, I challenged myself to make it happen. Years later, nothing excites me more than to be able to say that I did something for 50, 70 or

Unique Coffee & Side Tables To Save Your Boring Living Room (+ Rules To Make Them Work Together)

And another advantage of doing something yourself? You can customize it to be exactly what you want. Whether it changes color or shape, you are in control.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

If you want to keep the original dimensions, you will be able to build the side table from a single piece of plywood. If you’re like me and don’t have room for a 19″ deep side table, you can make two 12″ deep side tables from a single sheet of plywood.

Cut the plywood into pieces 2-24 inches wide, then lay one piece over several more 2x4s. They will lift the plywood off the ground, allowing you to press down all the edges

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Top 10 Excellent Diy End Tables

Apply a generous amount of wood glue to the piece of plywood resting on the 2x4s. Spread the glue so that there is an even layer on the entire sheet.

Place the second piece of plywood on top of the first piece and join them together. Leave to dry overnight.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Pocket holes are the basis of most do-it-yourself furniture. Become a Pocket Hole Pro in under an hour with Pocket Hole: Explained.

How To Make A Table From A Tree Slice

Drill two pocket holes at the bottom of the legs with a 1 1/2″ alignment. The pocket openings will be at the end which has been cut at a 14 degree angle.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

Apply an edge finish to every piece of plywood that will be visible (all except the beveled sides).

Apply Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner to each piece of side table. Pre-staining prepares the wood for the stain and helps the stain absorb as evenly as possible.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

How To Make An Awesome Log Side Table

To pre-color, I wiped it off with a cloth, waited 5 minutes, then wiped off the excess with a clean, dry cloth.

Choosing a stain color is the most exciting part of any project for me. The selected color can completely change the appearance and character of the furniture.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

We can be bold by choosing a stain color or True Black, or we can go for a more beachy style by choosing a lighter stain color or white.

Making My Side Table Series

For this project, I tested 5 different stain options with a piece of plywood and chose Minwax Wood Finish in Driftwood for these side tables.

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

I wiped the stain with a clean cloth, waited 5 minutes, then wiped off the excess stain with a clean cloth.

The pint was more than enough for this project. After painting both tables, I still have half a can left. We

How To Make A Side Table Out Of Wood

How To Build A Coffee Table

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