How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

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Looking for an elegant way to welcome overnight guests? There are many options in the design world, including sofa beds, sofa beds, couches and more. Folding chairs are another option – a little uglier and a little harder to find, but with great space-saving potential and multi-purpose appeal. An attractive folding chair can occupy a small corner of the living room or home office, providing easy functionality without attracting too much visual attention. In this collection, we have gathered a wide selection of designer bedroom chairs that you can buy online right now. There’s something for every style and budget!

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Convertible Chair: This is a chair, ottoman and sleeper. This simple multifunctional design can fulfill different roles in the interior. This type of convertible chair is perfect for those who do a lot of organizing.

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Modern Blue Dream Armchair: Here’s another convertible ottoman/chair/sleeper, this time with rich modern blue upholstery. Matching such an interesting design is easy – you don’t need to hide this part in the office.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Blue chair and semi-sleeper: The shape of the chair and semi-sleeper makes it the perfect host for a sleeping function. As a chair, this design leaves enough space for sleeping. As a bed, a wide mattress will definitely please guests.

Crib: Due to width requirements, cribs rarely fit standard mattress sizes. This chair and a half breaks the mold with a two year old full mattress hidden inside.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

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Navy Oversized Lounger: Classic rolled arms and navy blue upholstery make this lounger a particularly versatile option. Use them to complement nautical decor, traditional themes and smart transitional spaces.

Large leather chaise longue: Premium chaise longues can be visually distinguished from their single functional counterparts. This sleek design is finished with a suede upper for a timeless look.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Lounger: This lounger from Stone & Beam is available in a variety of upholstery options to match any interior. Clean lines give a natural harmony with classic and modern furniture combinations.

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Sleeper sofa: Simple and clean lines make this sofa bed particularly suitable for modern spaces. The Refuge bed comes in full twin size with a memory foam topper for a comfortable nighttime experience.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Second Bedroom Chair: This large bedroom chair is upholstered in super soft chenille, the light blue color easily matches transitional and natural interior themes. A two-year-old inner mattress is rising from the inside.

Custom chaise longue: Can’t find the perfect chaise longue to match your interior? This design is available in over 100 t-shirt options – suede, velvet, polyester, cotton and more, each in different colors and prints.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

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Armchair: Seat and recliner options rarely match, but this model fortunately offers the best of both worlds. Relax by day and entertain guests by night with this versatile design. Choose from three color options.

Modern Gray Sofa Bed: This armless sofa bed is super stylish. To convert to a bed, simply fold the backrest and pull the tab at the bottom to extend the pop-up bed.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Double pull-out sleeper chair: Between use as a sleeper bed or a modern armless chair, this design can also be folded into a simple ottoman. Place a tray on top to use the ottoman as a coffee table.

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Blue Convertible Lounger: For a casual look, this bisque convertible lounger has side pockets – perfect for magazines, tablets, TV remotes and more.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Pull-out sleeper seat: Firm cushions add extra support to this convertible sleeper seat. If guests prefer a softer sleeping surface, pair them with a memory foam mattress topper.

Introduce the IKEA lounge chair: the IKEA VALLENTUNA chair is one of the most sophisticated options. Between uses as a bed, this piece looks like a thin corner chair – no one would guess that a completely wet sleeper is peeking out from underneath.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

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IKEA sofa without arms: VALLENTUNA is also available without arms. This design can be an ottoman, a coffee table or additional seating. Choose from six subtle color options that best match your interior.

Single chair: beautiful and minimalist! This sophisticated chair is accented with fine diamonds for a sophisticated look. Simply fold the backrest and seat cushion to create a bed that fits everyone.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Sleeper Scandinavian Flip Chair Sleeper: Beautify your favorite space with color! This charming Scandinavian-style sofa is available in the bright yellow polyester shown here, in addition to navy and blue.

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Blue Sofa Sleeper with Armchairs: When this type of sofa sleeper is folded, the extra legs are hidden inside the fold – simply open the fold and slide the legs into place to enjoy constant support.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Convertible Chaise Lounge: Convert this simple design between a standard armless chair, chaise longue and comfortable sleeper. The gray microfiber lining is easy to coordinate and feels good to the touch.

Convertible sofa: Polished chrome legs give this convertible sofa a smart modern look. When fully folded, you might not even know this piece turns into a bed! This design is available in white and gray shoe options.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

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Coral Pink Armchair: Bright pink upholstery makes this design a fun statement. Simply open and fold the hidden legs to create an equally beautiful sleeping space.

Minimalist Folding Lounger: No frills or frills – this quality lounger is focused on maintaining a clean look with reliable durability.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Charcoal Gray Small Sleeper Sofa: Long rows of channel bundles add visual interest to this comfortable open-back sofa. This design is available in light grey, dark gray and funky retro yellow. Includes pillow for added comfort.

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Modern black folding sofa: looking for something bolder? This black upholstered bedroom follows minimalist design trends with its sleek base that perfectly matches modern furniture themes. A bright red thick pillow adds dramatic contrast.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Faux Leather Upholstered Chaise Lounges: Upholstered chaise lounges usually have a contemporary look. This model takes a slightly different approach with a classic faux leather shoe for a classic look at a reasonable price.

Chair and Semi-Sleeper: Here’s another style of folding sleeper—this time without the hidden legs to hold it in place. This chair and a half simply glides across the floor for even faster setup.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

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Gray Sleeper Armchair: Here’s another sleeper cheat, this time without arms. The back cushion is completely removable and can be used as a sleeping pad in the backpack.

Foam Sleeper Chair and Ottoman: This convertible chair and ottoman set is a unique approach. The head of the chair folds to fold, the ottoman fills the empty space in the middle to complete the bed platform. Each piece is lined with sturdy black denim and finished with brass YKK zippers – the covers are removable for washing.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Oversized Foam Lounger: Here’s another oversized foam lounger, this time covered in plush velvet. Choose from a variety of tile colors to match your modern interior.

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Green Sleeping Chair: Is Price the Primary Concern? Foam mattresses offer the most cost-effective replacement bedding. It makes a bold modern statement with green accents on a white foam mattress.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Sherpa Recliner Chair: A soft, plush Sherpa cover gives this foam recliner an inviting look. In addition to being used as a bedroom, this piece is perfect for a cozy reading room and other relaxation areas.

Extra Gray Folding Sleeper Bed: Stuffed pillows ensure this foam sleeper bed looks as cute as it is. Choose light gray, dark gray or blue shoes.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

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Kids Lounger: The most comfortable foam recliners are perfect for kids – perfect for playing video games, reading books or napping. This versatile design is available in six colors.

Children’s beds: Inexpensive foam beds can be just as stylish as their high-end counterparts. It’s covered in beautiful pink faux leather, nicely wrapped for a modern look.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Futon Sleeper Chair: Futon chairs combine the structural stability of a traditional pull-out bed with the small form factor of a folding foam recliner. This design comes apart into a sturdy and comfortable pair.

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Sofa bed: This futon sofa has a smaller frame – more living space and more sleeping space. catino shoes have a foam insole for comfort.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

Contemporary Black Futon Chair: The black on black design makes this futon chair an attractive modern choice for a modern home. This model comes with a matching shoe pad.

Faux Leather Folding Chair: Biscuit faux leather gives this reclining chair a particularly sophisticated look. The form factor is super expandable, opening up to the size of a standard mattress.

How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

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Double bed and semi-futon: Larger than a daybed but smaller than a standard futon, this folding bed provides a practical solution for those who need to save space but prefer a double sleeping surface.

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How To Make Hospital Chair Into Bed

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