How To Make Chair Rail Molding

How To Make Chair Rail Molding – Last week I revealed the arrangement of sage greens in our nursery. It’s mighty! I love this particular piece because it really makes the whole room! But once it was installed, the rest of the room was a little boring. I’m a big fan of adding decorative wood to the walls to give any room a custom and upscale feel. And this is how I planned our nursery.

I added hardwood floors to our apartment, modern wood wall treatments in the guest room, and we recently installed a guest toilet in the guest bathroom. Every wood project was very quick and very satisfying. Projects like these are always fun and worth the hard work.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

In our nursery, I decided to add a chair rail and picture frame to the lower part of the wall. Before I choose this combination, I looked at all types of wooden walls. I want the room to be more traditional and the rail chair definitely gives that feeling.

Two Tone Color Ideas For Walls With Chair Rails

The seat rail is usually installed vertically in the lower 1/3 of the wall, and you often see it in dining rooms. Our ceiling height is 96″, so if we followed the “rules” I would have a seat rail 32″ from the floor. We decided to go a little longer (from 45 inches) because that was the look we preferred for the room. Chair rails are usually painted to match the baseboards (usually white), but as you can see, we’ve broken the rules again! I think the point is that there is no right or wrong way to add decor to your home. If you like the look, go for it!

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

It’s a long tutorial with lots of little tips along the way, so I decided to make a video showing the step-by-step process. Finn and I had a lot of fun filming the video (he has three dance moves in this one!) and I think it would be cool if you could add the seat rails to your house.

Here are all the materials we used for the project shown in the video above.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

The Easiest Diy Chair Rail

As I mentioned a little while ago, we decided to go 45″ for our sofa. Since floors are rarely level, I suggest finding the center point of your wall and marking it 45″ above the floor there.

Then draw a straight line on the wall, following this line. Do this instead of marking 45″ up multiple wall spots and connecting the dots. This results in uneven lines.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

The handsaw is the workhorse of this project, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to expand your DIY skills. We got this meter a few years ago and have used it for many projects.

Diy Chair Rail And Picture Frame Moulding

It’s easy to use and not as scary as other saws! In fact, I’m excited to one day tell my daughter how to cut all the wood in her room when I’m eight months pregnant. Oh, and don’t forget to get that saw too. We just got it and now we wonder how we ever used it without a saw!

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

When you get to the corner, you want to cut the edges at a 45 degree angle. So the two pieces of wood fit together.

I always like to take a piece of wall decor and paint it with arrows in the direction of the cut. This way I can adjust the saw in the right place. It can be a little overwhelming, so take it slow.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

Chair Rail Molding

I used liquid nails and a metal stirrer to attach the seat rails. Brad Nailer is a new tool and it’s amazing! For a project like this I would use my big air compressor and nail gun, but it’s big and you have to pack it. The bread mixer is battery operated and very simple. This made the project a breeze for me.

During this project we ran into several areas and cut a small section of wood.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

The swing saw was essential for this! We simply marked where to cut the seat rail and cut straight lines.

Victorian Farmhouse Chair Railing

I worked on the chair by myself (Finn was working on other projects around the house that day, it’s really a one-man job) and installed it in about two hours.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

With the chair up, it’s time to focus on the lower part of the wall… forming the shape of the image. This is where I needed Finn’s help – at least his strong mathematical mind.

OK, let’s dive in. Again, there is no right or wrong way to size your boxes. I used painter’s tape to determine the look I wanted and then we figured out the math. We put all the picture frames four inches below the seat rail, four inches above the baseboard, and spaced each box four inches apart. Then I figured out how many boxes each section of wall would have and Finn did the math from there.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

The Best Way To Add Vintage Flair To A New Home: Chair Railings

In the end, our boxes ranged from 26 to 31 inches (they are all the same height). Instead of every box around the room being the same size, you want to determine the size based on each wall. This ensures that each box fits the area and looks good.

I used the PVC base cover molding for the drawing boards. And can you figure out what it is called modeling? Four parts make a small picture. You will cut each corner at a 45-degree angle so they line up perfectly.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

I ran a few holes in the ends that I cut flat. If you can avoid the exits, do it! But sometimes it is necessary.

Md1802 Chair Rail Molding Trim Decorative Spectis Urethane

Adding the figure shape to the mold took me a long time because each box has four cutouts and I had nine boxes to make.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

I mean, it took me another four hours to make all the pictures. I tied it like a chair with my hairy nails and liquid nail polish. Make sure you have a suitable level to keep each box on your wall upright.

The next day I started to prepare the walls for painting. I usually love filling and painting nail holes (it’s boring but satisfying), but all the prep work we do for our DIY kits makes me not want to glue anymore. Yes!

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

Picture Rail Molding Ideas For Today’s Homes

I used Paint Paint to fill all the nail holes in my brad mixer. Then I used my favorite white cardstock to hide all the stitches. Caulking gives your project a professional look and hides imperfections or gaps in the trim. This is mandatory, so don’t skip this step.

My top nail cleaning tips… go slow, wear gloves, wipe with a wet finger, and wipe off excess with a damp cloth! It’s not hard, it just takes time. When everything was dry, we were ready to paint.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

Now you can 100% use a brush and roller for a project like this. However, since using our equipment, Finn has fallen in love with our new sprayer. I swear this guy wants to paint everything in our house! He decided to spray the room instead of writing by hand.

How To Install Picture Frame Moulding On Walls

That means a lot of plastic, painter’s tape, and tar. It protected the surface of the room that we didn’t want to paint (doors, buildings, floors, walls, etc.). I have to say that it took him about two hours to do the whole place, but he saved Lots of time because the actual painting part was quick (about five minutes per coat)!

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

Finn sprayed one thin coat of the primer. I use this background for every project and it is my favorite.

We waited until the primer was dry to the touch and then we prepared the spray paint.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

Correct Height For Chair Rail And Wainscot

Since this is a nursery, I went with this simple Valspar paint because it has zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds). I got some extra interior trim at Lowe’s to match the paint on the walls. Unfortunately, I don’t have a name for the paint color…instead we put the Craftmaid cabinet in the “Bonsai” color.

However, if you like sage green, you can show the Lowe’s staff the picture above (with the paint formula in a can) and they can mix it for you! Hope this helps.

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

Holding the sprayer 10-12 inches from the wall, spray two light coats of sage green paint. Then he placed all the coats on the wall.

Chair Rail Installation Tips And Ideas

Here’s what it looks like

How To Make Chair Rail Molding

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