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How To Make A Chair Caddy – Learn how to sew a couch to keep important items close at hand when you’re away from your regular craft room! This project organizer is perfect for when you’re kicking back in a chair while sewing or sewing vinyl.

I like to relax in the evening and spend time with my family in our living room. I’m always happiest when I’m making something and my hands are busy, so I often take a project with me! In the past, this meant juggling everything in my lap or on the back of my couch, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a pair of scissors between the couch cushions or accidentally stuck a pin in the back of the couch. from my chair But that’s a thing of the past with my craft organizer on the couch that holds my most used crafting and sewing tools, pins AND any little scraps of yarn, vinyl, or whatever else I create while crafting , I weave vinyl and sew. substance!

How To Make A Chair Caddy

How To Make A Chair Caddy

The first is the tool holder, which keeps the tools close at hand – it has a small pocket in the front and a deeper one in the back with dividers. This is where I keep my scissors, wire cutters, weeding tool, sewing needles, tape measure, seam ripper and pen or pencil.

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Second, the pin cushion at the top holds pins and needles, so I stop poking them into the lining or hooking them to my shirt. (Oh, you know what I’m talking about!)

How To Make A Chair Caddy

And third, the big bin in the back is for all my waste, be it yarn, fabric, vinyl, paper or whatever. I call it Bits Bin, but you could call it Thread Catcher. I can now safely stand up from a crafting session without things sticking to me or strewn around my legs. And when you’re not using it, you can put the tool holder inside the case to keep everything together. You can even use it in your sewing machine.

The Couch Caddy is a great beginner to intermediate sewing project and only takes an afternoon or evening to put together. You can use 2-3 coordinating pieces of quilting cotton – fat quarters work great. If you are using three colors, I recommend that you place your colors at points A, B, and C on this chart and use the same thread color as B. You don’t need a lot of fabric, so you can use just scraps if you want!

How To Make A Chair Caddy

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This step-by-step tutorial will show you exactly how to sew a sofa. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (meaning if you make a purchase after clicking a link, I’ll earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a cent more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

My Couch Caddy model comes in two different shapes. You can create a printable PDF to cut by hand, or a cuttable SVG file to cut with a cutting machine such as the Cricut Maker. Select the one you want to download and be sure to unzip it to access the content.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

To assemble the printed template, cut and fit the letters on each side. For example, sheet A1 goes with sheet A2, B1 goes with B2, and so on. Each pattern piece tells you how many pieces of fabric to cut, as well as which direction to place each pattern on your fabric.

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If you want to cut fabric on your Cricut (Explore or Maker), check out my guide on how to cut fabric with a Cricut!

How To Make A Chair Caddy

Here’s what the Cutting Machine SVG file looks like after it’s uploaded to Cricut Design Space:

Tip: If you’re not sure how to upload an SVG clip file to Cricut Design Space, check out this helpful video tutorial series I made.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

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If you put a washable rag in your Cricut, upload the bank-caddy-tagged–SVG.svg file. If you are not using a pen, upload the couch-caddy-unmarked–SVG.svg file.

NOTE: When placing the image in Design Space, please check the size of the design before sharing. (If you are using an iOS device, you may need to resize the design.) The actual size of the SVG model is 26.707″ wide by 35.332″ tall.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

If you are using the labeled dust pen file, you will need to prep this SVG a bit in Cricut Design Space. First, ungroup everything, change each line layer above each cut fabric layer to “Drawing” in the Linetype menu, and attach each drawing layer to the cut fabric layer directly below it. (Note: the interface layer does not have a drawing layer.)

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I cut my fabric on my Cricut Maker using the “Cotton” setting (and the “Fusible Interfacing” setting for the interfacing), both at “Normal” pressure.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

I cut my fabric on a 12″ x 24″ pink FabricGrip mat and it worked like a charm. I usually place the fabric on my mat right side down, but you don’t have to. What is important is that any design or pattern on your fabric runs in the same direction as the arrows marked on the SVG, so that your finished project also has designs and patterns running in the same direction.

This is what all the pattern pieces look like after you cut them out. On the left you can see the layered pieces of two cotton layers and an interfacing layer. In the middle, there are two layers of the tool holder on the bottom and the needle cushion layer on top. And on the right side are the two pockets, a large and a small one, at the bottom, and a piece of quilt batting at the top.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

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Take the two tool bags (one is 7″ x 8″ and the other is 7″ x 10″) and fold them in half, wrong sides together with short sides together, and press horizontally. Printed sizes will be 7″ x 4″ and 7″ x 5″. Set it aside until step 6.

Now fold the heavy duty interfacing into the inner layer of your scrap container (aka wire catcher, weed waste, or whatever you want to call it). If you used Craft Fuse like I did, make sure the shiny side is against the wrong side of your fabric, then press with steam to fuse it.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

Take the inner layer of fabric of the scrap container you just fused, fold it in half with the fused surface on the outside and the short edge together.

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Press the seams UP to the sides of the bowl pieces (you may need to trim the ends of the seam allowance to allow the seam to rise).

How To Make A Chair Caddy

This step is almost identical to step 3, except you do it for the outer layer without the interface.

Open them up a bit and pin the bottom corner holes on each side of the basket pieces and sew both at a 3/8″ seam allowance.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

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Fold your pincushion fabric in half the long way, right sides together, and sew a 3/8″ seam allowance. The fabric should measure 7.5″ x 3.25″ after folding. Make sure that you folded it the long way or it won’t fit properly.

Turn your pincushion fabric right side out, note where the seam is, then fold it so the seam is in the middle.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

Fill the pincushion with fiber filling. Don’t overdo it. Just put a pin in and it stays upright.

Organizer Sewing Patterns

Then place the larger of the two folded pockets (the one that’s 7″ x 5″ after folding) on ​​top of all these layers, right side up, and match it up with one of the short sides. If your fabric has a pattern, pay attention to how it is positioned. The rough edges of the folded bag should be at the edge of the tool holder layer. Pin everything in place.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

Sew only the bag parts onto the bag. Be sure to topstitch each split for security. I recommend doing the backstitch just above the folded edge for a cleaner look.

Now place the small folded bag (which is 7″ x 4″ after folded) on top of these layers, right side up, matching it up with the same short sides as the other bag. Again, watch out for patterns if you have them. The rough edges of the small folded bag should match the rough edges of the large bag.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

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Next, add the pincushion 1″ from the edge of the short edge (opposite side of the pocket), again paying attention to the fabric pattern, then pin everything in place.

Finally place the inner layer of your tool holder on top of everything right side DOWN and snap into place. You should hit the pincushion as flat as possible.

How To Make A Chair Caddy

Now sew the two long edges plus the short edge with the pocket at 3/8″ seam allowance. Be sure to open the end to the needle cushion and don’t sew so you can use it for everything on the right side turn

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Tip: When sewing on top of the needle cushion

How To Make A Chair Caddy

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