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In the last three months I have traded in my £100 Ikea chair for an all black Razer Iskur gaming chair. Until recently, I was quite resistant to the onslaught of so-called bucket gaming chairs with their nafs, lumbar pads and faster runners, but I was also increasingly aware that my Ikea chair might not work. my back is fine too. Perfectly suitable office furniture for the price, but working full-time at home I should probably be a sensible adult and invest in something decent to park behind every day.

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

The problem is that “real” office chairs – your Herman Millers and others – are so insanely expensive that the idea of ​​paying close to a million euros for one seems downright ridiculous. What kind of pose magic could be worth that kind of money? So I thought Razer’s Iskur would be a good compromise. At £499/$499, it’s halfway between your entry-level office chairs and a top-of-the-line back seat, and has decent built-in lumbar support instead of a terrible cushion (as any decent chair should). Could this be the gaming chair of my dreams?

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Yes and no. Yes, because I’m pretty sure I’ve had a little less back pain over the past three months, and its wider seat and height-adjustable 4D armrest have meant I’ve been hunched over the keyboard a lot less too. Instead, I was able to sit properly in the chair, rest my arms where needed, and generally be much more comfortable. I was also able to sit with my legs crossed from time to time (probably to the detriment of my spine). The fixed position of my Ikea chair arms meant I couldn’t do this before and I live like I missed it. I don’t know if that defeats the purpose of having a decent office chair or not, but hey, I’m a big cross-legged person and I always feel a little annoyed when a chair won’t let me.

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

So those are all big pluses in my book. I also love that Razer created an all black version in addition to the original black and green number. The black model still has the slightly unnecessary “By Gamers. For Gamers” logo sewn into the front seat, but at least its black text isn’t as obvious. I think I’d still cry a bit if I saw all those bright green stitches staring at me every day when I walk into my office, so I’m glad there’s a sensible black version that doesn’t make me feel instantly embarrassed when I’m choosing. it up. Video call

The all-black logo stitching is infinitely better than the green version above. The raised sides also make a very good enclosed cat seat. I am forever fighting my cats to sit on this thing.

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

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The big problem with the Iskuri chair is that I’m pretty sure it’s not designed for a woman of my height and build. Or a woman’s story. According to Razer, the Iskur can handle a maximum weight of 136kg / 21 stone (no problem) and its ideal player height is between 5ft 6in and 6ft 2in (ie 170-190cm). I’m on the low end of that high scale, but (and I really can’t believe I’m saying this) I don’t think I’m heavy enough for that.

Now, I’ve lost a fair amount of weight over the last year and if my current BMI is anything to go by, I’m actually overweight for my height. I’m not some skinny tie. But whenever I wanted to tilt the chair back to accept the daily body attacks from my cat (he insists on sitting on my stomach like a big furry baby every day), I had no choice but to push my toes back. like just, you know, doing normal weight loss.

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

At first I thought I was going to push the entire chair off the floor, but then I realized the chair was too heavy to shake like that. I was actually leaning towards it, but I had to really work at it. I had to push forward to lean back as well, otherwise the chair would immediately return to its normal position. It’s not a great chair for reclining (or a full front seat) and it was one thing I really missed in my Ikea office.

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It is possible that Iskur was designed just like that. It’s also possible that I screwed it together too tightly when installing it. I’d like to take it apart and try again, but my other big problem with the Iskur is that it’s not possible to do that right now. To hide those unsightly screws, Razer provides two small plastic covers that pop into the screw holes. And man alive, I couldn’t get them out after a bond made for love or money. These little caps are flush with their plastic casing and I’m afraid the only way to remove them again would seriously destroy the rest of the environment.

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

It’s a shame because I also ended up messing up the actual orientation of the seat back. That’s what happens when you try to assemble a great chair like this yourself – which was pretty easy for the most part, but it would definitely help to have someone else hold it in place while you use the included hex wrench. .

Look closely and you’ll see that there’s a slight gap where the seat meets the back of the chair – and I can’t go straight back because of those damn plastic caps. I don’t feel like my spine is permanently out of balance because of it. If anything, I can’t say I noticed it at all. But there is something to it

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

Bigger Big Chair

If I’m being honest, the 4D stems seem to come quite a bit too. Because they are 4D, they can move up and down, in and out, and even tilt at an angle thanks to three separate buttons. And they’re only good for holding the WASD keys with one hand and my mouse with the other. But I always felt that it was necessary to pull that right even further when I was writing. Again, I felt too small for the inner confines of the chair, which ended up being a widespread problem along with many other idiosyncrasies.

For example, the tufted pillow is similarly a bit too plush and/or big for my height. Razer’s fancy diagrams show it resting against my neck, but for me it rises closer to the bottom of my head, pushing my skull too far forward to be completely comfortable. Luckily it’s removable so I can put it away and have it on my cats, but it’s disappointing either way. It is so wonderfully soft and comfortable.

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

I had trouble getting that lumbar switch to work at first. No matter how hard I pulled, nothing would happen. I thought it was broken. Fortunately, it finally started working.

Little Golden Book (you Choose)

I also didn’t feel much need to use what is definitely an Iskur feature – its adjustable lumbar support. Thanks to a small lever switch under the seat on the right, you can rotate the curved lumbar panel outwards if you want to sit further forward. You can raise it anywhere – its position isn’t fixed – but I often found that its default position (i.e. fully back) was more comfortable while working. In reality, that’s probably where the pillow is meant to be, because an extra neck support would probably be ideal when sitting backwards like that.

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

But for my height, the combination of sitting more forward and the pillow pushing my head instead of my neck often meant that the rest of my spine fell back to center. Maybe it’s just my bad attitude, but I also have a strong feeling that if I was a few inches taller, it would be great. If I actually sit up straight, I can almost see what it would be like. But more often than not, I sank back down, my shoulder blades sinking into the gap without support.

I’m a big fan of Iskur’s great armrests and sure

How To Make A Big Paper Chair

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