How To Make A Reading Lamp

How To Make A Reading Lamp – Can you imagine getting new and useful things on a regular basis, but without having to spend ridiculous amounts on them, much cheaper? Well, you can do that by making your own decision

For example, let’s say you need to put a lamp next to your bed so you can read at night, or don’t turn off the light in your bedroom. What you can do is go to a store and look at the lamps they offer and then pay a high price for a simple wooden lamp. However, it is not necessary. You can also find some free time on your own or even get someone else to help you gather materials and then do it yourself.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

How To Make A Reading Lamp

It will cost you as much if not more than what you can buy at the store.

Sayre Task Table Lamp

These are not step-by-step instructions on how to make your own at home, but they are very simple, and if you have some crafting skills, you should have no trouble figuring out what to do to get the lamp in the picture. . Enjoy!

How To Make A Reading Lamp

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Making your own table lamp is a great way to add a personal, artistic and super-functional touch to the rooms you spend a lot of time in.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Andoer Led Desk Lamp Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp With 3 Brightness Levels Night Light Mode

Each lamp shows a different way of making a base, so check their instructions to see which ones have a base for them or which ones you’ll want to stock up on.

I recommend taking (or at least reading) my free Lamps course before making one of these lamps. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to build the lamps, but not how to wire them up. In my Lamper class, I pass.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

LEFT: Glass table lamp – base without cover, flat bottom and walls without drilling (floor lamp with tripod has similar hardware requirements). Led Table Lamp Rechargeable Desk Lamp Led Eye Protection Desk Lamp, Student Plug In Dual Use Learning Reading Lamp Bedroom Bedside Lamp Small Pen Holder Eye Protection Table Lamp

MEDIUM: The thermos is a hollow base with its own removable hood, flat bottom and hollow walls.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

AJ: The mug lamp is a solid hollow piece mounted on a formal lamp base with pre-drilled holes to accommodate the cord and connecting central threaded rod.

The three table lamp designs in this class demonstrate the three most common types of bases and how they are attached. The parts used and the method of their installation are determined by the specifics of each foundation.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

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The pictures above show different types of table lamp sockets that have the cord coming out of the fixture or base and are made by Electrical Connection Hardware.

Of the 3 lamp options of this class, this combination is the simplest.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Glass bottle table lamps look so classic and always remind me of New England. They suit many different decor styles as they are neutral and you can rely on your choice of shades to guide your style.

Ledu Advanced Style Incandescent Gooseneck Desk Lamp, 6

*You can actually “cut” a hole in glass bottles, I’d like to show you how to join the base without risk of breaking like ceramic. You may not have the tools to make the holes, or you may leave them untouched.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

I recommend finding your bottle first, then measuring the diameter of the bottle neck and ordering the parts to make sure you have the correct size control ring.

*I like ordering a kit because it’s cheaper than buying the individual parts we need. We still need to finish it off with a few details because I have my own way of making the bottle lights that is different from the instructions in the kit. In my opinion, my route uses more durable and better equipment. 🙂

How To Make A Reading Lamp

How To Make A Desk Lamp With Can

NOTE: I never add a harp to the smaller lamps because I find there is more flexibility in choosing the shades since about 50% of the smaller shades have a lamp clamp installed instead of a spider/washer. I will explain what this means in more detail in the next lesson.

First, we need to make sure that the rubber adapter fits into the opening of the bottle neck. This is the part that attaches the flask parts to the bottle, so it needs to be tight.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Because narrow necks come in so many different internal diameters, it is unlikely that any of the sets will fit without adjustment. As you can see above, the best choice is one that is larger than necessary because material can be removed but not added. 🙂

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Place the rubber adapter on the cutting mat and carefully cut thin strips with a knife. Try it in a bottle.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Repeat this process until you are inside. It should be big enough to reach halfway through.

Stop halfway or it will be difficult to pull out. Take it out of the bottle and set it aside.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

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Insert one of the swivel nuts flush with the base of the nipple. Then go first to the lock washer and then to the regular washer.

Then slide the rubber adapter onto the nipple and press down on it with both hands until it sticks to the side of the washing machine.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Place the rubber adapter inside the bottle with the nuts and washers facing down and press it against the neck until the top of the adapter is just below the top of the bottle. (as in the picture above)

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Do this by tightening the adapter, not the nipple, so that the washer and nut are still tight on the bottom of the adapter.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Now that you have the adapter installed, slide the nut in with a regular washer. Use the small Channellock pliers to tighten the nut.

Continue to check that the nipple is straight up and down and not sagging. Tightening the nut compresses the rubber adapter and additionally locks it in place.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

How Do I Choose The Right Lamp Shade?

Then slide the neck, making sure the bottom of the neck is in the middle of the snap ring, and tighten the swivel nut.

Now the last part is screwed. Nozzle cover. This is a defining part of this type of lamps. Side-exit wire allows parts of the lamp to be added to sockets that are difficult or impossible to drill and/or access.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Screw on the cover and fasten the side screw if there is one. (Not all hats have one.)

Dimmable Led Desk Light Bedside Reading Lamp Rechargeable Table Touch Control Us

Pull the bare ends of the bulb wires through the hole in the side of the cover. Pull the wires about 3 inches apart and tie a knot.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Connect the plug by connecting the hot/smooth wire to the hot/copper screw terminal and the neutral/side wire to the neutral/silver. For a complete wiring explanation, visit Lesson 3 of my light bulb tutorial.

Stay extremely proud!! You have made a very nice table lamp. In the next lesson, I will talk about how to choose the perfect lamp shade.

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Diy Lamp Ideas That Are Easy To Make • Its Overflowing

Option #2: Shows how to drill a hollow base with its own removable shroud, flat bottom, and drillable walls.

If you’re like me, I like to keep things around that remind me of positive memories from the past or represent things I enjoy doing now. This vintage thermos table lamp can do both for me. I grew up in summers and camping and have great memories of those days and still love camping and being outdoors so this lamp perfectly represents my past and present. 🙂

How To Make A Reading Lamp

Of the 3 lamp options in this class, this is my personal favorite and the most difficult. I admit I didn’t think much of it until I went to drill a hole in the light bulb cord and saw Stanley insulating their thermoses with powdered charcoal.

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Once I figured out what happened when the little gray clouds exploded while digging I was able to fix the problem pretty easily, but it added a few steps and a bit of time, so fair warning, it’s a cheat!

How To Make A Reading Lamp

If you choose a different brand of thermos, it may not have the same surprises (no insulation, just air I expect), or it may have its own.

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