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How To Make A Table On Canva – This blog is for you if you want to learn how to add a table to a Canva template.

Currently, you cannot insert or upload Excel spreadsheets directly into Canva. However, I would like to show you how easy it is to solve this problem by creating a table in Canva.

How To Make A Table On Canva

How To Make A Table On Canva

After learning the basic techniques, you will be able to customize each board template. Get creative with various Canva assets, change the background color, upload a background photo, and apply your own brand visual style to your template.

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You can find all the links or recommended tools and apps in the Resources section at the bottom of this blog.

How To Make A Table On Canva

Feel free to watch the full YouTube tutorial if you like, or follow the step-by-step instructions while you watch.

It doesn’t matter what size template you use, it totally depends on your project (I used an A4 size template in my video tutorial).

How To Make A Table On Canva

Free Table Maker

Before you start creating your table, decide on paper how many “columns” and “rows” you will need for your table.

Since you will be creating “cells” in your spreadsheet, you also need to consider how much text will be added to each. This will help you get a rough idea of ​​the size of each “cell”.

How To Make A Table On Canva

So open your Canva template and start by adding a header. For example, I use the customer booking form.

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As with all working papers, it’s helpful to use the margins as guides to ensure that any elements you add line up perfectly.

How To Make A Table On Canva

To add a margin above the sidebar, choose Elements → Square Border. Click once to add it to your model.

Hold and drag the side buttons to change the square border until you get the shape you want.

How To Make A Table On Canva

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You will now create “rows” and “columns” for your table by creating individual “cells”. Any text will be added here.

Click once on the square to display it on the model. The square will be the “cells” of your table.

How To Make A Table On Canva

Drag the corner buttons to resize the square to create the correct size for each cell.

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If the cells in each row are the same size, save a lot of time by creating multiple rows, grouping them together, and duplicating them.

How To Make A Table On Canva

⭐️ Tip: Once you’ve created a single text box with the font style, size, and color you want, click the Duplicate tab at the top right of your Canva toolbar.

This will duplicate the text field in the exact same font style as before and ensure consistency throughout the table.

How To Make A Table On Canva

How To Make Text Vertical In Canva

That’s when the fun begins. You can start customizing your table by changing the color of rows and/or columns if you wish.

👑 If you’re a Canva Pro user, you’ll now have a branding kit to help you keep colors and fonts consistent with your brand’s visual style.

How To Make A Table On Canva

Customize your template a little more by browsing through the hundreds of great icons and features available in the Elements tab of Canva’s sidebar.

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However, don’t just grab them; only use them if there are specific elements that are part of your brand.

How To Make A Table On Canva

There are several ways to slightly modify the template while completely changing the background.

At the top, you’ll find a small paint palette and a number of small color tabs. Click once on any of the suggested color tabs or click on the palette to fully customize the color.

How To Make A Table On Canva

Table Of Contents Maker

👑 Canva Pro users: Here you can access your signature color palettes to match your design to your brand identity.

If you want to add more flair to your template, you can experiment with a background photo.

How To Make A Table On Canva

You can easily do this by going to the Photos tab in the sidebar and choosing between Free, Professional 👑, or Premium ∞ photos.

How To Use Canva Templates

To add a photo to the background, simply drag and drop it until it matches the entire template. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky, so my advice would be to pull it slowly until it “clicks” somehow.

How To Make A Table On Canva

To reposition a photo in the template, double-click it and use the four-arrow slider to adjust the position.

If you want to make your template really unique with your own branding, you can replace the standard photo (however nice) with a sample branded photo.

How To Make A Table On Canva

What Is Canva And Why You Really Need It

To do this, go to the Uploads tab in the sidebar and upload a photo from your local files by clicking the big blue Upload Image or Video button.

Now that you’ve taken the time to create your beautiful template, one thing you don’t want is to annoy employees, students, or clients into accidentally editing the template after sharing it with them. .

How To Make A Table On Canva

This means that when you share a template, the recipient receives a copy of the template that they can annotate or edit without changing the original design.

How To Make A Table In Canva — The 3 Best Ways!

However, if you want to share your Canva designs, I think it’s still worth another save.

How To Make A Table On Canva

Also note how to “lock” elements in your model so they don’t accidentally move…

“Locking” elements in your template is a great alternative to protecting your design if you’re not a Canva Pro user.

How To Make A Table On Canva

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You may notice that there is a small padlock icon 🔓 in the upper right corner of the Canva toolbar. This is absolutely invaluable if you want to ensure that none of the template elements are accidentally moved around during development or when publishing templates to the web.

If you don’t know how to use this tool, just check out my Canva guide How to Group Elements in Canva. You can find the link in the resources section below.

How To Make A Table On Canva

Once you have tweaked all the elements of your Canva template, you can go ahead and share your template with remote users using the

Free Online Resume Builder

Option. However, you can make a copy of the original model in the event of an incident and loss of the original.

How To Make A Table On Canva

You already know how to add text to a template in Canva. just click on the Text tab in the sidebar to open the text box.

However, there may be times when you want to share a template with someone and ask them to edit it outside of Canva. Then you need to know how to create an editable PDF using Canva and a great free tool I recently discovered called PDF Escape.

How To Make A Table On Canva

Canva Makes It Easy To Create Tables With New Features

Now upload your Canva PDF to PDF Escape and create the text form fields where you want your template to appear.

When you are done adding all the text form fields, save and upload the file using the buttons on the left side of the screen.

How To Make A Table On Canva

For full instructions and a walkthrough of this entire process, check out my YouTube tutorial How to Create an Editable PDF in Canva [

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If you enjoyed learning how to use Canva more effectively, check out my new Canva mini-course.

How To Make A Table On Canva

You can design all kinds of tables according to your designs. Wow! your students and add value to online courses by creating beautifully designed worksheets and textbooks.

Create Excel-style spreadsheets for more corporate clients, share them for editing, and retrieve them with a single click.

How To Make A Table On Canva

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If you would like me to forward any messages to the Canva team, please leave them in the comments field 👇🏼. Canva listens carefully to feedback. Tables, whatever information they contain, can be boring if you create them the old fashioned way. With Canva, you can create tables and make them colorful or animated as you like and take your presentation to the next level.

Although Canva has great options and templates for cards, posters of all kinds, and other pre-made elements, when it comes to creating a spreadsheet, it doesn’t have all the features you need. need to easily create one.

How To Make A Table On Canva

However, in this article, we are going to show you how to create a table in Canva and it will be as easy as 1, 2 or 3. Take the time to do it, master the steps and you will be done. with a unique and whimsical Canva table that will wow your viewers.

How To Create Better Designs In Canva?

Keep in mind that Canva does not support integration with third-party apps. Therefore, if you want to import sections of the spreadsheet from somewhere else, you have no choice but to use screenshots. Therefore, we recommend that you simply create a table from scratch using native Canva elements.

How To Make A Table On Canva

If your table is pasted into your document and you click on it, an icon with three dots will appear above and next to it. Clicking on this icon will give you several options such as adding columns and rows and moving rows up and down. The ability to edit the table is also available by right-clicking.

You can change

How To Make A Table On Canva

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