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How To Connect 2 Socket And Switch – This article will show you how to connect a circuit that can turn a light on or off in two different places. This light control circuit is called a bidirectional switching circuit.

Two single-pole double-throw or SPDT switches are required to turn the light on and off in two different positions.

How To Connect 2 Socket And Switch

SPDTs are called 2-way switches in the European Union and 3-way switches in North America. Aaotokk Sae Cigarette Lighter Battery Cable,16awg 12v Cigarette Lighter Female Plug To Sae 2 Pin Quick Release Disconnect Connector Plug Adapter Extension Charging Cable With Switch(2.4m/7.8ft F)

Each terminal on the SPDT switch has a name. The input terminal is called common. The output terminals are called normally open and normally closed.

When a switch or lever is pressed, the common terminal is connected to either a normally open or a normally closed terminal depending on its position.

There is a switch at the bottom of the stairs and another switch at the top of the stairs. And, of course, the ceiling light above the middle of the stairs.

Let’s call the up and down switches for discussion. All switches can turn lights on or off.

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Circuit wiring is very similar in the European Union and North America, but there are some differences. The color of the insulation of the power cable is different.

Another difference is the typical voltage level for household electricity. The voltage is 115V AC in North America and 220V AC in the EU.

In North America, the two wires are called line and neutral and come from the breaker in the electrical panel. The line wire has black insulation and the neutral wire has white insulation.

The cable coming out of the electrical panel has these two wires and a third wire connected to ground. The ground wire has no insulation.

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The cable is called NMD90 14/2 because of the size of the wires and the number of wires inside. The NMD90 14/2 has two wires that are 14 AWG.

– The cable is behind the wall and the power cable can enter the circuit from 3 different places.

For even more options, you can run wires between the switches and run wires from the switches to the lights. Alternatively, one wire can run from a switch to a lamp and another wire to another switch.

You can easily identify wiring by looking at the wires in the ceiling. There will only be 3 wires. These wires connect directly to the lights.

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Before we continue, it’s time to remind everyone that working with electricity is very dangerous! Entrust the electrical installation to qualified craftsmen!

A new play was presented. This new cable is called NMD90 14/3 and has a third red wire.

The white power wire is not connected to the switch at all, it is connected to the white 14/3 wire. The wiring is done inside the electrical box of the switch.

There is another wire connector that connects the 14/3 white wire to the 14/2 white cable wire. Again, this wiring is done inside the electrical box of the UP switch.

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A 14/3 cable connects the two switches. The red wire connects the normally open terminal of the switch and the black wire connects the normally closed terminal.

Let’s see if it works! When the switch is in the marked position, electricity flows from the wire through the light to the neutral wire.

What if I change the position of the switch down? The circuit breaks and the lights go out!

Ok… let’s see what happens when we change the position of the top switch. If all goes well, the lamp will light up. When the switch is in the new position, electricity flows from the wire through the light to the neutral wire.

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– SPDT is called a 2-way switch in the European Union and a 3-way switch in North America.

– Each SPDT switch terminal has a name. The input terminal is called common. The output terminals are called normally open and normally closed.

If you have any questions about bi-directional switching circuits and wiring, add them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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We focus on teaching automation engineers, control engineers and technicians the skills they need to succeed now and in the future. We are constantly working with manufacturers to understand what the future holds. An electrical outlet is a female connector that carries power or power and transmits electricity when an electrical plug is connected. The power supply is usually connected to an electrical outlet or electricity. Electrical contacts are used in switchboards, outlets, expansion panels, etc. Electrical can be 2-pin, 3-pin or 5-pin. Electrical outlets come in a variety of ratings, styles and designs. The most common and commonly used electrical outlets are 5A, 6A, 16A, 32A, etc. Single-phase sockets have two or three ports. There are also different types of ports. Some electrical outlets have a flat port while others have a round port.

5 pin power sockets are available in 6A, 16A, 32A, any current. Some 5-pin sockets have the ability to connect both 6A and 16A plug types. All five gates are visible from the front. The terrestrial or terrestrial port is much larger than other ports. When a short circuit fault occurs, a very large current flows in the circuit. This is why ground or ground pins are larger because large shorts to ground can be easily bypassed. You will also notice that when you insert the plug into an outlet, the ground pin connects to the outlet first, then the phase and neutral. This is because it can easily flow to ground in the event of a fault or leakage current, reducing the possibility of an accident such as electric shock.

Looking at the back of the socket, you can see that there are three screw terminals (phase, neutral and ground) for connecting the power supply. All pins are also identified. The phase terminals are marked with “P” or “L”. The neutral terminal is marked “N”. And the ground pin is marked with a standard earth or ground symbol.

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According to electrical codes, the switch must be located to the right of the outlet. If there are several electrical outlets with separate switches in the switchboard, all switches must be placed to the right of the corresponding electrical outlet.

2. Connect the neutral wire of the power supply to the neutral terminal (marked “N”) of the electrical outlet.

4. Connect the other terminal of the switch to the phase terminal (marked “P” or “L”) of the electrical outlet.

Remember that electricity is very dangerous. And all information provided in this blog is for general knowledge only. Therefore, you should check and get permission before doing or doing anything related to electricity. Home Electrical How to Wire Wiring Diagrams Wiring Diagrams [Correct] Bidirectional Switch Wiring Diagrams and Wiring

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In this article, we will look at the circuit diagram and wiring of the 2-way switch. We know that there are many applications of 2-way switches for staircase lighting, bedroom lighting, etc. There are three procedures or methods for connecting a two-way switch. So we will look at all three methods or procedures. Generally, the main purpose of using a bi-directional switch is to control a load from two different locations. Mainly used for lighting control.

A two-way switch is nothing more than a single-pole two-way switch. The 2-way switch has a total of three terminals, L1 and L2, and a common terminal. The upper and lower terminals are named L1, L2. Intermediate terminals are known as common.

There are two positions for operating the 2-way switch. In position 1 the common terminal is connected to terminal L1 and in position 2 the common terminal is connected to terminal L2.

3. Connect the common terminal of switch 1 to the phase or live terminal of the supply. Gietop Gi1407 Lot/sets 6.3mm 14 16awg Female Gold Spade Terminal Connector + Rocker Switch Plug Connect Box Socket Arb Carling (2 Sets)

The lamp is on when the common terminal of both switches is connected to terminal L1.

If we connect the common terminal of switch 1 to L1 and the common terminal of switch 2 to L2,

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