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How To Make Epoxy Table At Home – As a carpenter, I have an ever-growing list of projects I want to build at some point in my career…and at the top of that list is a resin water table. While resin tables are often made, one thing I’ve noticed is that many of these projects are done with industrial tools in big shops. So I decided to challenge myself to make some tools and accessories found at my local home improvement store. Also, to help achieve this goal, I teamed up with my wonderful friends at Bernzomatic and got to work!

The thing is, you don’t need a fully equipped industrial workshop to make things cool. Originally, I wanted to create this project with three power tools (circular saw, drill and sander), but I made a mistake during molding and ended up using a power planer as well. But if you can keep the rubber from leaking under the plate, you don’t need three power tools for this project at all!

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

I also added black to make the water look like tar. You can choose any color!

How To Make An Epoxy Resin River Table — Baltic Day

14. Then I made sure my plate was level and then poured epoxy deep into the holes and cracks that needed to be filled. Be sure to follow the instructions on the plastic container so that you can pour the water immediately. I’m a little ambitious and my tires fell during maintenance, so be careful!

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

15. After casting the resin, I used a large Bernzomatic B4500 flashlight to remove as many air bubbles as possible from the resin. This is important because I don’t want bubbles.

Then I looked at the molding and sometimes had to use my hobby Bernzomatic ST2200 and use a flashlight at home to remove accidental bubbles while curing.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

How To Make An Epoxy Resin Table — Blacktail Studio

16. Since my tires had shrunk a little, I had to go back to the project the next day and repeat steps 13 – 15 until I was happy with the water depth.

17. After treating the resin according to the label of the product I used, I removed the mold from the table board.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

18. Then I realized I had a big leak on the bottom of the plate so I used an electric hand plane to remove most of the rubber.

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19. Then I use a sander to smooth the rest of the table. I started with 120 grit sandpaper and increased to 400 grit when the table was finished.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

I still can’t believe I made this table with tools I found at my local DIY store! Looks like it came from the right woodworking shop!

I can’t wait to push the boundaries of my little shop even further. And look what I can do! Until then, friends… Happy DIY! Do you want to bring the beach into your home? This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a concrete and epoxy ocean table.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Diy Resin River Coffee Table

Don’t want the beach at the end of your vacation? Brought to you by this side table that looks like a cross section of the ocean.

Bob Clagett shared a video tutorial for this project on his website after being inspired by the water table and his wife’s love of the ocean. This project takes about a week, depending on the treatment and drying time, and it was Bob Three tries to get it right. In his video, he shares his best process tips for concrete and epoxy, and the steps are outlined here.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Cut melamine to get a concrete mold. You will need a bottom piece that is the same length and width as you want your table to be, and four pieces for the sides that define the height. Make sure these two pieces are slightly larger than the other pieces for a secure fit.

Your Ultimate Guide To River Tables — Home

Connect the side parts and the melamine base with screws. Then cut small pieces of melamine to mimic the size of the inlay table legs. Cut one piece to the width of the leg and cut a smaller piece to make up the difference in the width of the other side. Glue the two parts together with CA glue and then put them in place.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Finally, seal the mold with silicone caulk on every seam. Also seal the cut edges of the melamine to prevent the concrete from sticking. Use a releaser to help remove the concrete and epoxy corners and side pieces.

After the caulk has dried, clean the mold. Then follow the instructions for adding water to the cement mixer and prepare it in a large container. (See Roger Cook and Kevin O’Connor for tips on working with concrete.)

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Dzineelements Epoxy 70.86” Iron Pedestal Dining Table

Raise one side of your form a few inches (Bob used a melamine scraper) so you can pour the concrete in the corner. This makes the effect of the ocean appear to be deeper and deeper.

Pour it gradually, then take the time to shape the concrete so that it looks like a beach when it is in shape. Bob made his base thinner on one side and thicker on the other, then added texture to give the concrete ocean floor a more natural look.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Remove air bubbles by running an orbital sander (without a backing pad) down the side of the mold. Cover with plastic and let it set for about 48 hours.

Customize Epoxy Resin Table River Table Resin Table

Adjust the stop of the table saws so that you can cut four square legs for the table. These dimensions should match the dimensions of the strips you made in your concrete mold. Clean the legs well, then select the side of each leg that you want facing the outside of the table.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Bob used wood from the same spot to cut four pieces for the cross. He cut them long, but too long.

When the concrete has dried and set for a few days, remove the excess concrete and dust from the side of the mold and vacuum it. Then take the mold for epoxy and reinforce it in the opposite direction of pouring concrete.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Epoxy Resin Tables Nj, River & Waterfall Styles

Then follow the specified ratio and process for the preparation of epoxy resin. Add blue resin coloring (Bob adds 10 drops) to give the epoxy an ocean color. Pour the epoxy first, adjusting the mold by hand to make sure it covers the entire base and reaches the corners.

Treat lightly with a heat gun, which will cause any air bubbles to appear. Continue adding epoxy until the table is the correct height, waiting 4-6 hours between each watering. Bob used 2 liters of epoxy divided into 4 separate batches. After applying the final coat and using a heat gun to remove air bubbles, the epoxy should be allowed to cure for 48 hours.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Avoid cracking by maintaining the minimum thickness recommended for each watering. If a crack occurs, it can be repaired by carefully pouring epoxy into the crack after letting it sit for 4-6 hours, then applying a heat gun to the area before pouring the rest of the epoxy into the mold.

How To Protect Outdoor Epoxy Table (video Tutorial)

Remove the mold one by one, using a hammer to knock the pieces of melamine off the dry cement and epoxy resin. Then use an orbital sander to remove the residue. Also, be sure to sand the table edges, which can become sharp once the epoxy has set.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Loosening the mold should help remove the side and corner pieces, but if it’s stuck, use a hammer and chip to pull the pieces out. out. Save the broken corners from the epoxy and use CA glue to reattach them after you finish sanding the table.

Go back to the joist pieces you made before adding the epoxy and cut them to the final width and length. One pair crosses under the table and the other pair comes closer to the ends of the table legs.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

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For an X shape, place a stop at each end of the cross slide. Saw the middle of two of the four pieces of the cross cut in half.

Legs need room for braces. To make them, start by cutting a 2×4 at a 45 degree angle to act as a cushion for the cross sled. Draw a line where you want the crotch to cross the leg, then set the block so you know where to cut. With your legs behind you, cut a small piece to create a flat dado at the corner. Repeat this process on both ends of each leg. Then clean the cut and level the gap with a chisel.

How To Make Epoxy Table At Home

Assemble the legs and cross straps and make a dry fit to the table.

Custom Live Edge Epoxy River Dining Tables For Sale

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