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How To Make A Water Table – AJ loves playing in the dog’s water bowl; This is his favorite hobby! And while it was fun to see how much he liked playing in the water, I really didn’t appreciate the water all over the floor, and I’m sure Fox was a kid in the drinking water. Dirty hands are not appreciated. So I decided to make a DIY water table out of extra plastic storage tubes in the garage. I bought a fountain pump and some PVC tubing and in less than an hour I had a fun water table with a fountain and sprayer! It’s so easy to make with just a few parts from the hardware store, so if your kids love playing in water try making one for them!

I decided to use PVC for this because it’s so easy to cut and drill holes, and find the corners, caps, tees, and other connecting parts you need. ((

How To Make A Water Table

How To Make A Water Table

Want to see another cool project I’ve done using PVC pipe? Check out this DIY stroller handle extender!

How To Make A Water Table

😉 The beauty of this DIY water table is that you can completely customize the top/spinner to your liking! You can make lots of head “hands” and easily lock them and rearrange them whenever you want, so your kids will never get bored!

How To Make A Water Table

The following instructions will tell you how to create the table exactly as I did, with the dimensions used. If you are using a slightly different storage box or a different sized jar, you may need to adjust the dimensions slightly to make sure everything fits.

This post is quite long, but I learned a lot while making this chart and I wanted to share it all with you so you can learn from my mistakes! If you are proficient at making PVC pipe and determining water pressure, feel free to review the post. If you’ve never worked with PVC pipe before, I suggest you read the entire article; I have lots of tips for working with PVC pipe and easy tricks to make sure the sprayer actually sprays, not dribbles.

How To Make A Water Table

Digital Large Sensory Table/sand Table With Storage Plan Diy

I went to the Home Depot website and made a list of everything I needed to make this DIY water table. I’ve included the exact amount for this project, so simply click the Add to Cart button to add it to your cart and you’ll have all the parts you need! Click here for a list of DIY water table parts.

This DIY water table has three main parts: the pump part that snaps into the box, the four-way distributor that attaches to the bottom of the lid, and a handle/spout that comes out of the top of the lid.

How To Make A Water Table

In order for more than one flow of water to come out of the water surface, I made a four-way channel out of PVC pipe to circulate water to four different pipes. The four-way distribution is permanently attached to the underside of the enclosure, and the arms/spiders are attached to the four-way distribution from above. This way, it’s easy to open your hand and put the pump part in the bag, then close the lid so you can store the water table longer when not in use.

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The four-way pump and distributor parts all consist of a series of small pieces of PVC pipe connected by adapters. I use my miter saw to cut these pieces because it’s easy to cut exactly 2″ or 3″ from the end of 10 pipes without getting in my hands. But if you don’t have a saw, you can use a circular saw, hacksaw, or PVC cutter to cut the PVC pipe; Be careful when cutting such small pieces, however you do it!

How To Make A Water Table

Once your piece is cut, sand the edges with sandpaper to remove any saw residue.

When joining your pieces, most PVC pipe will be joined using PVC pipe cement, but some will be joined using the male and female thread adapters you purchased. When joining parts with cement, you are always gluing the flat part of the adapter, not the threaded part. Before gluing, press the PVC pipe and adapter together to make sure they are securely attached. Then take it apart and apply a thin layer of glue to the outside of the PVC pipe and the inside of the adapter. Press the pieces back together, turning a quarter as you press to ensure a good connection. You can use a paper towel to remove excess glue from the joint.

How To Make A Water Table

Sand And Water Table Step 2 For Sale In Chicago, Il

PVC pipe cement must set quickly; When you cut your next piece of PVC pipe and it’s ready to join, the old joint should be dry and ready to go!

Your pump should have a small area for the water to circulate. On my particular pump, it’s a 1/2″ male threaded connection, so to connect anything to it, you’ll need one of the 1/2″ female adapters you purchased. However, do not use an adapter!

How To Make A Water Table

Start by cutting a piece of PVC pipe. Using PVC pipe cement, attach one end of the 2″ piece to the 1/2″ female adapter. Then connect the other end of the 2″ piece to the other 1/2″ female adapter. Take one of the plastic clips and wrap it around one end of the tube. Now take them all and put them in the pump assembly.

Diy Water Spray Table Made From Plastic Storage Bin And Piping

Start by cutting 2 inches of PVC pipe. Using PVC pipe cement, attach one end of the 2″ piece to the 1/2″ female adapter. Then attach the other 2″ cut end to one of the 1/2″ studs on the side of the socket (

How To Make A Water Table

A plug that is bent 90 degrees, not two plugs that are in a straight line with each other

Cut two pieces of 6-inch PVC pipe. Using PVC pipe cement, attach these two pieces to the two 1/2-inch openings from the previous step (

How To Make A Water Table

Water Play Table

Attach the remaining two 1/2-inch side fittings to the open ends of each of the two pieces of PVC pipe using PVC pipe cement. Make sure this shirt is centered as shown in the image above (

Cut four pieces of 2.5-inch long PVC pipe. Attach these sections to the four exposed ends of the tee using PVC pipe cement.

How To Make A Water Table

Take four 90 degree elbows and attach one to each exposed end of the pipe using PVC pipe cement. Make sure the open end of each collar is towards the closure (

Playgo Sand & Water Table

Once these cuts are made, lift the lid on your storage container and place the four-way divider under the lid. Use a marker to mark where the four tubes meet the caps. Drill holes through the tank at these four points using a 1″ Forstner drill bit.

How To Make A Water Table

). The storage tank I used had several raised “panels” on the lid, so I made sure to drill drainage holes in the “holes” between each raised panel to make sure it was at the lowest point of the lid. If your cover is completely flat, simply put drainage holes all over the place. These holes allow water to flow back into the box so the pump can circulate the water.

Cut four more pieces of 2.5-inch long PVC pipe and attach these pieces to the four exposed corners using PVC pipe cement.

How To Make A Water Table

International Playthings Kidoozie Pirate Ship Sand And Water Table

Push all four tubes through the holes in the lid from above. Then attach a 1/2 inch male adapter from the top of the cap to each exposed end of the pipe using PVC pipe cement. The male adapter must be thick enough to fit back through the hole you drilled in the tank and provide a permanent four-way connection to the tank.

Cut about 4′ of flexible tubing and attach one end of the hose to the pump section post and the other end to the post on the four way split. This allows the pump to send water to the dispenser, but at the same time is flexible enough that you can easily put the lid on and off when needed.

How To Make A Water Table

This is the fun and fully customizable part of this project! Each arm is basically a piece of PVC pipe with a female adapter attached to one end and a socket cap attached to the other. You’ll need about 7 pipes to make a gun, so make it as long as you want! Or if you want to look extravagant, get an extra bracelet and your handshake!

How To Make Water Table For Kids (step By Step Guideline)

When deciding on your arm setup, remember that the water pressure from the pump is divided into four streams. General physics says

How To Make A Water Table

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