How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

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Upholstering a chair can be time consuming and upholstery fabric can be expensive. One solution is a removable cover, but many people don't have the sewing skills to make one at home and prefer a more fitted style. Most double sheets are the perfect size to cover an armchair. If you are not satisfied with the sewing machine. You can still complete your camouflage with a creative camouflage and safety pin set.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

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Three areas of your home should be thoroughly cleaned, but maybe not. ? Specifications for King and California King Sizes Oil Rocking Chair Springs How to Oil a Custom Sofa Cover Reupholster Footstool How to Make a Sofa Cover How to Make a Stretch Fabric Sofa Cover Over an Office Chair When you want to change the color or pattern on your chair or dining room chair every so often, you need to get in touch with padding. Here's how to make easy chair covers.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture in your home? However, it needs some minor changes. garage sales; I do this because I'm stuck in a garage and anything with an estate sale and history (and a low price).

I got this sweet chair off Craigslist a few years ago and fell in love the moment I sat down in one. These are probably the most comfortable chairs I own. I even like their whimsical rose pattern, even though it doesn't go with my theme.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

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Fast forward a few years, and while I still love the original upholstery on the chairs, I can't deny that they need a bit of a makeover to match the rest of the room.

(That's because my eagle-eyed best friend and designer Jana says this every time she comes over.)

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

I reluctantly agreed and put my untrained heads together and came up with a plan. I don't want to attach new fabric to the chairs (usual M.O. involves stitching or hot glue); Because one day you might want to reuse them in their original state.

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So I decided to make simple covers for them. It turned out to be easier than I thought.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

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My chairs have a classic L shape, so this project was relatively easy. The L shape also works well for Parson style dining chairs. If you have a different style you're trying to update, you can still use these steps, but the measurements won't be as easy.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

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Also, if you're looking for custom covers that you don't have to do yourself, try this shop: August Blues (this is not an affiliate link, I really like his stuff!).

If your fabric has a large pattern (called a “repeat” in design pictures), you'll want the lines to match as much as possible. So keep in mind that you may need to purchase additional fabric to move the pattern.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

From the bottom of the chair back up and down; Measure to the front. Then measure each side in “L” sections. Then I had to figure out how to put all these pieces together into one piece of fabric.

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Then you need to choose the fabric. You can use anything. But I chose a heavy upholstery fabric because I wanted to keep them in shape so they wouldn't get bitten by kids and dogs. Not to mention my unruly guests.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

Once you've chosen your fabric, choose an appropriate thread. (If using padding, use heavy clothing.)

Then create your template. It doesn't have to be technical or scary. This is just a way to transfer the measurements onto the fabric. Mark your measurements on the back of the fabric with a pencil or chalk.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

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Be sure to place the lines and designs on the fabric where you want the seams to match. I didn't choose this because my fabric had a fine pattern, but it made it easier. A level

Remember to leave a few inches at the bottom of the seat so that the entire seat can be folded.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

Now cut out the pieces. When you cut out the pattern, leave about an inch on each side for sewing. (This is the inside edge that prevents the seams from spreading.)

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Now lay the fabric upside down on the seat. Use a straight pin to attach the pieces of fabric around the edge of the chair. Keep the pegs as close to the chair as possible. Use multiple pins (every two inches) so you can fit.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

Use your sewing machine to sew the entire line you made with your pins and pull each pin out. Don't worry about the bottom part.

Now place the cover right side up on the seat. If they are too tight or too loose, they may need to be reattached. It may seem annoying, but it's actually not that bad.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

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Your cover fits tightly, You will want to cover the whole bottom of the “skirt”. Fold the fabric twice and sew along the bottom.

This will give you a clean edge with no mess. (If you like it crazier, you can add a pretty trim to the bottom.)

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

Finally, cover the lids. Pull the extra fabric back along the bottom of the seat and tie everything together.

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The end. It looks like you have a brand new chair without having to find a new style for just a few yards.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

I love my new chairs, but I think they need a little color, so I threw my simple DIY Placemat pillows on them. It was the perfect size and shape.

Then I added a nice garden chair from HomeGoods

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

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Then I stole the pillows from the sofa, so I had to pull out a new Ikat pillow from World Market.

Now the whole room has a blue peace with no red and yellow rose chairs to break up the theme. Additionally, If I change the color scheme, I might go back to roses; Or you can create a new cover.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

In the meantime, enjoy the new spring theme and hope the weather cooperates soon. and you? Are you ready to try this kind of refresh on your furniture?

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Please let me know if I missed anything in my instructions. Or let me know if you have any questions.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

Thanks Ruth, I got it from Joanne Fabrics and Crafts A few years ago though, so I'm not sure if they still exist.

My homeschool teacher told me to go over the seams before sewing, see how the pieces fit together, then adjust and sew. This is what I will do with the chair I have in mind.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

How To Make Chair Covers With Sheets

Yes, First Use makes sense. (It's safe to say I've never used ec at home.) That's an excellent point. Thanks for sharing.

My chair doesn't look like this, but I'll give you some helpful hints. I want to wear nice jeans, but it's hard to wear nice jeans.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

Glad I helped you. Finding good fabrics can be a challenge. I know there are online stores. Can you find someone to send samples to?

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Create a colorful life. Conquer my little world one DIY project at a time! With lots of coffee and chocolate. Albuquerque NM Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ Facebook If you have old or just plain old dining room chairs. Instead of replacing them entirely, consider making your own dining room chair slipcovers. If you deal with pet fur in your home, seat covers are the perfect solution: simply remove them and wash or shake them out.

How To Make Chair Covers From Sheets

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