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How To Make A Wood Resin Table – Forest 2 Home community member Amy Cutaiar (@amysacutauchod on Instagram) made a cool DIY board out of Forest 2 Home walnut wood and epoxy resin! Amy provided a DIY project plan for your epoxy resin board in the workshop!

I have always loved DIY and crafts. My dad always had a lot of tools when I was growing up and I loved learning how to use them all. I wanted to make holiday gifts that I was totally addicted to so I started using epoxy resin. I’ve been using it ever since and I try new ways to use it whenever I can, like the Walnut Resin Table.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

I had the idea of ​​making a resin seaboard with waves you can see and the plans changed but it still worked. This was my first time using deep injection resin and there were a few learning curves along the way.

Epoxy Resin Live Edge Dining Tables

Collecting and preparing the Mold. These molds do not release glue as silicone is required for each joint. It is also recommended to use a glue stick so that the glue can be easily removed from the mold once it has cured.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

After the mold is set to the assembly dimensions, the time required to break the walnut is measured. The inside of the assembled mold was 16 inches, so I cut it to about 15 ¾. The Forest 2 House Rustic Walnut is rough (no plans) and needed planing and sanding to get the nice finish I was looking for.

Wood naturally absorbs some of the resin, so this time mix some epoxy resin on the board to seal the wood sides and let it cure overnight. After curing, I used the same silicone to seal the joint to attach the wood to the bottom of the mold and set it completely overnight.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

Live Edge Table Custom 72 X 40 Walnut Wood Deep Blue And

Following the instructions for injecting deep epoxy resin, I mixed and colored the resin to fill the mold. Mas Epoxies has a resin calculator on their website that I used to make sure I was mixing the right amount for my mold size.

(I thought there wasn’t enough resin here, so I diluted the resin and added more. An extra layer of resin to make a small repair.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

After a curing time of 24-36 hours, I was able to disassemble the table top and start removing the silicone from the parts.

How To Make Your Own Diy Epoxy Resin Table

At this point I put the tabletop epoxy resin on the top and bottom and let it cure. This is optional if the table top is sanded and primed to your liking. Although not required, the entire table top is polished for easy cleaning.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

Press the threaded posts to match the holes of the table legs, attach the posts with superglue or 5 minute epoxy, and do not harden. Attach the table legs.

You can find this DIY project and more of Amy’s amazing projects on our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok @amysacutauchod. If you are interested in purchasing one of Amy’s DIY wood and epoxy resin projects, you can find them on her Etsy page.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

Epoxy Resin And Beautiful Resin Wood Tables

Ready to add epoxy resin to your next workshop project? Email all Coedwig 2 home wood projects and epoxy resin to [email protected] If you’re sharing photos of your project on social media, use #BuiltWithF2H and tag @shopf2h! Happy carpenter!

The discount code cannot be applied to the shopping cart. Restrictions may apply or your vehicle may not have the correct equipment to use for this discount.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

The discount code cannot be applied to the shopping cart. Make sure your vehicle meets the requirements to apply this discount code. Find out how to make this live edge epoxy resin “reverse river” board! I made this table out of straight walnut edges cast in black metallic epoxy resin on a maple base!

Austin Wood And Epoxy Resin River Dining Table In Austin Tx

Before pouring this epoxy belt, it had to be done at least evenly. Because this bed is wider than my adapter bed, I was only able to flatten part of the bed, to do this I had to remove the guard from the adapter. If you try this technique, be very careful, because the rotating head can mess up in seconds if you’re not careful.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

After removing the guard I was able to start smoothing out some of the fold and it took a few passes. This board is very warped, during the milling process I managed to remove most of it without making it too thin.

As you can see, the joints of the bed faces leave gaps between the flat and non-flat areas. The leveled area was now the reference plane when I moved it to the plane.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

Turquoise Resin River Dining Table

I added pieces of MDF to the planer bed to keep the uneven areas from interfering, which took the bed off the planer bed so that only the flat areas were touching the MDF.

I didn’t notice it when I was grinding, but after watching this video again, I noticed that the roof rises a little from the top. To prevent this, pressure should be applied to the left side of the belt as it passes through the design.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

However, after leveling the other side of the belt, you can turn the newly leveled side towards the planning bed and remove the edge left by the cement material.

Orren Ellis Waki Iron Dining Table

Now, if you don’t have a router or a router, you can use a router here to get the same result.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

Once the columns were gone, I was able to pry a few times to remove some material on each side, and then allow the belt to cool briefly on the seat before casting the epoxy.

The next day, the bed should be cut to length, which is done with a saw. I really wanted this strap to go straight down on top of the table, and this is because of the cut angle. I wanted to remove as little as possible from this section. Because everyone knows that the crotch shape is the best and it means cutting the ends of the roofs at a slight angle.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

Care Instructions For Your Epoxy Resin Table

After cutting, I was able to mark where the cut should be made on the other side of the bed. To make this cut the same as the previous cut, I placed a 12-inch seam allowance on the cut edge so that the tape measures in line with the square. You can refer to the other area to make marks and then cut the other end to length.

Before I go, I decided to test out a new tool I just received in the mail: the Orion 950 Moisture Meter from Wagner Meters, this week’s video sponsor. I wanted to make sure these tiles were air dried and ready to use since they are about 2 inches thick.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

Ensuring good roof damping was particularly important for this project. Epoxy is much less forgiving when it comes to wood movement. Fortunately, these frames have been in the fridge for 6 months, and I was able to go as the meter told me. Totalboat Diy Epoxy River Table Project Kit (quart)

Next you can create a form. We used it exactly the same way we used it before for river boards. Here’s a link in case you missed it This MDF was already taped with Tyvec tape, which made the job much easier as I cut it to size and assembled it.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

For this I used a combination of table saw, miter saw and miter saw and was able to assemble the form.

Before assembly I had to add some extra Tyvek tape in a few places where there were holes in the old projects to keep the epoxy from coming out of the holes. The TotalBoat deep cast epoxy I used for this project has a very low viscosity, so this model must be completely waterproof to prevent cracking.

How To Make A Wood Resin Table

Make A Diy Walnut Wood And Epoxy Resin Table With Amy

To assemble the form I used pre-drilled 1 ¼” screws and countersunk the holes. Because otherwise the MDF is easy to split. I added screws about every 8 inches on the bottom.

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