How To Wire A Light To A Plug Socket

How To Wire A Light To A Plug Socket – Do you have a wall lamp or lamp, but no socket? Read on as I share how you can turn your single switch corded light fixtures into plug-in switches!

Remember when I built a custom library wall in my living room? Click HERE to see the full tutorial for my built-in bookshelves. Well, I used this nifty trick to install 3-wire sconces on the bookcase. The lamps complete the bookcase and give it that custom look! They even turn on and off with one switch…I’ll explain how!

How To Wire A Light To A Plug Socket

It’s pretty simple, although I have to add a DISCLAIMER that I’m not an electrician. I may be a welder with some useful skills, but I’m certainly not a licensed electrician. This project is completely at your own expense and I am not responsible for any crazy mistakes you might make. USE CAUTION… and consult a certified electrician if you have any questions or concerns.

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Click HERE If you’re looking for fun lighting options like mine. I have a whole collection of nice string lights between $25-$50.

Step Two: Remove the female end of the extension cord using a wire cutter. The female end is the plug-in side… where another plug is inserted. (Now you know why it’s called a woman lol)

Step Three: Find the length you want your string to reach. My wires needed to be really long (I made 3 15 foot wires – 3 lights) and I hid them in a library cabinet. If yours is not hidden by a bookshelf or furniture, I would recommend hiding the cables behind the cable covers available HERE. This gives the overall look a clean finish.

Step four: Remove the cable jacket from the extension cord, leaving about 1/2 inch of wire exposed. The 2 separate wires were wrapped around my extension cord separately (as shown above). I cut the wire about an inch down the middle and used my fingers to push the two wires apart another 2-3 inches. Then I stripped each wire one by one.

New Oem Tail Light Wiring Harness Plug Pigtail G2/sxs

Mylight had 2 wires, a black wire and a white wire. Usually when you install standard cables you match black to black and white to white… but this time my extension cord came with two twisted white wires so I didn’t have that color guide. Hold the ends of the same wires together so they are parallel, and twist them clockwise with your fingers.

Step Six: Insert the wires connected to the twisted nut, making sure all exposed wires are covered by the nut.

Step Seven: Test Your New Light! Plug an extension cord (like your new light bulb) into the outlet to make sure it works. Yes… We have light!

Step two: Mark the screw holes on the wall or unit wherever you will place the lamp. Make sure your screw holes are level on the front. Using a level, I drew a line where I wanted to hang my lamp and marked my screw holes accordingly.

Cloth Covered Lamp/small Appliance Cord With 2 Prong Plug

Step Three: Grab 3 holes. The hole in the middle is where the lamp wires go. The 2 side holes are the screw holes where the lamp is attached to the metal bracket and the wall unit (book card).

Step four: Attach the metal holder to the back of the bookcase or wall unit. I attached the screws to the metal bracket and ran the screws from the back of the notebook to the front. You can only see the screws from the front as shown below. The second photo is taken from the back of the device. Bad picture unfortunately.

Step five: Install the lamp. Run the wires from the light source through the center hole and screw the nuts on the screws.

Step six: Open the wires from the light source and connect to the extension cords (behind the wall unit) and tighten the nuts. (In fact, repeat steps five and six of the tutorial above). Wrap each nut and thread with electrical tape to ensure they don’t loosen over time.

How To Turn A Hard Wire Light Fixture Into A Plug In

Step Seven: Gather your extension cords in one place and plug them into your power line. Follow the installation instructions on your power strip to activate your power strip remote control.

If you found this tutorial helpful, pin the image below to remember it. Lighting is a great way to take a well-designed space to the next level! Converting fixed string lights to plug-in lights is an inexpensive way to achieve this! For more DIY and design tutorials and ideas, subscribe to my blog to get all my helpful tricks delivered straight to your inbox! And if you want to follow the daily happenings in my house, you can find me HERE on Instagram! The Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer forum for contractors and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to register.

I want to hide my hard-wired pendant light in something that plugs into the wall, since our new house is not attached to the ceiling with direct wires. I had already installed another (old fashioned) cable that only had black and white cables. But with this thing I have a 3rd green wire coming out of the wiring harness (next to the bare copper wire).

1.) What is a green phone? 2.) Can I turn off the green wire and just use the black and white wires for the new cables?

How To Install A Gfci Outlet

The green and bare wires are always down. Grounding is a way to prevent short circuits and all metal parts in electrical systems and equipment are grounded. If a hot wire breaks and touches the enclosure for some reason, it flows to the ground and trips the circuit breaker/fuse (usually in nanoseconds).

Older games didn’t always have this, but we’re much wiser after a few electrocuted deaths. Modern equipment that does not have exposed metal (eg made of plastic) or where the metal is separated from the wires may not be grounded. Since this is meant to be wired, they didn’t waste time making sure everything was sealed properly, so it needs to be set up.

So no, you don’t have to cover the floor directly, you have to get a new wire floor. If you’re leaving the wire bare (not on the walls), you’ll usually use SJO wire (called “extension wire” – flexible and with all the conductors in a round outer sheath) for this. It is readily available at any hardware store.

You will also need some type of surface mount junction box, the SJO wire is terminated when some type of auxiliary connector is used.

Continuous 3 Prong Straight Light Plug Wire Harness Roll

Green usually means ground, it goes into the wire bundle which means that the bottom part is buried and the bare wire is grounding the top part (together with the cable).

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Months ago I came across these beautiful vintage industrial accordions, and I knew they would look great in my son’s room, especially on the DIY wooden wall we just finished, but unfortunately they were solid light fixtures.

And at ~$50 each I thought they were a bargain, but we didn’t have the strings in the places I wanted to hang them. Instead of opening the wall and reinstalling it (because, if I’m honest, I

The Different Colored Electrical Wires Explained

I’m going to rearrange the room one day and I DON’T want sconces there), I decided to hide the lights with plug-inch wires. And I have a step by step tutorial for you too.

Warning: I have basic wiring knowledge, but I am NOT a licensed electrician. This project is entirely at your own risk and I am not responsible for any mistakes you may make as a result of this tutorial. Be careful and if in doubt consult a certified electrician.

Note: This tutorial covers something EXCEPT the ground wire (in other words, the wire only has 2 wires and the plug only has 2 prongs). For low-wire fixtures, you want to use three wires and match your three wires correctly.

Wires are sometimes color coded; if so, adjust your colors. Otherwise, most ropes have slightly ribbed sides and a smooth side. Combine your threads: ribbed to ribbed and it’s good if that’s the case. Among the things I fixed were these little interlocking boxes that you attached by attaching screws to the wires. I haven’t found this online (though maybe I’m not looking in the right place!), but wire nuts and electrical tape will always work.

Connecting 3 Wire Device To A 2 Wire Plug

If you use the same terminal box, do

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