How To Install A Double Electrical Outlet

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How To Install A Double Electrical Outlet – The BS1363 socket (IEC) is also known as the UK socket or Type G socket. It has many types like 1 gang, 2, gang and hence 3 pins with or without switch and neon lights. It also comes in different models/designs and threads as per the system requirements and yes, we will talk about them one by one in future posts.

The three-pin socket is one of the most popular and commonly used plug sockets in various countries such as the UK, EU and other Arab and Asian countries for these reasons.

How To Install A Double Electrical Outlet

In the following wiring tutorial, we’ll show you how to wire a new (or old) three-pin power supply with a switch. Two switches can be used to control each socket on/off. A neon light indicates the on and off position of a switch, for example. i.e. when the bulb is on, the switch is on, the circuit is on and vice versa. The advantage of having a red light on the switches is that the neon light can be easily seen in dark places, indicating that the connected device is either off or on.

Wiring A Plug: Replacing A Plug And Rewiring Electronics

For 230V single phase supply voltage we have used the following IEC wire color codes for UK and EU. The UK used its own cable color codes until April 2004 and other countries still follow the old UK cable color code. The UK now follows IEC wire color codes.

Double Gang Socket 3 Pin Socket British Socket BS1363 Socket Double Socket Power Socket Switchable 2 Piece Two Socket G Type Socket UK Socket

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How To Install Outdoor Electrical Outlet In Yard [safe Way]

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