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How To Make Your Own Console Table – We have prepared another table!! It all started because I wanted a console table for the foyer and couldn’t decide which one to get and I thought about it for a long time until I finally decided to design and build my own. The basic concept of this table is very simple, it is 4 rows of 4×4 lumber cut at a 45 degree angle and glued and bolted together with steel brackets and thick bolts.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of making your own, but you like the look of it, there are tons of ready-made tables online, and I’ve linked most of them here if you’re interested: Western Elm | fair way | fair way | fair way | fair way | Magee & Co | Box and Barrel | Surplus stock | deposit

How To Make Your Own Console Table

How To Make Your Own Console Table

If all of this seems like too much work for you, you can also check out ready-made tables that are similar in style to the one we created and require a million percent less effort to achieve 😛 : West Elm | Mud house | fair way | Box and Barrel | McGee & Co.

How To Build A Simple Diy Console Table For Under $40!

As always, be very careful when using any tool and follow all proper safety precautions! Another note: we are not fans of furniture makers, we know that we only share our experience when we visit, nothing else! Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualified purchases. I also participate in other affiliate programs and may receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links used on this website.

How To Make Your Own Console Table

I think this post is worth the tears. No, it has nothing to do with the actual construction of the table. It was really easy.

When we started the renovation last spring, we went back and forth on whether or not to save the 30-year-old studs that had fallen from the wall. Of course I want to save everything.

How To Make Your Own Console Table

Free Diy Sofa Table Plans To Make Behind The Couch Table

My husband was more comfortable with “we’re in over our heads, we’ve already paid for garbage on the way… let’s cook.”

But we’re in and the bad vibes are gone and I still have some good leftovers to work with. And my word, my husband is glad we saved them now!

How To Make Your Own Console Table

I made a 2×4 table that we love and it fits perfectly in an awkward corner of our living room!

Diy Table Ideas: Coffee Table, Picnic Table, And Many More

2 chairs, 2 full walls in our finished basement and lots of other little projects or crafts! Not bad for free wood!

How To Make Your Own Console Table

Now we have a beautiful DIY console table made from 2x4s! That was the end of our heap. In fact, I had to buy $12 worth of new wood to finish it!

If you’re using old wood like I am, the key is to get a belt sander to remove all the old glue and other grime. A belt sander can really speed up your work and make the wood look like new again.

How To Make Your Own Console Table

The Designer Console Table

I also used a palm sander to smooth all the edges a bit. I prefer mine to have a slightly rounded edge rather than a straight, hard edge.

I saw the plans of the rogue engineer. If you are looking for plans, I recommend this site. I have seen many other woodworking sites before and this one is very easy to use. The plans are simple, the checklists are easy to follow, and every item I’ve made from her plans has been amazing! That’s always a bonus, right?

How To Make Your Own Console Table

If you look at his plans, you’ll see that his X-frame is a little different than ours. This requires horizontal strips on both sides of the bottom corners to make 2 large x’s. We actually cut the pieces for the first X, but when we put it together, it was less loose than we wanted.

Havsta Console Table, Dark Brown, 39 3/8×13 3/4×24 3/4

I still like the way it looks, but we feel that the simple single stripe goes well with some of the other pieces we’ve made. Let us remind you that you don’t always have to follow the plans! Our table is gorgeous and durable with no extra parts, and no one but us knows the difference!

How To Make Your Own Console Table

Look how far this room is! Here’s what happened last year when we walked through the room before we bought it:

Now hopefully I’ll get a good shot of this window without sunlight so you can see the full display!

How To Make Your Own Console Table

Long Sofa Tables To Go Behind The Couch

It looks strange. You said you used all 2x4s, but the plans call for 2x6s for the top. Are you using 2×6 on the top?

We also followed the Rogue Engineer plans but left out the X part and built the table as you did. We also adjusted the height and length for the space we placed. That’s the beauty of making your own furniture, it’s custom made for your space! Plus it’s super cheap!!

How To Make Your Own Console Table

Love to hear that! I totally agree! It’s a lot of fun adjusting and tweaking a collection of plans until you get something that works perfectly for your space!

Diy Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Your Backyard

Hi Craig! I attached the plots we used in the article, and also explained that we made a slight difference in terms of the x-intercepts at the bottom. Here is the direct link to the plans:

How To Make Your Own Console Table

Hi, my grandfather made this table for me!! Absolutely loved it! We still have to be scarred. What color paint did you use? Thank you!

What a great genius! I used Minwax Honey for the stain. This is my favorite shade of stain I’ve found so far! I’d love to see your photos when you’re done!

How To Make Your Own Console Table

Console Tables That Take A Creative Approach To Everyday Storage And Display

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How To Make Your Own Console Table

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Ojas Console Table Natural Burnt

Any cookie that may not be necessary for the website to function and is specifically used to collect user personal information for analytics, advertising and other additional content is called a non-essential cookie. You must obtain user consent before running these cookies on your website. When we updated our living room, I was obsessed with not only the price tag, but this beautiful reclaimed wood West Elm console table. As always, we love finding great DIY tricks!

How To Make Your Own Console Table

Getting those square corners on the pine boards was a bit tricky without a sander. However, this is possible without a clean finish. Using only 15 2×4 pine boards, this table costs about $50! This is a huge steal for a $500 table.

I documented most of the build process and shared it on IG, but many of you may want to plan/edit your own. So, below is the tutorial – I hope it explains everything without pictures!

How To Make Your Own Console Table Baxton Studio Norwood Console Tables, Walnut Brown/black

1. Cut 10 2×4 boards on one end at a 45′ angle to desired height. Ours is 31 inches.

2. Drop the first 2×4, use 3-inch screws to pre-drill the holes, and screw in 4 2×4 screws on one side.

How To Make Your Own Console Table

3. Once the 5 are fully assembled, use 3/8″ double core and wood glue to join the two sides together. Press until dry. Repeat steps 2-3 for the other side.

X Console Sofa Table

4. Cut 10 2×4 boards to the desired width for the top. Our weight is 54 in. Wt. Bend both ends at a 45′ angle.

How To Make Your Own Console Table

5. Repeat the same procedure for 5 planks butt-jointed, then attach using 3/8-inch studs and wood glue. Press to store until dry.

6. Next, using a router with a straight edge, cut the tops of the boards until all the boards are flat. Also, if you have a miter saw, use it to square each corner for this step.

How To Make Your Own Console Table

In. X 30 In. Unfinished Rectangle X Pine Wood Console Table 1 Shelf

7. Cutting 1/4 inch with the router makes it easier to prevent the router from binding and gouging the wood. When you reach the desired depth, repeat with the router on both sides of the height.

8. Use 3/8-inch studs and wood dowels to match the 45′ angle and 45′ side to connect the sides.

How To Make Your Own Console Table

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