How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads – Are your patio chairs and cushions looking a little sad after a long winter? Want to get your patio cushions back in time for summer? Just sit back and enjoy your garden and DIY birdhouse! I can show you how to do it…quickly and easily.

First, my story: I have wanted a rocking chair for my large front porch for years. A few weeks ago, Greg bought us two beautiful wicker chairs. They were brown, which didn’t fit our house, so he painted them white for me. But the cushions that come with the chairs were still boring. I’m not blonde. So we went to the fabric store and picked out a fun, bright outdoor fabric. But the cloth had been sitting idle for a while. Does it sound familiar to you?

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

But yesterday afternoon was a great day and I knew it was time to revive those ugly pillows. It took only an hour to restore the paintings in the two courtyards from start to finish. It’s a very easy project to sew, and if you don’t want to sew, there are options for that too. Even my patio pillows weren’t quite square. Let me show you how quick and easy patio cushions are to restore!

Make Your Own Outdoor Cushions!

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How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to restore a patio pillow! Some of the links in this article are Amazon affiliate links for your convenience (meaning I get a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking the link, but that doesn’t mean you pay a cent more)!. Please read my full disclosure policy.

First, lay the fabric on a flat surface, pattern side up, and place the patio cushions. Place the patio pillow in the top corner of the fabric, with the back of the pillow near the top, leaving enough room for the fabric to wrap around the sides of the patio pillow. If your fabric is too wide or too long, trim it immediately. Make sure there is enough fabric on both sides of the patio pillow (I left an extra three inches on each side).

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

Ebern Designs Outdoor Seat Cushion 15” W X 15” D

The fabric will then be lifted and will cover the entire patio cushion. Your fabric will come together at the top. Leave an extra three inches of fabric at the top, and trim off the excess.

After placing the fabric on the patio cushion, cover both sides. If your pillow is narrower in the back like mine, I recommend skipping the last pin and marking in a different way, like where you would pin each side of the fabric (don’t just close it). or fabric markers.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

In the picture above, you can see that I need to anchor the narrow tip.

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Now carefully pull the pillow. If your patio cushion is tighter in the back like mine and is difficult to remove, just roll it up from the inside of the fabric like a tack and you’ll be able to remove it easily.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

Sew the sides you attached and then remove the pins. You can see my black dot line in the image below.

Then tuck the patio pillow back into the fabric “envelope” you made (don’t put the fabric right side out yet). Note the extra fabric on the two front edges of the patio cushion. Pin the fabric at both edges and press it against the pillow.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

Replacement Garden Bench Cushion Gray Rectangular Seat Pad Waterproof 120x50cm

Remove the fabric from the pillow again and sew a line in the corner where you attached it. Remove the pins.

Now turn the fabric right side out and insert the pillow. In the picture below you can see how I folded the patio pillow to fit inside the fabric envelope I made.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

Cover your entire garden with fabric. Look at the beautiful angle!

X40cm Lattice Cushions Dining Room Kitchen Garden Chair With Tie Seat Pads Seat Pad Cover Thickened Indoor Outdoor Pad

Now fold the rest of the fabric over the back of the patio pillow, like wrapping a present. Pin it in place.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

I hope you now see how easy it is to restore patio pillows. It only took me 20 minutes to make. When this patio pillow is gone, I’ll get a new fabric and bring it back. Easy and relaxing! I also made a head pillow for these knitted swings – if you want a tutorial for that, let me know in my sewing group!

May 2020 Update: I upgraded these patio pillows three years ago and they are still holding up! But I forget to wear it in winter, so the fabric faded. So it’s time to use this guide to get them back! The question is, what beautiful fabric should I use this time? Our craft shops are not open yet, so finding the fabric will be more difficult than retrieving the cushions. I should be creative!

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

How To Recover Your Outdoor Cushions Quick & Easy

We hope this guide has inspired you to liven up your patio pillows! I want to see what you do to make it beautiful again. Share your photos in the Save Easy Facebook group or tag me on social media.

Want to remember? Pin this tutorial on how to restore patio pillows to your favorite DIY Pinterest board!

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

Jennifer Marks is a fashion designer, inspired crafter, lifelong teacher and proud survivor of many life challenges. In his spare time, he enjoys playing D&D and video games, gardening and 16th century art. dress up and go to Disney. She lives a full and happy life in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan with her partner Greg, teenage daughter Alexa and two dogs Hunter and Chloe. Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to spend a weekend or weekday evening here. your yard What a pleasure it is to sit in the yard surrounded by greenery and listen to the birds singing! But no matter how good the chair is, it won’t be comfortable enough without a cushion.

Thrifty And Chic

To make your chairs as comfortable as possible, you need chair cushions. In this sewing tutorial, I’ll show you how to make cushions for your outdoor furniture using old, faded and worn cushions.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your outdoor furniture looking good. The best part about this is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, so you can upgrade your pillow whenever you want.

If you like the video format, find the YouTube video at the bottom of this article

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

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You’ll find some really useful information on sewing cushions for outdoor furniture here. To get a more complete picture, I recommend looking at both options.

There are many types of outdoor fabrics, if you want to know more check out my article on the best fabrics for outdoor furniture and cushions.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

I once (years ago) made the mistake of using plain home decor fabric for outdoor chair cushions. The design was nice, but after using the moon in the yard, it faded and changed color in the sunlight.

How To Clean Patio Cushions The Easy & Efficient Way

Note: Some links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you order a product through one of my links, I will receive a commission. I only recommend products that I trust and use.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

The choice of outdoor fabrics is huge now and we’re sure you’ll find plenty of great designs to suit your taste.

I bought this fabric a year ago, so I don’t think I’ll be able to find anything like it on Amazon right now. But there are some great designs at PREMIER PRINTS.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

Soft Comfort Sit Mat Indoor Outdoor Chair Seat Pads Cushion Pads For Garden Patio Home Kitchen Office Park 20x20x3 Inch,with Strap Design,multi Style

The outer fabric is usually 54 inches wide. If your chair is 20-23 inches wide (typical chair width), you can only add 2 chair cushions to the width of the fabric.

Now let’s calculate the length we need. The pillow has 2 panels (front and back), so you need to multiply the length of the panels by 2. In my case, one panel was 22 inches long. So 44 inches is the length of a pillow case. But the shop doesn’t cut the fabric directly, so I have to add material to it.

How To Make Outdoor Seat Pads

You may say it doesn’t matter, but check out my article on how to cut the cloth straight. You’ll be surprised: sometimes the slope is 5 inches or more. So you have to protect yourself from it

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