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How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair – I definitely think there is a correlation between creative personalities and hoarding tendencies. I mean, obviously there are different levels of hoarding, and some are downright unhealthy. I don’t collect empty pizza boxes and broken hula hoops. All I’m trying to say is… I SAVE THINGS for one of two reasons:

I end up using the things I save. It may take me a few years to find the perfect use for it!

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

I’ve had it since college. And I threw the pillow away a long time ago because my cat peed on it. So for years I had that frame… just lying around. I have saved it from Nick’s “burnt pile” on many occasions. “What are you going to use it for?” JUST TAKES UP A ROOM,” he would say.

Blazing Needles 78 Inch Indoor/outdoor Double Papasan Cushion 9cushion Only)

And lately I’ve been thinking about the perfect use for it. In the girls’ new room there had to be a covered “reading corner”! STAY WITH ME!

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

I used the RYOBI reciprocating saw and it cut like butter. But you can use a jigsaw, circular saw, or… if you’re desperate… twigs to cut branches. It doesn’t have to be pretty.

I then primed and painted it white, and recruited Nick to help me hang it using small L brackets (which I also painted / painted white). We just held it where we wanted it, made a mark on one end and drew a straight line with a pencil with a long pencil. Then screw the brackets to the wall (both ends and top beam/center) and to the bamboo with our RYOBI impact driver… and that thing is RED. You don’t have to worry about it falling!

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

Classic Accessories Montlake Antique Beige Solid Chair Cushion In The Indoor Chair Cushions Department At

I had one of those clear mosquito nets (also from college… PERMANENT!) and I cut a hole in the middle of the back and put it over the “Papasan Tray”. I just gathered the edges behind some Papasan wood slats. (you can see we left some space above the canopy… we did it to make it feel better for little people. There was talk of putting a long floating shelf above it on that wall. No decisions made )

My sister let me Papason use the pillow on the floor of our tent and ironically…. Her pillow came with the frame…which addresses my problem with the stacking chair next.

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

I also made some pillows using fabric from some shirts that haven’t fit for years (Great!) and followed Mandy’s pocket pillow tutorial.

How To Clean A Papasan Cushion

And I put in some flower candles I bought a long time ago at a thrift store…I KNEW I’d find a use for them eventually (I DO!). Aren’t those colors perfect?

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

I planned to stop there, but it seemed like it needed SOMETHING over the frame of the papasson. I didn’t mind the frame showing through the tulle, it just felt like something was missing. I was thinking of making a large scale bouquet out of coffee filters or something crazy like that, but then I remembered THIS. Do you think what I think?

I used some RIT paint and painted the thing pink and placed it over the “dome” of the papasan tent. I feel it looks like flower petals. And it makes me less bitter about all the time I spent making that beautiful bun that failed.

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

Better Homes & Gardens Papasan Bench, Gray

Sorry, there are no guides for the crack job. I just can’t go there. I CAN NOT. But here are some similar guidelines.

Let me tell you this looks WAY more “simple” and superior than anything i would normally design. But it came out of things we already had on hand… and I just went with it. And I love how it turned out. I mean, it’s for little girls. I think they will like it.

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

Here’s my best attempt to show the other side of the room in the picture…so you can “orientate” Bextile Papasan Chair Cushion Only, Thickened Round Papasan Chair Cushion, Leisure Papasan Seat Cushion With Square Pillow (110cm/44in, Blue)

I know you might have a papasan chair lying around. Or you might find it at a garage sale or something. They are available is all I’m trying to say, so don’t ignore this tutorial just because you don’t have it!

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

And HOW SUPER CUTE would this be on a little girl’s bed? Can someone make it faster and send me pictures. You can have the other half of my papasan frame. 🙂

UPDATE… it’s been a few years and we’ve moved this tent to actually be OVER THEIR BED! It’s so cute. Come and see!

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

Pillow Cover For Papasan Chair Papasan Pillowcase Papasan

And if you’re not familiar with this room transformation, check out the other projects we’ve done so far!

Nick and Bethany Sy are the creative free spirits behind the DIY/Lifestyle blog, Reality Daydream. They recently purchased a historic mansion and have been documenting the ups and downs of renovating and making this home their own… all while sharing tips and tricks along the way! Finding themselves in the trenches of infertility, they embarked on a journey that would be their most important DIY project yet and wanted 3 beautiful girls to appear. <3This is one of my Black Friday deals. Yes, I got a papasan double chair on black friday for a STEAL! Unfortunately, it didn't come with a pillow and the new pillow cost more than I paid for the chair. So obviously my thrifty self said no, I'll make one before paying that price!

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

I looked for instructions and found none on any papasan, but found absolutely zero for double papasan! I made mine up as I went and it’s not perfect, but next time I make it I’ll get it all figured out!

Outdoor Swinging Papasan Chair With Tan Cushion Unique Patio Sunroom Furniture For Sale Online

STEP 1: Lay out the drop cloth so it folds in half and trace the oval shape of the chair. To get a good estimate of how big your oval should be, lightly measure the seat of the chair with a tape measure.

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

STEP 2: After drawing out the oval (I used chalk) I tried a few different assembly ideas on the palace but ended up with 3 columns with 3 pads.

STEP 4: Sew the two pieces together as a pillow cover. Remember to leave an opening big enough to fit the pillows, and you’ll probably need to take care of your upper body too!

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

Diy A Papasan Chair Cushion

STEP 5: Once I had the pillows where I wanted them, I simply made the tufted pillow. So basically I did a very light stitch on both sides of the fabric to hold the pillows in place and give the pillow a little more ‘oomph’.

Tepe spent this on the dog bed. We’ve had it for about 4 days and it’s already stained from her dirty paws, but hey, if my baby is comfortable for $40, I’m not complaining! Also, I’m so in love with how nice and cozy it turned out to be. I know I’ll have to do it again when I get fabric in the wild, but again FORTY DOLLARS TOTAL. Yes, I’m good at it now 🙂

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

I LOVE MY PPPOOOOORRCHHHH 🙂 This is such a dreamy place. I wish I was so motivated to make it in the summer because I really want to use it, but the cold weather I don’t! So I check it every night when I get home and dream of the day I can curl up with a good book 🙂

Modern Papasan Chair With Gray Cushion & Black Frame

PS> I’m doing a house tour over the holidays and will share more of our front porch then! I have a papasan chair frame and haven’t had a cushion in over a year because I didn’t have the heart to pay $80 for a new one. After my animals scratched and squeezed the life out of my old pillow, I looked to sell or use pillows I could make, with no luck. Then I decided to DIY, reuse old pillows around the house (because stuffing is also more expensive than you think and RECYCLE).

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

To start the project, I pulled out my grandmother’s sewing machine to see if I could figure out how to use it. My mom brain (mostly mom) and I managed to figure out how to load the thread and get started! Knowing that I could use the machine, I was ready to finish this project in a day!

I bought the fabric for about $10 with a nice fuzzy fern design, which is a fabric I knew my cat wouldn’t scratch this time since it’s not woven. I laid out the fabric and measured a circle 52″ in diameter (for the chair 48″. I did this by attaching a shoelace to a knitting needle at one end and a slipper at the other, leaving a gap of 26 inches. I had the mother mine to hold the needle while I drew the circle.

How To Make A Cushion For A Papasan Chair

The Papasan Chair

Then I cut out the circle and laid it flat. I wanted to try the pillow stuffing I had,

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