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Many years ago I saw such a picnic table/benches at my brother-in-law’s family cabin. I think these are the coolest and perfect for family gatherings. When eating, you can push 2 benches together to create a picnic table. If you want to sit and chat, flip the top and you have two cute, comfortable benches.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

I decided to make a set for my garden and can’t wait to use them this summer. A picnic table/bench set costs about $80, so very reasonable. You will need a compound miter saw, drill and a K5 Kreg pocket hole socket (R3 also works) to assemble.

Picnic Tables You Have To See To Believe! — The Family Handyman

I was a little worried that on uneven ground, like grass, the table tops might not fit perfectly. To solve this problem, I placed tabs that fit together and keep the table tops level with each other. The tab is definitely an optional feature and can be cut flush if you don’t want it.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

I stained my picnic table with Varathane Vintage Aqua wood stain to add some color to my yard. You can protect the wood with an exterior preservative such as exterior polyurethane or exterior paint.

I’ve teamed up with again to bring you the plans. Buildsomething is Kreg’s new DIY project plans website with hundreds of free plans. BuildSomething is a great community resource for woodworkers and DIYers who may not have their own website to share their designs online. Shared designs do not need to be computer generated, even hand drawn sketches will work.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

Wood Folding Table

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How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

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How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

But our new house doesn’t have room for a permanent picnic table. So I put together a folding picnic table with Kreg Tools!

Now we can eat outside, next to our new fire pit. And when we’re done, easily put the picnic table aside!

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

Arlmont & Co. Jayda Rectangular 4

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When building a folding picnic table, it is important to have a light table so that it can be easily moved. That’s why I decided to build my wooden table out of cedar.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

Cedar is lighter than other woods and has many other advantages for outdoor tables. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects, decay and weather.

Folding Wood Table Large Easy To Fold And Carry Roll Up Portable Picnic Table

In addition to the light board and great outdoor benefits, cedar is also beautiful. I love the light and dark variations with a hint of red.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

And with a simple outdoor sealant, you highlight the natural beauty of the wood, so you don’t have to do anything else to it. I haven’t sealed the folding picnic table yet because it has rained every day for the past 2 weeks.

But when things dry a bit, I plan to use an outdoor oil to seal the wood. It must be reapplied every spring and autumn to keep the wood oiled and not tarnishing.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

Kids’ Picnic Table

The table top is made from 2×6 and 2×2 boards to make 2 smaller table tops that are joined together to form a 55 1/2″ x 30″ table top.

Table tops are quick and easy to assemble with the Kreg Jig. I love building with the new Kreg 720, but their cheaper 520 or 320 jigs are great for beginners or small spaces (and I use them in my shop).

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

The most difficult part of the construction is the legs. The legs are made from 2×4 boards and one edge needs to be rounded so they can move when folded.

Picnic Table Plans For The Perfect Backyard Barbecue

I used a band saw and sander to round off one edge of the leg pieces. But you can also use a jigsaw and sander for this.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

The last tricky bit is making sure the holes you drill in the legs are straight. If they are not at a 90 degree angle to the board, the screws will not sit properly in the legs.

If you have a drill, you can easily drill nice straight holes, I don’t. That’s why I used this drill guide. Helps keep the drill bit straight while drilling. Or you can make a jig like in this video. Today we’re building a table that you can take with you to the campsite, the park or the beach – or even use in your own garden. You can also add this table to your outdoor camping kit (ours includes citronella candles and wooden camp stools).

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

Wood Portable Picnic Table, Camping Folding Table, Foldable Table, Cam

Use a chainsaw or handsaw to cut the strips to length and sand the cuts smooth (“How to Use a Handsaw.”) If you use a handsaw, a miter box will help keep the cuts straight. We used a double nose stop cast. The bright edges of the slats give the table a nice look.

Cut the double bullnose bumper into 17 pieces, each 20 3/4″ long, and two pieces, each 17 3/4″ long. The casting of Metrie Ourhemlock is quite smooth, but sanding the freshly cut ends and any rough spots gives a finer result.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

For the individual lumber, cut two 28 1/4″ long pieces for the table rails and four 11″ long pieces for the table legs. You will need to cut and/or drill these leg pieces, so hold off on sanding until after the other cuts.

Outsunny Outsunny Portable Foldable Camping Picnic Table With Seats Chairs And Umbrella Hole, 4 Person Fold Up Travel Picnic Table, Wood In The Picnic Tables Department At

Rails: A bevel on table rails is an easy way to give your table a look – but it’s completely optional. Finally, there is a bevel cut at the bottom of both rail ends.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

To do this, measure the sides of each end of both rails halfway (3/4”) and mark the location. Using a miter square, mark a line at a 45-degree angle to show a small triangle, then cut it with a handsaw and the 45-degree slot on the miter box, if you have one.

Legs: Prepare all four legs in the same way by cutting off both corners of one end and drilling holes for the other end. (See the diagram to see what it looks like.)

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

Folding Picnic Table Plans Diy Outdoor Furniture

The legs that are attached to the table rails must have “dog ears” at the top end so that they can swing freely. Cut the corners as follows: Mark the ends of the legs 1/2” and 1”. Using a miter square, mark the triangles at a 45-degree angle and cut them.

The other (lower) end of each leg should be drilled for a dowel cross brace and magnets to hold the legs in the folded position when the table is stored or carried.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

Find the center of the leg, measure and mark at 1 1/2″ at the dowel cross bar and 2 1/2″ at the magnets.

Wood Cunninghamia Cedar, Oil Based Stain Convertible Folding Picnic Ta

Drill a 5/8″ hole all the way to the cross brace. (To minimize the risk of splitting, drill halfway down one side until the drill goes through, then turn the board over and complete the hole on the side of the other side. side.)

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

Drill a shallow hole halfway into the leg. We drilled a 5/16″ diameter hole about 3/16″ deep where our magnets could be glued in place. The magnets are aligned with the side of the leg when it is later glued in place [7. steps].

Although hemlock isn’t prone to splitting—especially if the screws or nails aren’t close to an edge—we decided to play it safe and pre-drill holes in each slat.

How To Make A Folding Picnic Table

Wooden Outdoor Folding Picnic Table With Glass Holder 2 In 1 Wine Glass Rack Outdoor Wine Table Wooden Table Easy To Carry Wine|outdoor Tables|

Template: Since there are 19 slats to be drilled and 15 of them are the same, we have created a template to mark the place to be drilled. For 15 like

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