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How To Make A Round Table Skirt – This is my new summer table skirt! I was inspired by fashion designer Johanna Ortiz for this project.

My dining table for the past 12 years is a 60 inch round plastic folding table from Sam’s Club. I love the round dining table because you can add chairs and it seems like an unlimited number of people can sit and eat together. Or play a game…it’s magical.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

Needless to say, I always have a floor-length table skirt on my desk. This time I made a special long kidney skirt inspired by fashion designer Johanna Ortiz. With this tutorial, you can make a floor-length table skirt without bending.

Diy Box Pleated Circle Table Skirt • Mimzy & Company

The first thing in any project…make your first straight, square, grainy cut of your fabric. I have a detailed video on this.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

The picture above shows how to assemble the table. For a round table, sew three strips of fabric together to make a large square depending on the diameter of the table (blue dotted lines above). You always want to run the full width of the fabric down the center of the board. You never will

In this way, depending on the diameter of the table, you can divide the same width of fabric for the two side parts.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

Buy Hosonson Vinyl Pu Round Table Cloth 60 Inch

First, cut three widths of fabric to the desired length. My board needs to be 80″ because my board is 60″ and I want a 10″ drop on each side to secure the bump. I want my kidney to drop 1/3 of the board.

Join the three pieces of fabric together to make a large square. I also basted all my seams because this tablecloth will definitely get a lot of washing.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

:  If you are using a patterned fabric, make sure the stitch patterns match. This means that you must consider the pattern when creating

Floor Length Round Tablecloth

Your heights. A larger pattern makes this project a little more difficult and uses more fabric. Just something to note.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

I use a soft tape measure and hook for this process. Bring the measuring tape to the end and place it on the folded corner of the fabric and then on the table. Make a hole in the roll about half the diameter of the tablecloth. Make a hole the size of a pencil hole. Since I needed an 80″ circle, I drilled a hole at the 40″ mark.

Then, if you plan to attach the curls, you need to cut strips of fabric. I cut my fabric 21 inches wide.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

How To Make A Fitted Elastic Tablecloth

Sew all your strips together. I had 9 strips of 54″ wide fabric to fill my 60″ table about 2-2.5 times.

After sewing the strips I applied a small 1/4″ roll stitch and then gathered the fabric together before attaching it to the circle platform.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

My table skirt was a little longer than I expected. I’ll probably raise it a bit so the bottom kisses the floor and the seam between the circle and the bend is higher. The idea was to bend starting about 1/3 of the way.

East Urban Home Rectangular Mixed Tablecloth

All in all, I am very pleased with the results. I’m looking forward to my next table skirt, which will be a box pleated table skirt. I made this box pleated tablecloth out of a fall/thanksgiving fabric. I decided to use fabric since this table is temporary as I am actively looking for a 60 inch round wood table. But who knows when that will happen…

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

Fabric is a good place to start if you are new to sewing. If you don’t mess up or finish the project (God forbid), it’s not a huge loss. Plus, this fabric looks great on a budget-conscious person like me.

I used two 9’x12′ pieces of fabric from Harbor Freight. They are $9.99 each, so for $20 and an hour or two of my time, I get a beautifully sewn tablecloth.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

Choose The Perfect Table Skirt

The pieces start with a piece of the tabletop circle. I have a very easy way to do this using a tape measure, a needle and a pencil. Fold the fabric 4. Then pull the pin through the tape measure

Fabric at the end of the folded fabric. To create the diameter of the circle, draw a 1/4 circle by moving the pencil the appropriate distance through the tape measure. The video below shows this step in detail.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

Cut along the pencil line you just drew, then open the fabric to reveal the perfect circle you’ve created. I have another video and blog post where I show this process in its entirety on fabric rather than paper…

Inch Round Satin Tablecloth Black

Continue cutting out the skirt pieces. To determine the dimensions, determine the circumference of the table. The formula is C=πd, 3.14 x the diameter of your table. Then divide this number by the number of sections or boxes you want. I made 5 pieces for my 54″ table, 33″ each, plus a 3″ seam allowance on each side.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

Then cut the pieces that are between and behind the box panels. I made it 9 inches wide, which is enough for a round table. But if you are making a square tablecloth, the fabric behind the box pieces will need to be a little wider because the corner folds are a little more exposed. You know what I mean???

Once all the pieces of the box-fold fabric are cut, sew the side seams and hems on all the pieces. I used iron-on tape on the front of the tablecloth instead of sewing the seams to avoid seam lines. If I were to wash this tablecloth regularly, I would sew the skirt dark to make it more durable and wear-resistant. The hood tape makes it really cool

How To Make A Round Table Skirt Wooden Plank Round Tablecloth, Waterproof Stain Proof Table Cloth, Easy Clean Table Cover For Kitchen Dining Table Restaurant Picnic Party 54 Inch, Rustic Farm Retro Brown Gradient Wood Grain

Now attach all the skirt pieces to the circle piece so that the raw edges line up. Always straight to the right.

Once all the box skirt pieces are sewn in the circle, add 9 inches of fabric behind and between the box skirt pieces.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

My skirt can be steamed, but I’m very happy with a plain fabric box-fold tablecloth. I just need to finish adding the strip to the bottom, give it a good steam and now I’m ready for Thanksgiving. Table skirts have made a big comeback in recent years. general tendency towards traditionalism. Using a table skirt in a room is a great way to add another element of texture, color or pattern for a rich and layered look. They are also a practical way to hide extra storage space, hide an ugly piece of furniture or change your decor according to the season.

Koala Superstore Flowers Pattern Small Round Tablecloth, Diameter 120cm/47.2inches (003)

I decided to make two different types of inverted box-fold table skirts – one for a round entryway table and one with a rectangular edge for an adjustable console table under our TV. (You can find a custom console table tutorial here.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

Both were new projects for me – I made a folded table skirt from an inverted box step by step.

The first project I worked on was a table skirt for the entryway table. I love the copper top and legs on this table, but I wanted to change the look for different seasons.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

Round Entryway Table Skirt Tutorial

As always, the first step involved a little math to figure out how to make the skirt and how many yards to use. For a round table you need height, diameter and circumference. My table is 31 inches in diameter, 97.4 inches in circumference, and 30 inches high.

I chose this beautiful striped linen fabric for this 55 inch wide table skirt. I found that 1 yard covers a 31 inch round top.

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

For the skirt, I knew I needed 2 yards around the table, but then I had to factor in the extra yardage for the box pleats. I experimented with folding a piece I already had and decided I wanted to leave 6 inches for each fold. I then had to decide how many folds/flat panels I wanted around the table. I experimented by dividing the whole circle into 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 parts. I decided that a total of 6 sections would leave good sized panels between the folds (about 16 ¼ inches). This meant I needed an additional 36 inches (1 yard) to account for the folds. Waterproof Tablecloths For Round Table,fall Maple Watercolor Leaf Thanksgiving Day Oil Proof Table Cloth,easy Clean Table Cover For Kitchen/dining/party/buffet/picnic Orange Fallen Leaves Seamless

So with 1 yard for the top of the skirt, 2 yards around and an extra yard for the pleats, this table skirt needed a total of 4 yards. Check out the quick drawing below to help you decide your garden/layout:

How To Make A Round Table Skirt

I cut it off

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