How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion – I usually try to make videos when I’m teaching, but this was one of those projects that I could tell wasn’t going to happen. So I took a lot of pictures and I’ll try to explain exactly what I did. If your outdoor cushions are looking sad, old or peeling, I’m posting this post on DIY outdoor cushions to encourage you that you don’t need to buy a whole new set to fix them up. And you don’t have to spend a lot on expensive new pillows. The beauty of this project is that not only did I save money (more than the cost of replacing the pillows), but I ended up with bright, bold fabric in more prints and colors than you would have if you bought outdoor pillows. For example, this year green, red and yellow are the only colors for garden furniture. As you can see, this is not my color theme!

All the fabric for this project was from Hobby Lobby. Yes, they were on sale so I saved even more money. Be sure to grab their digital coupons if you’re in the mood and have a smartphone. It only takes a minute and you don’t need to print paper or ink, just display them. I got 4 chairs, an umbrella and 3 swing cushions. I won’t go into details about the canopy. I basically used an old roof as a model. But here’s a quick summary.

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

To begin with, I measured the old ceiling to get a rough idea of ​​how much fabric I would need to buy. Then I added an extra field to be safe. I thought I could turn it into a pillow or outdoor doily!

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I used a seam ripper to cut the old roof into pieces. I had to use my imagination for some parts because the fabric was very damaged.

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

My fabric wasn’t wide enough, so I cut a strip and sewed the two pieces together into one big piece. If you are tough, this step will be very easy. If you have a more complex fabric, you may need to buy more to get your print to look good. And don’t forget to raise. Hopefully it will last longer as it will make your final project stronger.

Be sure to add salt before making or cutting. Measure twice when you cut once…you know the drill.

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

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I laid the old roof over the new “bigger” fabric and cut it into pieces. It is basically a 3 piece model with a large center piece and two smaller curved side pieces.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty cool. I made a few good trips down the stairs and into the backyard to get everything into the frame to make sure it was sitting right. I reused the velcro from the old roof as it was in good condition. The old roofs were more complicated, with a canvas tunnel in the middle where the metal pole had to go. I skipped this step and it looks fine. I moved and glued to the front and back rocker and just did a straight seam.

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

I then repeated the process for the wide sides to make the swing look like a big dress and attached velcro where it needed to be properly secured. Honestly, you could make it easier to leave this cover off entirely and just put it directly on the cradle. Personally, I have no intention of getting this swing cover until it’s time for a new one! Now clear up your huge sewing mess and good night so we can start making our DIY swing pillows!

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Both swing cushions and woven chair cushions start the same way. I was very lucky that the fabric I chose was the PERFECT width. I didn’t need to do anything less. Be sure to measure your pillow by hand or take it to the store if you’re worried about how much fabric to buy. I think they were all five feet. If it weighs too much on my conscience, I might even go through a horrible tunnel to find my receipt to prove it to you.

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

So where do I start? Old rocking and chair cushions are really cool! I also used a sad looking pillow because I didn’t have enough pillows. I wanted to make this whole process as easy as possible, so I immediately decided not to duplicate your beautiful tube with all your store bought options. This means that this project is not very difficult. If you can sew straight lines or feel comfortable enough to make a pillow, you should tackle this project.

The yellow cushions were just old indoor sofa cushions and after all they look just as good as outdoor cushions…so use what you have!

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

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The first step is to remove all the old fabric. If you want to use the save button again, I decided not to add it again. My dress was so nice I didn’t think it was necessary. If your pillows have been left out in the rain for several years, you will find that the “white” pillows have become moldy as well. I didn’t want to risk mold spreading in the new fabric and I didn’t want to spend money on new foam, so I offered a ready-made solution. Add a quality white plastic trash bag. I used one for each half of the pillow. Warning: This may cause a tingling sensation when you first sit up and exhale. The kids and I think it’s fun, but you can skip this step if it bothers you.

As I turn the corner a bit, you can see the beautiful inner fabric on the right.

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

Then fold the fabric down and make sure it is long enough from one end to the other. I didn’t cut it at all. Again, I think it was 1.5 yards, but it could have been 1.75 yards. You’ll want to leave a seam allowance between the two cushions, so I’d wait until you’re done cutting rather than cutting the smaller one first, which you’ll need if you’re making a linked chair back. Extra fabric for that. Turn the fabric inside out, with the beautiful side on the inside and the dark white on the outside.

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Now it’s time to straighten the fabric with a presser foot and straight down the bottom edge and right side. You may also want to overlap or zigzag the fabric to make it more secure. Attention: Do not sew a closed top!

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

Turn your project right side out so you can see that beautiful fabric. Notice that I have a “real” outer pillow on the bottom and a stuffing pillow on top. The outer cushions are wide and cover the whole chair, while the cushions are not big enough. It looks good on top, and if you’re not the one who did it, you’ll never notice. Once you sit in the chair, you won’t notice the difference in size.

I also wanted to visually show that the neck joint stays in the middle and the smooth part goes towards the end.

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

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The next part is a bit tricky. You can pin it to see where you are sewing. Otherwise you run the risk of not sewing in a straight line like I did. I’ll admit it’s not a big deal for any of the 7 pillows I’ve made. Sew 2-3 rows of straight stitches on the right side of the pillow. This will give the pillow a more attractive look and help you stretch it in half.

The two rows of stitching you did will keep the top pillow from sagging too much.

How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion

Now it’s time to add the top pillow (or pillows). Make sure you use a garbage bag to tie and wrap

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