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How To Build A Simple Side Table – I like to make furniture. The smell of the wood as you cut it, the hum of the power tools and then seeing the end result is AMAZING. I think everyone should build something at least once. If I can

Then you can build 🙂 Here is a spreadsheet I made for my etsy store. I still have a lot of work to do, then I will make the soft ottomans. Well, here is the tutorial.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

How To Build A Simple Side Table

I bought a board that measures 18″ by 36″. I measured and then drew a line down the middle to have 2 18″ by 18″ boards. Obviously you only need one, but since I wanted to make a bunch, I needed more. I cut wood with a jigsaw.

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I then used 1″x4″ boards for the front, sides, and back. I wanted a 1 inch edge or edge, so I measured and cut 2 boards 16 inches long. That’s one inch removed on each side.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

Then, since 2 boards will go into the other 2 boards to make the box, you need to cut the width of the 2 boards together. In this case, 1 ½ inches. So the other 2 boards I cut were 14 ½ inches.

See how 2 of the 1×4 fit into the other two? That’s why 2 should have been shorter.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

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The next step is to decide how tall you want the table to be. I wanted mine to be 2 meters tall. I cut about 2″x2″ for the legs. Add wood glue and then nail them to the corners of the box. It is very important to make sure it is level before you nail the legs. If the legs are not in line with the top of the box, the table top will not lie flat on the base and the table will tip over.

Your base is almost done 🙂 Just add 1″x1″ to help hold the top. Measure between the legs and then cut your 1×1.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

Then add glue to the top of the base, turn it on the table and nail it through the 1×1. This will attach the top to the base.

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It will be necessary to fill the nail holes with putty. Choose one that can be sanded so that you can gently dry it. I HIGHLY recommend Elmers paintable and sandable wood putty. Not just sanding where I added putty, but sanding the hole. Especially on edges and corners. I’m trying to round them out a bit. Use fine sandpaper or you will end up with lines (from scratches) in your wood.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

I painted mine and then (this is optional) sanded it to a matte finish. Like it! It can be seen a little in close-ups. It looks better in person, but you get the idea 🙂

You can use it as a bedside table, in the children’s room, next to the sofa, as a plant stand or almost anywhere.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

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Hello! I’m Stacey and I’m writing about our 1938 cottage renovation.Join the thousands of people who get my posts delivered to their inbox for FREE! Do you have some basic woodworking tools and some scrap boards? Come with me and let’s make this simple side table, perfect for the space between the sofa and armchair in the family room. Special thanks to Cathy from Addicted 2 DIY for hosting this #5 tool challenge today! I teamed up with a few other DIY fanatics to create a five-tool build.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

DIY guide to making a simple side table with five basic tools and scrap wood. Create the perfect side table with these simple plans.

Gorgeous Diy Dining Table Ideas And Plans

My project is this beautiful square side table in our family room. But you should check out the other #5toolchallenge projects from my DIY friends! Be sure to stop by and leave them a comment or show them some love by pinning their project.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

Don’t let these angles scare you. Since they are all cut at the same 5 degrees, it makes it easier. And this is also a project that you won’t need a pocket hole pattern to complete. But I love my pocket hole pattern, don’t get me wrong.

And you know this is the perfect place for my wine. Funny how that works 🙂

How To Build A Simple Side Table

Curvy Side Table

To make this simple side table, I recommend checking your scrap pile first and adjusting the plans to match the boards you have on hand.

Below I will share plans with step-by-step instructions. Be sure to scroll down to see the actual photos and take notes before starting your side table.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

But start by cutting the boards on the saw. Of course, you need a hacksaw to make 5 degree cuts.

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I decided to use 2×3 boards for the top support of the cross. But before I use the 2×3, I like to rip off the rounded edges and make them square. I used my table saw to cut off about 1/8 inch from each side.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

I used half circle joints for the cross members on this side table. And you can cut these cuts with a jigsaw or a scroll saw. Although I prefer the saw because I have more control.

Thanks for joining me on this easy side table project. Please leave any questions in the comments below and be sure to follow me on social media for project tips, tools and inspiration: our next Turning Tables DIY guest is another talented fan and blogger, Amanda from A Crafted Passion and she’s here to show you around. how she made a simple, DIY modern side table perfect for a living room or nightstand. We’ve also sketched out a blueprint of the building to make it easier to build your own.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

Easy Wood Projects: Build A Simple Table

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Hello! I’m Amanda and I blog at A Crafted Passion where I share DIY projects, craft tutorials and parenting tips and tricks. When I became a mom, I found myself looking for a creative outlet where I could share my passions and have an excuse to make fun things. Because of this desire, my blog has evolved into a place to document my creative journey over the past few years, and I hope to inspire you to be creative too.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

I love using power tools and find it very rewarding to take boring, plain boards and have a beautiful piece of furniture or wall within hours. This rustic country wall art was so much fun to make and gave me a great excuse to use my band saw. I recently re-launched my 7-Day Power Tool Hacking Course where I help others learn about the most common power tools. If you haven’t registered yet and are ready to take the next step to becoming a power tool expert, I’d love for you to join me right here.

Diy Tables You Can Build Quickly — The Family Handyman

One of my favorite projects so far has been a collection of modern side tables that add fun pops of color to our bedroom. If you’re like me, I had a few makeshift side tables in our bedroom and finally, after years of a mismatched collection, I decided enough was enough and I was going to do something with them.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

When I couldn’t find the perfect modern side tables at a reasonable price, I had to work on designing my own, just like any good craftsman would do, and today I’m happy to share with you how to make your own modern side table. . It’s really simple and with clean lines and curved legs it adds a nice modern touch to any room.

1. Start by cutting the 8″ x 8″ boards to size. I went with pine because pine is cheap, light and takes paint well. If you don’t have a router, you can use a table saw to cut the boards to size, or if you know what size you need before you buy your boards, you can ask a woodworking shop and many times they will cut . at no cost to you.

How To Build A Simple Side Table

How To Build A Simple Side Table

To make a side table the same size as pictured, you will need (4) 8″ x 20″ boards for the top and bottom and (2) 8″ x 14.5″ boards for the side tables.

2. Once you’ve cut the boards to length, it’s time to paint one side of each board with the color you’ve chosen for the inside of the side table. You’ll have to at least give it to him

How To Build A Simple Side Table

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